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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] The section at the beginning of “Fast and Furious 5” that grabbed a car on a galloping freight train is still very bloody in retrospect, but the movie is just a movie after all. If you copy the same in real life The plot, I am afraid the following scene will appear…

According to a German AutoBild report, last week someone tried to steal a brand new Volkswagen Golf GTI from a freight train. The car thief launched an operation under the cover of night. The well-prepared thief also installed a homemade ramp on the train. In order to get the car off the train. Everything went smoothly, and the thieves successfully cut off part of the fence along the railway.

The whole plan is one step away from success… The car thief must always write Chinese homework in math class, the fence cut is too narrow! When the car thief tried to drive the GTI onto the adjacent sidewalk, the car was stuck in the fence and could not move. When the police arrived at the scene, the GTI did not turn off. At present, the local police do not know whether the crime was committed by a single person or a gang operation.

As the saying goes, the thief does not go empty. Although the GTI was not able to go along, the car thief sneaked into the other two Volkswagen vehicles on the freight train and removed the multimedia systems in the two vehicles. The loss of damaged GTI and cut guardrails is estimated at thousands of dollars. After the incident, the local police blocked the train and sent a helicopter to search for the suspect. In this way, the theft rate of Volkswagen is still very high, but for car thieves, how difficult is it to start at a dealership much lower than on a train, right? It is also possible that the car thief has watched too many Hollywood movies, but just want to take this opportunity to prove his position in the industry… (Li Haopeng, home of the car)