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[YesAuto Travel Notes] It’s another snow season. In the past few years, almost we will take everyone along the ice and snow line at this time. This year is no exception. Let’s draw an end to the “special year” and have a successful harvest. Officer, I will continue to share some dry goods related to winter driving in snow and ice and outdoor camping in winter.

But this time we are not going in an off-road vehicle, nor are we hardcore, but an “American police car”! I heard that there was a lot of snow in Beijing this year and many teams flocked to it. What are you waiting for? boarding!

Editor's summary: Polar Journey Practice Class

After several hours of crossing, our first SUV ice and snow crossing was successfully completed. I have to say that the hotel heating is really fragrant, but all of this is a short-term happiness. In the next episode, we will go deep into the snow and ice again. Go deep into the mountains! Try a minus 27 degrees polar camping experience! When many people think of winter, they think of “squatting in the house” gameplay.

As everyone knows, in fact, the unique quietness and purity of winter is the most precious experience. All you have to solve is: heating! Of course, we are not great gods, and we are all novices. The right should be practiced. Now that you and I have come here, you might as well continue to walk with us! See you next time!