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[YesAuto Headlight Test] There is still a year from the movie “1997 has passed, I miss it”. Before that, Feng's New Year film has not yet emerged, and whenever the Spring Festival comes, we can only look for it in the Spring Festival Gala. happy. However, a sketch in the Chinese New Year Gala of China Central Television in 1996 was very close to the topic we are going to talk about today-“Working Adventures”.

Maybe you will think of one hundred and eighty cups of palace jade liquor, or the description of a turnip meeting. But at the end of the sketch, the four characters written by Teacher Zhao Lirong: authentic products are the real finishing touch. And when I measured the Fit headlights, I kept returning to this picture in my mind.

Judging from the models we tested in the past, there are many high-end models with hundreds of thousands of them, and the lighting performance is naturally not said. But in contrast to the hundreds of thousands of entry market, the lighting performance is really diverse. The LED light source can achieve the standard configuration of the whole series, but the actual test results are touching. The effect of such LED headlights is undoubtedly only to enhance the competitiveness of vehicles, but in use The feeling is not satisfactory. On the other hand, this test of Fit did not originally have much hope for it, but the result really made your eyes shine.

Analysis of lighting configuration

Judging from the shape of the headlights of the LED light source, it does improve the appearance of the whole car a lot. On the other hand, models with halogen light sources are less attractive in terms of appearance. After all, they are practically oriented and cannot pay attention to that much. However, the halogen adopts a simple lamp bowl reflective structure, and it is also very convenient to upgrade the LED direct-plug light source in the later stage. Personal needs.

Test Results

The test results of the low beam part are quite satisfactory. For a model with an overseas brand in the range of 100,000, the low beam irradiation level is commendable. It can be seen that the manufacturer has given more practical significance to the LED headlights. It's not like “LEDs for LEDs” like some brand models. The fly in the ointment is that due to the large left-to-right drop, the vehicle's 20-meter lateral detection level has an uneven distribution on the left and right.

The performance of the high beam part can be called “shine far; not dazzling”. Although the high beam irradiation distance of 82 meters is not among the best, it is at least not dragging its legs. The high beam glare is controlled relatively well, intuitively. The high beam can play a warning role, but it will not let the driver of the oncoming vehicle.” It's white in front of you.”

Today, when the adaptive far and near beam function is popular, we are very happy to see that the hot-selling models of overseas brands in the 100,000 range are equipped with this configuration. Putting aside performance first, the decentralization of technology to low-price ranges and hot-selling models should be encouraged. After all, this is related to the function of the driving environment. Of course, as an important configuration, Guangben inevitably uses it as a differentiated configuration for different price models.

From the experience point of view, the system recognizes the light source more accurately. Although there have been several misjudgments, it is generally reasonable. The switching between far and near lights is very fast. The dark mountain road can be very effective for every traffic participant. s help.

Edit comment:

The adaptive far and near light and the decentralization of the LED light source are gratifying. According to the test results and subjective feelings of use, the performance of the 2021 Fit lighting is really good. Although it is not up to the peak, it is ultimately a set of genuine products at a reasonable price. “product”. We hope that more and more car companies can promote the LED light source while also taking into account the attributes of the headlight itself, so that the LED light source becomes real at a fair price. (Photo/Text Car Home Li Xiang)