[YesAuto Race] On April 28th, Volkswagen China Motorsport Scirocco R-Cup (Scirocco R-Cup) opening ceremony was grandly held at the Shanghai International Circuit. At the same time, the 2012 Scirocco R-Cup opener competition was also held here. . After the two rounds of the race on April 29, Chinese driver Yuan Bo took first place. Last year's Scirocco R Cup annual champion Italian driver Stefano Montesi finished second, and third place was also from mainland China driver Yin Haitao.

For many years, Volkswagen has played an important role in motor racing. The first single-brand event in Volkswagen's history is the Scirocco Cup. It started in 1976, and it has become a highly anticipated car event because of the numerous excellent racers. In order to support and promote the development of China's motor sports, Volkswagen introduced the Scirocco Cup to China for the first time in 2009, and launched the R Cup in 2011, which not only greatly improved the technical performance of the car, but also incorporated the essence of the Volkswagen R brand.

Scirocco R Cup 2012 season calendar
April 28-29 Shanghai Railway Station (Shanghai International Circuit)
June 02-03 Zhuhai Station (Zhuhai International Circuit)
June 16-17 Chengdu Railway Station (Chengdu International Circuit)
July 07-08 Ordos Station (Ordos International Circuit)
October 06-07 Taiwan Station (Taiwan Dapeng Bay International Circuit)
November 10-11 Shanghai Railway Station (Shanghai International Circuit)

*Special events:

September 01 Malaysia Merdeka 12 Hours Endurance Race (Sepang Circuit)

The opening ceremony scene

The 2012 Scirocco R Cup lineup consists of 15 Chinese players (4 mainland players, 5 Hong Kong players and 6 Taiwan players), 2 American players, 1 Japanese player, 1 French player and 1 Italian player. Contestants, a total of 20 people.

2012 Scirocco R racing performance

The first round of the opening match scene

On the afternoon of April 28th, the Scirocco R Cup began the first round of competition. The competition was fierce. In the end, Chinese driver Yuan Bo won the first place, leading the second place-the annual total of the Scirocco R Cup in the 2011 season. The champion Stefano Montesi was 1.220 seconds, and the third place was Yin Haitao, a driver from mainland China. (Text/Car Home Sun Di)

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