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[YesAuto concept car real shot] I am afraid that the most controversial among these new energy brands is Weilai. There are countless stories about it, and it will “show its face” in the automotive media circle almost every month. No, today they are making big news again: GAC and Weilai’s joint venture brand was officially released and named “HYCAN Co-Creation”. Regarding the brand launch, we will not mention it for the time being (news click here: Co-Chuang brand release), now let's take a look at this new HYCAN co-creation SUV concept car developed by GAC and Weilai.

Edit comment:

The mass production version will be unveiled at the end of this year and will be officially delivered next year. This is the plan for HYCAN's first SUV model. From a brand perspective, GAC New Energy will dominate the research and development and production work, while Weilai will be mainly responsible for the three-electric system and some cutting-edge technology directions. The joint development of the two is worth looking forward to.