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[YesAuto News] At the World Intelligent Connected Vehicle Conference held on October 19th, Gu Huinan, general manager of GAC New Energy, shared his vision for the shape of the future car. He said that the future car will not only be a car/SUV /MPV and other forms, but square, spherical cars will have.

In the media interview session, Gu Huinan further explained his three thoughts on the shape of the future automobile . First, just like bumper cars, the future automobile industry can rotate 360 degrees and move in any direction; the shape is no longer distinguished by cars/SUVs/MPVs, but square, spherical, elliptical and other shapes will be available. People can Meetings in the car, bringing children and even playing mahjong, thereby changing the traffic attributes of the car and turning it into a travel ecology.

Second, from the perspective of flying cars, Gu Huinan believes that the realization of flying cars does not necessarily depend on “the car has the function of flying”, but can also be combined with the car + drone, that is, the car still only has the function of driving on land. But when you need to fly, you can use a drone to lift it; the third is his view on shared cars. Gu Huinan believes that from the idea that trucks consist of fronts + containers, shared cars can also be shared through the front of the car. , It is realized by connecting individual small bodies at the back, which not only achieves the purpose of sharing, but also protects the private space of passengers. The GAC Group will also make full efforts in the field of travel, extending service models such as private car, car pooling, and time-sharing leasing.

Gu Huinan said that in order to deploy in the fields of new energy, smart driving and sharing, the group has always invested a lot in the GAC Zhilian New Energy Automobile Industrial Park. He is not worried about the development funding problems. The industrial park will be launched in 2019 at the latest. The first project will be put into production from April to May. The pure electric vehicles put into production will have L2 level automatic driving functions, and from September to October 2019, vehicles equipped with L3 level automatic driving will be launched, and these two cars The cruising range is expected to reach 500-600 kilometers. (Compilation/Car House Cai Liyuan)