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[YesAuto light analysis] Buick has already launched Matrix LED headlights. It is difficult to find such a powerful headlight technology in models of the same price. But GM does not seem to be satisfied with this. Therefore, they introduced a more comprehensive Martrix Pixel matrix full-LED pixel headlight.

Before this, Buick already had Matrix LED headlight technology. If you want to know more, please click here.

●Further upgrade

This set of all-LED pixel headlights has 10 lighting modes, including 7 low beam modes and 3 high beam modes. Contains most of the driver's car environment and usage scenarios.

●Provide 10 kinds of lighting modes

●Functional experience

The quality of the Buick Martrix Pixel matrix full-LED pixel headlights is quite excellent in the same price model. It has better lighting effects, more comprehensive functionality, and faster recognition speed, which is huge compared to the old models. Combining with the advancement of the model and the price, it can be said that its performance is worthy of complete recognition. And its appearance also gave Regal GS and Ankewei S stronger competitiveness. Although it is not realistic as a standard configuration, I still hope that GM can decentralize it to more configurations and more models, so as to give consumers a better car experience. (Photo/Text/Photo by Wang Xiaochen, Home of Cars)