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[YesAuto Model PK] Prior to the launch of the Audi Q3, the high-end entry-level SUV market had been strongly occupied by the BMW X1. Afterwards, localization lowered the price and greatly increased its strength, without the most direct rival. In July of this year, Audi introduced the small SUV Q3 to the domestic market and pointed to the BMW X1. Today we really compare them together.

However, the BMW X1 has a relatively low price because it has been made in China, ranging from 28.20 to 49.80 million. The Audi Q3, which has just entered the market, is currently sold in an imported way, and the price will naturally be slightly higher at 37.70 to 47.90 million.

The Audi Q3 test car we got was a 40TFSI sports model priced at 455,000 yuan, and its rival at the same price was the BMW X1 xDrive 28i leading model priced at 458,800 yuan.

Note: One thing needs to be explained. The BMW X1 test car provided by the dealer is the xDrive20i luxury model. It will be compared with the Audi Q3 in appearance, interior and ride. When it comes to configuration, we will use the same price The xDrive 28i leading model is compared, the overall comparison effect will not be biased, and the test vehicle resources are limited, please understand.

From the perspective of body size, the two cars are indeed not big, and are similar to Qashqai (Qashqai size: 4315*1783*1606). There is no obvious difference in body length between BMW X1 and Audi Q3. The difference in length, width and height is the most. They are the smallest SUVs in the brand. If you have to compare the size, then I will tell you that BMW X1 is better than Audi Q3. Long, the Audi Q3 is wider and taller than the BMW X1. The wheelbase that many people care about, the BMW X1 leads by 157mm.

In addition to BMW's iconic kidney grille and Audi family-style big mouth shape, I think the most attractive front face is the headlights. BMW’s “Angel Eyes” have long been a school of their own. Although I have watched them for many years, I still feel the fortitude of the Germanic nation every time I look at it. Audi’s lighting technology has always surprised us in recent years. The same is true for Q3. The daytime running lights on the road can't help but let people take a look, after all, it gives us a lot of freshness at present.

As the data shows, the height of the BMW X1 is lower than that of the Audi Q3. This is also an important factor for the BMW X1 to give the CROSS model feel. The side shapes of the two cars are basically the epitome of the brand's medium and large SUVs. BMW uses leak-proof tires, so it does not provide spare tires. The Audi Q3 is equipped with a small spare tire of 145/80 R18, but this spare tire is too thin and the vehicle is very uncoordinated.

There is no overly eye-catching design at the rear of the two cars, especially the Audi Q3, which seems to be a reduced version of the Q5. The light-guiding strip taillights are reflected on the BMW X1 and Audi Q3 respectively, but the effect of the taillights of the Audi Q3 seems to be more seductive in comparison.

The judgment of the interior is largely derived from personal perception of aesthetics. I just want to express my feelings here. Although the BMW X1 and Audi Q3 are both German cars, the interior atmosphere of the two is completely different.

Like the exterior, the interior needs more perceptual understanding. The BMW X1 continues BMW’s mature style and intends to move closer to luxury. The addition of wood grain decoration may make some sports-conscious consumers not like it. The overall feeling of the Audi Q3's interior is significantly younger, and the irregular design of the air outlet enlivens the atmosphere.

The human-computer interaction system BMW's iDrive is more popular with us. It is easy to get started and its location is more convenient than the MMI buttons embedded in the center console. In addition, the 8.8-inch 16:9 widescreen has an outstanding visual experience. The Audi Q3 has a strong design of the folding screen, but we found that it is easy to leave fingerprints on the piano lacquer surface, but this is not a serious problem.

Emission reduction and energy saving are the current general trend, BMW X1 and Audi Q3 have come up with their own strategies. BMW is currently equipped with a standard braking energy recovery system for the entire series, which recovers energy to the battery during braking; while the energy-saving strategy of the Audi Q3 is more direct and richer, not only with energy recovery, but also with engine start-stop technology. For consumers, start-stop technology can effectively reduce fuel consumption and control vehicle costs.

The handbrake operation methods are also different. The BMW X1 uses a traditional mechanical handbrake, while the Audi Q3 is equipped with an electronic handbrake with AUTOHOLD function as standard, which is slightly better than the BMW X1 in terms of operating convenience.

Let's focus on the configuration. The BMW X1 comes standard with keyless entry, while the Audi Q3 requires a separate payment of 5,000 yuan. The gradual descent of the steep slope and the heating of the front seats of the BMW X1 are all available as optional equipment. In terms of configuration, the BMW X1 seems to be more generous, and the extra configuration is used daily. In terms of technology, the Audi Q3 has more choices. In addition to the automatic parking equipped with sports, it can also be equipped with auxiliary driving configurations such as parallel assist. However, these practicalities are not very high, and for novices and women. Automatic parking may help.

Riding space and comfort are issues that every car buyer will care about. How about small-size SUVs such as BMW X1 and Audi Q3?

In terms of riding space, the front head space of the 182cm height experiencer is basically the same in the two cars, the head space of the BMW X1 is a punch, and the head space of the Audi Q3 is four fingers. But when I sit in the two cars, I can clearly feel the difference: BMW X1 obviously feels very low sitting, without the feeling of SUV, while Audi Q3 has a very high sitting posture. Although the car is small, it does have a kind of The feeling of being aloft, a female staff member of a dealer also said in the experience that this car is a bit tall and it is inconvenient to get on the car wearing a skirt.

In the rear row, the BMW X1 did not show an advantage due to the long wheelbase, but was a bit smaller than the Q3. However, the headroom of the BMW X1 will be much more abundant, thanks to its body line design, the C-pillar is not so anxious to fall. Sitting in the rear of the Audi Q3 is somewhat depressing.

In terms of riding comfort, the Audi Q3 shows an unparalleled advantage over the BMW X1. The Q3 sports seats have very good support and wrapping. I believe it can be seen from the chair type without me saying more. The Q3's seat has a rich wrapper, and the main and co-pilot have provided cushion extension function, which can effectively improve the support effect on the thighs. The seats of the BMW X1 are relatively flat and the padding is relatively hard.

The comfort of the front center armrest is actually good, but the Audi Q3 has an armrest length adjustment, which can be suitable for more drivers and driving postures. There are flannel wraps in the glove box of both cars, which should be available at this price. The space of the glove box is not much different, and the Audi Q3 has an air-conditioning vent in the glove box, which has a certain cooling or heat preservation effect.

It is somewhat unreasonable that the BMW X1 has no air outlets in the rear. Although its rear seats may have a high utilization rate, the necessary hardware equipment is still indispensable.

In the comparison of the rear center armrest, the Audi Q3 has better practicality. In addition to the cup holder, it also integrates a storage box with a lot of space, making the rear row more practical.

Panoramic sunroof has become an indispensable configuration for this class of cars. Both cars have panoramic sunroofs of the same structure. The lighting area of the sunroof is relatively large for the BMW X1, and the openable area is basically the same for the two cars.

We have seen the configuration before, the BMW X1 has a slight advantage; compared to the ride comfort, the Audi Q3 has obvious advantages; the last page focuses on the trunk and the power system that we all care about.

The trunk is also within the scope of our comparison. We use a 33-inch suitcase as a prop. For BMW X1 and Audi Q3, it is not a problem to put it in this box. After actual measurement, the actual usable volume of the two cars It's not much different, and it's tied for daily practicality.

0-100km/h acceleration time comparison
BMW X1 28i Audi Q3
6.82 seconds 7.05 seconds
There is a certain gap between the two cars in terms of power performance. The high-power version of the BMW X1, which is 28i, was bought for a price of 450,000. From the parameter point of view, the BMW X1 is stronger than the Audi Q3. The gearboxes of the two cars are also different. The BMW X1 uses an 8-speed automatic gearbox, and the Audi Q3 uses a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. We have tested them separately. From the acceleration time, the BMW X1 28i is indeed more exciting.

When we lifted the engine cover, we discovered the difference in details. The BMW X1 does not have engine insulation cotton. You must know that this is a 400,000 car! In terms of details, we think it needs to be improved. As for the engine compartment cover support, both cars use pneumatic rods, except that there are two for BMW X1 and one for Audi Q3. There is no substantial difference.

to sum up:

●The BMW X1 is equipped with high power and strong comfort. The Audi Q3 seats at the same price are extremely comfortable.

The first thing that impressed me the most was the comfort of the seat. The sports seat has a good wrapping and the leg support effect is also very good. In addition, the Audi Q3 also has no shortage of dazzling configurations, such as automatic parking and a wealth of options, which are where the Q3 is better than the BMW X1. Speaking of the advantages of the BMW X1, I think its biggest advantage at this price is the power and seat heating and other daily comfort configurations. The high-power adjustment of the 2.0T engine can bring more passionate driving. This is the Q3 is not enough. The place.

●I really want to buy Q3. It is strongly recommended to keep the currency on the sidelines and wait for domestic production.

At present, the Audi Q3 is sold in an imported way. It will also be made in China soon and will further enrich the models. At that time, the competition between it and the BMW X1 will really begin. Because the BMW X1 20i is the main force of BMW, the domestically produced Audi Q3 is bound to launch a model that directly competes with it.

However, all of this is limited to domestic production. You must know that Q3 can choose the higher-level Audi Q5 or Mercedes-Benz GLK at the price of imported status, isn't it? Unless you can't wait to try it, we suggest waiting for Q3 domestic production before making a decision.

What will the price be after domestic production? Judging from the current official pricing, the lowest price of the imported Q3 all-wheel drive is lower than that of the BMW X1 four-wheel drive entry model 2.0i xDrive luxury model. It is conceivable that Q3 will definitely compete directly with X1 after domestic production. The price is reasonable, so we do not recommend selling now. If you are eager to buy an entry-level high-end brand SUV, then we currently recommend you to choose the BMW X1, because it now has a discount of about 30,000, which is still very worthwhile in terms of price.

If you are already interested in ordering a car, you can click on the following link ( click here for BMW X1, click here for Audi Q3), and there will be a 4S shop staff to contact you in time, if you want to know more 4S shop discount information , For the BMW X1, please click here, for the Audi Q3, please click here.

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