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[YesAuto News] “Gag” in Chinese dictionaries generally means funny, gimmicky, or tricky ideas. In automobile marketing, there are many successful cases with far-reaching influence, but there are also some marketing methods that make people confused and even instill wrong ideas into consumers. These marketing methods are called “gimmicks” marketing. For example, a bunch of people are standing on the door of a car and the door is unharmed. Does this really mean that the new car is very safe? (Want to know more cold knowledge? Click here for details)

In the cold knowledge of this issue, we have brought you all kinds of “gimmick” car marketing. Due to space limitations, there are also some misleading publicity methods that we have not been able to point out. For example, the L2 level assisted driving is called automatic Driving, exaggerated smart AI, new energy vehicles do not specify specific requirements for fast charging time, etc. In fact, each car company promotes its own products, and the marketing methods and methods are naturally colorful, but some misleading statements will obviously give consumers wrong perceptions, which is very important for the development of the overall environment of automobile consumption. Disadvantageously, we also call on the major car companies to adopt more positive methods to promote their products, and at the same time, bring consumers more knowledge about car ownership, so as to bring a better brand to the brand itself. Healthy development. (Pictures and texts/Jiang Che from the car home)