[YesAuto Test Drive] Speaking of SUV models, Mercedes-Benz people are very proud. They not only entered the SUV field earlier than their rivals, but also have the richest product line. The M-class appeared a year earlier than BMW's X5, and Audi did not introduce the Q7 until 2005. Now, from GLK to G-Class, Mercedes-Benz has launched SUV products in four different levels, which is beyond the reach of any rival. Today all the SUV models of Mercedes-Benz are present to show us the powerful strength of the Mercedes-Benz SUV family. Everyone present was most interested in the G 500, which has not yet been officially sold in China.

Good shows usually stay behind, so the first ones that I'm already familiar with are ML 350 and GL 450. Off-road vehicle experts from abroad made a special trip to Guilin to pave off-road tracks for these big Mercedes-Benz men. However, this kind of road condition hardly presents any challenges for ML and GL, and it simply passes. Even the GLK, which I think is the most road-oriented and lacks off-road capability, is used as a work car and drove to the deepest part of the field.

The GL-class was originally a luxury SUV developed for the American market. At that time, Mercedes-Benz planned to use it to replace the 25-year-old G-class. However, due to the strong demands of car fans, the G-class has continued, and it has completely retained all the excellent genes from 30 years ago.

The 30-year history of the G-Class can be said to be a legend, not only its 30-year unchanged appearance, but its life experience is also quite dramatic. The G-Class was originally a military off-road vehicle developed at the request of the Iranian military, but the order was cancelled due to the unstable domestic political situation in Iran. This thing is really terrible for Mercedes-Benz, but it gives the G-Class a chance to shine in the civilian market.

The current G-Class looks almost the same as 30 years ago, and not only the appearance, but also the things in its bones have not changed. Three differential locks and a non-load-bearing body are important weights for the G-Class as a top off-road vehicle. In these thirty years, the G-level has not been static. For example, it now has brighter xenon headlights, a more thorough safety system, and luxury is also typical of Mercedes. It is now generally believed that powerful off-road vehicles include G-class, Land Rover Defender and Jeep Wrangler, but don't confuse G-class with them. G-class configuration and luxury can definitely make friends driving X5 envy.

This time, the G 500 model brought by Mercedes-Benz has not been officially sold in China. The previous G 55 AMG was not only ridiculously expensive, but after being tempered by AMG, it seemed to become more expensive and no longer like an off-road vehicle. The acceleration of 0-100km/h in 5.5 seconds also makes people pay more attention to its road capacity, so it has often appeared in track test drives before. Not only will the price of G 500 be cheaper, but the appearance is also much lower-key than the AMG series. The most important thing is that its performance is not bad, 0-100km/h only takes 6.1 seconds. The engine removes the supercharger, although the power output is reduced, but it also reduces the weight, and it can also be matched with a 7G gearbox.

For the G-level, naturally it cannot be treated generally. First, a high-difficulty cross-country track was built, and then a foreign expert with rich experience in cross-country driving personally demonstrated it.

Although there is no supercharger blessing, the naturally aspirated engine of the G 500 has the same gasping noise as the G 55 AMG, just like a lion about to launch an attack to give a final warning to the opponent. I believe this is also happening somewhere in the African grasslands at this moment: a G-Class of a certain year is confronting a group of lions.

To say that it is a specially built off-road road, it is better to simply say that there is no road, except for the steep slopes, which are basically rubbish. While the off-road experts are driving, they are constantly adjusting the state of the front and rear differential locks. The electronically controlled full-time four-wheel drive saves trouble, but it lacks the fun of fiddling with the differential lock. Of course, this is also inseparable from experience, such as the appropriate front axle differential lock should be engaged, and what gear should be used. In the Low Range low-speed four-wheel drive mode, the reduction ratio is 2.16, and the default gear is at 2nd gear when starting, so remember to reduce to 1st gear in manual mode. In addition to allowing the vehicle to have better traction, the low-speed gear can also make more effective use of engine braking when going downhill.

Three 100% locking differential locks allow the G 500 to easily pass various obstacles, and the trapezoidal frame is absolutely strong enough to withstand various difficult posture tests. In this environment, this seemingly heavy steel block is more flexible than anyone else. On the one hand, vehicle performance, as the core of driving-the human factor is also very important. Observe the road conditions, turn on or cancel the differential lock at the appropriate time, and use the appropriate gears. This is all the experience accumulated over the years.

The G 500 will also be officially introduced into the country in the second half of this year. Although the price is still unclear, it is expected to exceed 1.6 million. When asked whether the short-wheelbase or convertible version will be introduced in the future, Ms. Shi Ailing, senior product manager of Mercedes-Benz Marketing Department, gave us a very official answer: it depends on market demand.

Excellent road performance test Mercedes-Benz GLK3004MATIC

Emphasis on road performance and cross-country test Mercedes-Benz GL450

After that, the test drive process was a bit boring. The highlight of the G 500 has already been tested. In the afternoon, the road test drive of GL, GLK and ML was carried out. We have done detailed tests on these cars before. More than one hundred kilometers of winding mountain roads are nothing for these Mercedes-Benzs who are good at maneuverability. Fortunately, they are driving the ML 350. Otherwise, if you drive more than one hundred kilometers on such a bad road, your body will definitely be enough.

After trying out the full range of Mercedes-Benz SUV models in one day, I believe everyone will have a preference. G-level is a good thing that every man desires. If you want to conquer a masculine man, you must be more masculine than him. GLK has a different flavor. The letter G proves that it has the true transmission of the G-class, at least the angular shape looks like this. At the same time, it also has a sense of fashion that the G-class dare not try, revealing exquisiteness. GLK and G grade are completely two styles, but the same classic.

● Detailed parameters of several Mercedes-Benz SUVs: