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[YesAuto Engine Technology] In the early years, “golden power” became synonymous with Volkswagen's turbocharged engine and dual-clutch transmission, followed by a wave of small-displacement turbocharged. Nowadays, these technologies are no longer exclusive to foreign brands. Dongfeng Motor has also revealed the power combination of its 1.4T engine and 6-speed dual-clutch transmission.

● Who will be the first to carry Dongfeng's “golden power”?

The Dongfeng Fengshen AX5 was officially unveiled at this year’s Beijing Auto Show. Positioned between the small SUV Fengshen AX3 and the compact SUV Fengshen AX7, it continues many family-oriented designs and also revealed that it will be the first to be equipped with Dongfeng’s own “golden power”—— 1.4T engine + 6-speed dual-clutch transmission.

In today's prevalence of small-displacement turbocharged engines, various manufacturers seem to have no such power total achievement. I am embarrassed to say hello to others. In addition to fuel economy and emission regulations, the displacement tax is also very important. As a veteran force of the Chinese brand, Dongfeng not only produced its own small-displacement turbocharged engine, but also matched it with a 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. How about Dongfeng's technical card? Let's announce together below.

● “Golden Power” of Dongfeng Company

-How dynamic is it?

Dongfeng’s 1.4T engine is the second independently developed engine and the first small-displacement turbocharged engine. Its internal code is A14T. It has been confirmed to be installed on Dongfeng Fengshen AX3, AX5, AX7, A60 and other models. In the future, more models will be equipped.

1.4T engine power parameter comparison
engine Maximum power (Ps) Maximum torque (N·m)
Volkswagen (EA211) 1.4T 131Ps (high power version 150Ps)/5000-6000rpm


(High power version 250N·m/1750-3000rpm)

General (LFF) 1.4T 144Ps/4900-6000rpm 200N·m/1700-4800rpm
Dongfeng (A14T) 1.4T 140Ps/5500-rpm 196N·m/1800-4500rpm

Compared with the 1.4T engine of Volkswagen and General Motors, Dongfeng’s small displacement engine has basically caught up with the international mainstream level in power parameters, and is even stronger than the ordinary version of the Volkswagen 1.4T engine in terms of maximum power. The top is slightly lower than the other two engines.

This engine uses an all-aluminum alloy cylinder structure to ensure the need for lightweight. However, the mainstream direct injection technology is not adopted, but the more traditional multi-point electronic injection method . Therefore, it can be seen that Dongfeng is still more conservative and reliable in this aspect of technology.

The exhaust valve of this engine comes from parts supplier Mahler. It uses hollow sodium charging technology to better conduct heat and ensure stable and reliable output of engine performance. The timing chain adopts the German Ives timing silent chain technology to improve the engine's NVH performance.

In terms of exhaust system, this Dongfeng engine does not have many highlights. It does not adopt the more mainstream integrated exhaust manifold design, but adopts a more traditional exhaust manifold form, so it is in thermal management and combustion. In terms of efficiency, there may still be some gaps with the world-class engines.

Dongfeng has independently developed this 1.4T engine with the support of many international leading engine technology companies, such as the famous AVL internal combustion engine research institute in Austria, FEV internal combustion engine research company in Germany, and Porsche Engineering Technology.

-Dongfeng's first dual-clutch transmission

Dual-clutch transmissions are considered by the state to be an important development direction for Chinese brand cars in the field of automatic transmissions. In 2008, parts giant BorgWarner spurred 12 Chinese auto companies including Dongfeng to establish China Development Alliance, which wanted to promote China The progress of car companies on the road of DCT, but years have passed, it seems that no car company has received tangible product benefits in this “people collecting firewood” organization.

In the process of cooperation with Getrag, Dongfeng played more of the role of parameter calibration and matching optimization. According to the different power characteristics of its various engines, the gearboxes matched by different engines are set in the first gear ratio. The aspect is also more targeted. The 13-18.5 gear ratio range allows the vehicle to perform better in first gear.

Dongfeng's DCT dual-clutch gearbox adopts a wet structure. The biggest advantage of wet clutches compared to dry clutches is high reliability. However, because the gearbox is filled with oil, the friction loss during transmission is higher than that of dry clutches. More, so theoretically fuel economy is slightly inferior to dry clutch.

● Can durability and reliability stand the test?

For consumers, they may be more concerned about the durability and reliability of the powertrain than the power parameters. The most common problem encountered by foreign automakers when they directly put their products on the Chinese market is “unacceptable.” Due to insufficient in-depth research on China's road conditions and traffic, problems later appeared. Therefore, Dongfeng has verified this “golden power” in many aspects on the actual road.

In the early stage of powertrain research and development, Dongfeng conducted road spectrum collection in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing, Tibet, Hainan and Northeast China. The measurement and collection of road conditions and environmental information in various places are effective for the later parameter calibration of the engine and transmission. To the key role.

In addition, in the verification stage of the final mass-produced car, Dongfeng also went to these extreme tests of high temperature, high cold, and high altitude. It also carried out different road conditions verifications in traffic congested cities such as Beijing and Shanghai and the mountainous sections of Chongqing. The compatibility and durability of this “golden power” system were tested, and a total of 2 million kilometers of actual road tests were carried out.

● Summary

Dongfeng 1.4T engine (A14T) has undergone 5 years of research and development, and has undergone a long-term matching process with its 6-speed dual-clutch transmission. It is finally expected to meet with you at the end of this year. It can be said that matching a dual-clutch transmission with a turbocharged engine is much more difficult than matching with a naturally aspirated engine. The wet dual-clutch is more reliable in terms of reliability, but the actual driving experience of this power system will have to wait for the Fengshen AX5 to be launched at the end of the year. Let's have a good experience. (Auto House Text/Picture Xia Zhimeng)