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[YesAuto Design Decoding] “Young people are always able to do things that you don't expect”. Compared with many middle-aged people whose thinking tends to be solidified and their actions tend to be conservative, many young people's thinking is indeed more divergent, and at the same time they dare to break Tradition, they will not tie themselves to the so-called “tradition” of rules and regulations. Chang Bing, from a traditional car company designer to a new power brand designer, he seems to have the courage to “break through the tradition” at the time of the middle (zhuang) year (nian), today we come to the Nezha Automobile Design Center, together Learn where his “breakthrough” comes from.

●About Changbing

Chang Bing, he joined FAW after graduating from Jilin University Automotive Engineering College in 2001. In 14 years, he has grown to be the chief designer of the Hongqi brand. The shapes of Hongqi L9, L5, H7, and Pentium B30 are all his works. After that, Chang Bing also worked for BAIC New Energy. In 2018, he officially joined Nezha Automobile as the vice president and general manager of the design center of Nezha Automobile.

Why did we say at the beginning that his conversion to a new brand designer was a breakthrough? For many people, in middle age, I am afraid that they will experience a mid-life crisis in their careers, but Chang Bing has a good-end big car company waiting for it, and it has to come to a new power brand and model design work that has just started. To start from scratch, this is undoubtedly a challenge and a breakthrough for Chang Bing. In our previous communication with Chang Bing, we also learned that when he came to Nezha Motors, he was “starting from scratch” and “can completely release his own ideas” of the new brand.

Chang Bing brought the idea of daring to innovate and make breakthroughs to Nezha Motors, and to Nezha Motors' products. In 2018, he put forward the design philosophy of “self, trust and presence” in Nezha Motors: “self” represents the daring to express oneself, showing young, unique and exciting personality; “trust” is Nezha Motors The original intention and belief to create dreams, the confidence in future intelligent technology innovation, and the integrity to meet the needs of users; “In” is intended to create a calm and “free” driving experience for users, and the young and fearless who bravely devote themselves to future development are ” I'm here!”.

●Technological progress allows us to innovate

Regarding the Nezha V, we start with the interior with more content. The interior of the car adopts a minimalist design style. According to Chang Bing, “simple” and “simple” are two concepts, and the Nezha V interior belongs to the former. “Simplicity” requires the integration of functions, such as fully integrating the air conditioning outlet into the center console, or canceling the physical buttons near the center console, and the vehicle function control is realized through the center control screen. At the same time, we think that the so-called minimalist design may be easier to do, but Chang Bing shared that “design requires communication and cooperation with engineers. This kind of'simplicity' means that engineers have to make more efforts and also control costs.” .

In our traditional impression, the interiors of entry-level models should be practical and simple, and have a large number of physical buttons. In the past, limited by technology, the design of the center console of many models was complicated, but now the technology can be “simple”. Chang Bing believes that it should be simplified; as for why many entry-level models do not use extremes like Nezha V In Jane's style, he still doesn't want to make a breakthrough or spend time thinking about it. There is also a very important point. The Chang Bing team believes that future cars should focus on riding experience, not just driving experience. Even when autonomous driving is completely popularized, we don’t need to drive anymore, and everything designed to serve the ride. That's fine, this is also one of the reasons why Nezha V takes the minimalist route. I think it is a practice of a concept.

Canceling the physical buttons and leaving only one or more screens seems to have become the design trend of pure electric vehicles. Will there be similarities in minimalist design ideas that all seem to be similar? How to make a differentiated design? This is also one of the questions I am curious about. However, I should have thought about it too much. In the general direction, different designers may have similar ideas, such as taking a minimalist route and taking a sporty style. However, in terms of specific expression and presentation of results, different people have different ideas. Of course, the products will not be the same. Indeed, if two people can really think of the same performance techniques and make the same details, they are probably twin brothers who have been separated for many years.

●In fact, the steering wheel can be changed

After talking about the general design ideas and ideas of the minimalist interior, let's “dig out” the details. Didn't Chang Bing say that “simple” and “jian (jian) single (lou)” are different, then Nezha V car interior What are the intentions? We can look at it from two points as examples: steering wheel and instrumentation. The steering wheel has two characteristics, one is “different shape” and the other is “small size”; Chang Bing is very concerned about the second feature alone.

Abnormal shape means that the steering wheel is no longer round, or even polygonal. This is very easy for us to accept. After all, there have been products with similar steering wheel designs a few years ago, such as Peugeot models. On the “alien” road, Nezha cars should go farther and farther. Even Chang Bing has an idea of designing the steering wheel to resemble a rectangular shape. If the driver actually operates it, he can get the same or even better experience as a round steering wheel. , Whether the user can accept the special-shaped steering wheel should also be an aesthetic issue.

We seem to have never seriously considered the small size. We only know that the small-sized steering wheel turns lighter. Chang Bing reluctantly shared with us that many people in the team couldn't understand why the steering wheel is so small, and the steering wheel of “other people's house” is so big, why are we the only one to make it so small? According to Chang Bing, the left and right diameter of our car steering wheel is generally around 380-395mm, while the left and right diameter of the Nezha V steering wheel is only 350mm. This change will not bring any disadvantage.

First of all, we can be sure that the current car steering wheel can be made smaller. The reason is that in the era of mechanical hydraulic power steering, the driver had to turn the steering wheel very hard. This requires a steering wheel with a larger diameter (larger moment arm) to assist the driver in steering, so as to achieve the purpose of saving effort. But now even mini cars have used electric power steering, and many models have a light steering force that female friends can “knead the wheel” effortlessly. From this point of view, the large-size steering wheel does not seem to make much sense.

Chang Bing designed the steering wheel to be smaller in size. The main reason is that he hopes to leave more convenience for the driver through this approach. Some luxury models have the function of “easy in and out” in the driving position, that is, the seat is moved backward and the steering wheel is retracted forward. The purpose of this is also to facilitate the driver to get on and off the car without squeezing or rubbing the steering wheel. Wearing cotton obedience to get off the car in the driving position in winter, I believe many friends have similar experiences: the steering wheel jams. For entry-level models that cannot have “easy access”, Chang Bing's method of reducing the size of the steering wheel is indeed very useful. Chang Bing said, why don't many people in the team understand this approach? Or is it caused by inertial thinking, why should we follow tradition? Why can't we make changes to achieve better results?

●Explanation about the instrument

In addition to the steering wheel, another detail in the car is the instrument design. The instrument is removed from the front of the steering wheel, which should help the integrity of the center console design. The Tesla Model 3 is extremely simple to cancel the traditional instrument design. Perhaps many people are still used to having an instrument that can display important information such as vehicle speed and gear, or many brands dare not be as aggressive as Tesla. Nezha V still retains the instrument, but moved it to the front windshield. Below.

From an ergonomic point of view, placing the instrument under the front windshield really helps to reduce the driver’s line of sight from leaving the road, and it also facilitates the driver to obtain vehicle information at any time. The HUD head-up display achieves this effect. However, compared to current full LCD meters, Nezha V, a bar-shaped, non-switchable information display meter, will have poor functionality. It cannot switch interfaces, display multimedia, and map navigation information.

Chang Bing explained that the information that can be displayed by this set of meters is indeed limited, but we can think about the information we need to obtain the most frequently during driving, that is, the remaining power, speed, gear and so on. For an entry-level model, Chang Bing also makes sense, but as users, we still hope to have more choices, such as whether it will be equipped with a HUD in the future? The center console is still simple and the ergonomics is still excellent. At the same time, the HUD can present more information to the driver.

The main content of the Nezha V interior is probably so much. As we said, Chang Bing is constantly creating some “breakthrough” and “breaking traditional” designs. “Tradition” may be right under the previous conditions, but as we deepen our understanding of things and continue to improve our capabilities, now it seems that many “traditions” should indeed be broken. After 20 or 50 years, car designers from 2070 may be thinking, “Our autonomous driving technology is so mature, why do cars have such rigid seats? Wouldn't it be good to put a bed? “

●Does the user need a family design?

Now we look back at the exterior part of Nezha V. Compared with the breakthrough tradition of the interior, in this part we learn more about Chang Bing’s understanding of a car’s styling design and how he thinks about family design. thing. Although let’s talk about the interior design first, Chang Bing is actually very satisfied with the appearance of Nezha V. He believes that Nezha V is different from other small cars because of its personality, which may make some users. It produces uncomfortable feelings, but after you become familiar with it, it becomes the personality you like and exists.

The front of the Nezha V has more sharp lines, such as headlights and front surrounds; although this design is far from enough to make the Nezha V “aggressive”, it certainly does not give people a “cute” feeling. As for the rear of the car, Chang Bing believes that this design is quite individual, and even to a certain extent, this individuality may make some users uncomfortable because it looks unfamiliar.

Speaking of the general appearance of Nezha V, do you think this car has no inheritance of family design language? Compared with the previous product of the brand Nezha U, the appearance of the two cars has few similar elements, but according to traditional thinking, a brand’s models should have a family style, such as Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, etc. which we are familiar with. example. This is because Nezha Automobile has been established for too short a time and has not established a design language exclusive to this brand? Or are there other reasons?

The “family design” we mentioned here refers to the direct visual effects brought to us by the appearance of the vehicle. For example, Audi models have a large polygonal intake grille, BMW has “double kidneys”, and Volkswagen has multiple horizontal chrome decorations. We used to say that if you bought an A6L and drove it on the road, others might mistakenly think it is an A8; uh… will it really be? What benefits users can get from the family design, it seems that there is no.

But Chang Bing also added that although on the surface, Nezha V and Nezha U do not have a so-called inherited design language, in fact, the design of the two cars still has an internal connection, and there will be a basic brand family design principle. It's just completely free in the way of expression. Moreover, Nezha V is positioned as a small SUV, and Nezha U is positioned as a compact SUV. The brand may also launch a market segment model that is positioned to intervene between the two cars in the future. Then you will put the three cars together. , May see some connections from the appearance.

It's still that theme. In fact, what Chang Bing thinks is still breaking traditional thinking. Why do we have to do this? What are the benefits to users? What exactly do users need? Just like what he said, in the more than 100 years since the birth of cars, car manufacturers have made products according to their own design ideas. It is also a difficult process for users to feedback their opinions to the development end, so users have to accept it; but now cars have become new energy sources. The architecture and smart technology are more mature. We have more channels to collect user thoughts, and we have the conditions to break the traditional thinking. Then designers and developers should do some new thinking from the perspective of users; of course, these thinking needs you Time-consuming and costly.

to sum up:

In the electrification era, our cars running on the road have gradually broken the tradition, canceling the air intake grille, canceling the physical buttons, and more and more ways to open the door… When these designs were just born, many people It is also difficult to accept, because they are too “alternative”, but now we are used to it. With the great improvement of electrification technology, cars will still usher in a large number of breakthroughs in traditional designs and ideas, so that users can get a better car experience. These breakthroughs need someone to take the lead. I believe that people like Chang Bing are good at thinking and daring The designer is one of the “vanguards”.