[YesAuto F1 Formula One] Everyone, what do you think about Audi's plan to enter F1? This is indeed official news from Audi. They plan to abandon Le Mans and DTM, start to move to F1 Formula One, and plan to officially participate in 2016.

Considering the current record at Le Mans and DTM, it is quite unexpected for Audi to announce its withdrawal now. At the same time, withdrawing from two events with glorious records, it must be well thought out and determined. A person familiar with the Volkswagen Group, the group to which Audi is affiliated, said that Audi’s surprise move this time was the result of overall planning within the group, and leaving Le Mans to avoid continued infighting with another subsidiary of the same door—Porsche .

But don't worry, this won't be a “just-go trip”. In 2015, we will continue to see Audi in the two events mentioned above, and Audi will officially join the F1 event in 2016. At present, it seems that the possible cooperation team will be Red Bull Racing or Toro Rosso, and Audi is already negotiating details of sponsorship cooperation with Red Bull. What's even more exciting is that Audi has signed an employment contract with Stefano Domenicali, the former Ferrari team manager, earlier this month. I don't know how Ferrari will feel about it.

As a new member of the F1 race, Audi is undoubtedly a great starting point to cooperate with a big team like Red Bull. So what will be the specific cooperation content? Let me tell you quietly that the contract between Red Bull Racing and the current engine supplier Renault will expire at the end of 2015, when Audi joined F1… Did we accidentally know something?