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[YesAuto News] The battle between Nissan and Renault has not ended. According to foreign media reports, independent directors on Nissan’s board of directors failed to nominate a new chairman. Prior to this, Nissan also rejected the nomination of a new chairman of the board of directors from Renault.

Due to the failure of the board of directors to reach an agreement, the appointment of Nissan's new chairman of the board of directors will be postponed to the 17th of this month. Since the arrest of former Nissan Board Chairman Carlos Ghosn, this position has been vacant.

According to the analysis of foreign media, from the current situation, the most likely candidate to replace Ghosn as the chairman of Nissan’s new board of directors is Nissan CEO Hiroto Nissan or Nissan executive Toshiga Shiga. Among the two, Hiroto Nissan belongs to the “reverse faction.” Shiga Toshiyuki had always supported Ghosn before. Previously, Renault had nominated a non-Nissan candidate, but the independent board of directors of Nissan rejected the nomination and stated that the new chairman of the board would be selected from the current board of directors.

The final position of the chairman of the board of directors will play a very important role in the future trend of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. If Hiroto Niskawa is elected, Nissan’s position in the alliance will be reversed, and Nissan’s current board of directors also tends to have Hiroto Nissan as the chairman of the board. But once Nishikawa is elected, it will not be a good thing for Renault.