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[YesAuto 车台勐料] Nowadays, the Internet is well-developed, and we can often see the surveillance pictures of tragic car accidents around the world. In contrast, the official car crash conditions at home and abroad are somewhat “Buddhist”. But recently, the German inspection company DEKRA has done a “perverted” crash test.

DEKRA is the largest inspection company in Germany and the third largest in the world. They recently collided two electric vehicles Renault Zoe and Nissan Leaf (previous generation) that have received five-star ratings in the European E-NCAP test. If the collision conditions of the European E-NCAP are of “novice” difficulty, then DEKRA's test is undoubtedly a “super god” mode.

The “Super God” test was completed around a fixed pillar, simulating the scene of a car hitting a tree or telephone pole at high speed. The collision is divided into three groups. The first is the side column collision. The test vehicle hits the fixed column at a speed of 60km/h. You may not have an idea about this collision condition. Let's compare it. The side column collision speed of the European E-NCAP is 32km/h.

This is just an appetizer, because DEKRA immediately increased the speed again, allowing the Nissan Leaf to collide with a side pillar at a speed of 75km/h, and then conduct a frontal collision at a speed of 84km/h. The only publicly available video data is the high-speed collision process of Lefeng. The whole process can be said to be shocking, especially after the side column collision, the body made of steel wrapped the column like a pillow, and the entire driver's seat was severely deformed. Invade. Markus Egelhaaf, a DEKRA accident researcher, said it is difficult to survive a collision at this speed.

Under such extreme collision conditions, it is difficult for the body to protect the occupants in the car, and it is probably the same result for any car. So what is the significance of this crash test? In fact, this DEKRA test is not to test the safety of the people in the car, but to test the safety of the vehicle itself-to see if the electric vehicle will cause a serious fire and explosion in a serious collision.

The final result is satisfactory. DEKRA's experts said that the electric vehicles produced by large factories have at least reached the same level of safety as fuel vehicles. The accident researcher pointed out that the electric vehicle would immediately cut off the high-voltage system in the event of a collision. In addition, the severe deformation did not cause the battery system to catch fire and explode.

The results of this test may dispel some consumers’ doubts about the safety of electric vehicles, but it also tells us that if an accident occurs at too fast speeds, it is difficult for any car to effectively protect the occupants, so the most important thing is to always pay attention. , Drive carefully. (Wang Meng, Home of Wenzhou Automobile)