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[YesAuto Motorcycle] The 2019 Tokyo Motor Show kicked off on October 24. We found that not only are there many models dedicated to the Japanese market, but motorcycles are also part of this auto show…

Headed by Honda, the four major Japanese motorcycle manufacturers all brought their new and old products to the booth. The Honda CB750 is a very important model for Honda to enter the American market. Today's CB1100 still continues the classic design of this car.

Known as the world’s best-selling motorcycle, the Honda Super Cub has maintained a retro classic design since its inception in 1958. Today, it is still a hot light motorcycle in other countries around the world.

Mopeds are the magic weapon for Honda Motor to get started. There are also two Cross Cub models on the Honda booth that make people admire. The lighter weight and off-road-style design interpret the simplicity and freedom of motorcycles.

In addition, the new models are also expected by domestic motorcycle consumers. It is believed that the sales of the small displacement crossover scooter ADV150 will be better than X-ADV after its launch. The domestic version of CB250R for the Japanese market is CB300R, and reservations have been opened. The Rebel series (500 and 250) have been exhibited in China and are expected to enter China.

The highlight of Kawasaki at this auto show is not the new H2R, nor the Z H2 that has just been exposed, but the 250-level four-cylinder imitation ZX-25R that has surprised everyone. Kawasaki has revived the former small-displacement four-cylinder engine. I don’t know what other competitors will do after reopening this door…

Suzuki's popular model in China, the DL250, does not seem to be popular in Japan, but we saw Suzuki's new Katana, which was surveyed as the most resurrected Japanese classic model in 2013. This shows how popular the Katana is.

In recent years, Cafe-style models have become more and more popular. The SV 650X equipped with V-type twin cylinders from Suzuki also has some flavors. Unfortunately, the street car version SV 650 that was previously listed in China failed to be truly due to the high price and other reasons. Enter the Chinese market.

The two new Gixxer 250 series cars are quite different in that they are equipped with a 249cc single-cylinder oil-cooled engine, which seems to be a durable engine.

Yamaha's development direction is quite different from that of the other three Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. They are investing more in the research and development of future smart two-wheeled vehicles, of which electric motorcycles account for a certain proportion.

Yamaha also released the Tricity series 300 displacement class new car at this auto show. Previously, this series has already launched two inverted three-wheeled motorcycles in the 125 and 155 class. The Tricity 300 shares the power part with the Yamaha two-wheel scooter X-max300.

The motorcycles at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show are mainly Japanese local brands. The new products exhibited by the four manufacturers will soon announce their future-oriented technology products again at this year's Milan Motorcycle Show in Italy. (Photographed by Li Haopeng and Wang Meng by Zhu Xuran of Wenzhou Automobile Home)