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[YesAuto Test Drive] Fengshen H30 Cross is the latest model launched by Dongfeng Fengshen. We have analyzed the models in detail before. To be precise, we published an article about this car yesterday. Yes, but today’s article Not to repeat the description, the editor will share with you some feelings after a short test drive of the Fengshen H30 Cross.

Cross-not only black plastic is added, practicality improvement is the key

The black plastic surround is a necessity of the current Cross concept. The basic lines of Fengshen H30 Cross are relatively tough, and the area of black plastic is not very exaggerated, so it does not feel abrupt when surrounded by black plastic. The body is heightened, but the visual center of gravity is not particularly high from the side. After observing for a period of time, it is found that the black plastic side guards rising parallel to the waistline of the body create this visual effect.

Needless to say, the matt black plastic has better scratch resistance than the paint, and the chassis is 42mm higher than the ordinary version. The benefit is that the general bumper will not touch anything, even if it touches it. Seriously, the damage resistance and repair cost are stronger than the normal version. In addition, there is a steel guard plate at the bottom of the engine. For the black plastic front bumper, this is really kind, because the scratches are fur, and the undersole is hard.

In addition, the handling of appearance details is more delicate. I have this feeling from the sealing strip on the car body. Careful observation will reveal that the gap between the B-pillar (the gap between the front door and the rear door), the area around the rear windshield, and even the gap between the black plastic wheel eyebrows and the fender steel plate are all rubber sealed, and four All models are designed with double-layer sealing strips. It is impossible to verify whether the sealing effect is obvious, but at least it shows the use of details. The soundproof cotton in the engine cover and engine compartment is very thick.

The minimum ground clearance of the ordinary version of H30 is 130mm. The minimum ground clearance of the H30 Cross tested today is 172mm, which is 42mm higher, and the passability is greatly improved, but after all, it is not an off-road vehicle, and we will not use it to run off-road roads. , So the driving experience in the city is still the key.

In fact, we have already brought you a very detailed real shot article about this model yesterday, so I won't say more details here, you can refer to yesterday's article, let us go directly to the test drive link!

Fengshen H30 Cross is still equipped with 1.6L 16V, a classic engine with a high index. Those who have driven the 1.6L model of PSA will be familiar with it. This is a high-speed engine with a maximum output of 78kW/5750rpm and maximum torque. Reach 142Nm/4000rpm.

In the city, use each gear, if you want to achieve the expected acceleration, at least increase to more than 3000 rpm, the sound is not small but not annoying. The low-rev range is very stable, but the lack of torque will be revealed when overtaking, and you must downshift.

Manual transmission-old technology, improved, the shift lever does not shake

The resonance problem that has occurred in the 5-speed manual transmission, that is, the shift lever jitter, may be the most concerned issue of the H30 series models. At present, the Fengshen H30 series manual transmission models have upgraded the gearbox to adopt a smoother flexible shaft control manual transmission, which means that the excess jitter generated before will be filtered out by this “soft shaft”. During the driving process, there was no excess vibration in the gears, and the shifting stroke was at a normal level.

But the fly in the ointment is that Fengshen H30 Cross is not very smooth in the connection of the transmission system, and the clutch coupling point is relatively low, which has a certain impact on the smoothness of the start. If the control is not good, it will easily cause flameout. This is the same as the test drive before this site. Colleagues at H30 feel a little bit biased, so I don’t rule out the case.

When the accelerator is closed, the feeling is very obvious, the feeling of frustration is very obvious, and the rushing affects the comfort. For the city with traffic jams every day, this feeling has a certain impact on the comfort. I hope the manufacturers can take this issue further. Optimization.

The automatic transmission model's gearbox comes from Aisin. This 4AT technology is mature and stable. It has been used on many high-selling models. For the 4-speed gearbox, it has good ride comfort and can be reduced in time during rapid acceleration. Gear to provide more torque. In addition, it also provides sports mode, snow mode and O/D super ratio gear.

The steering wheel is covered with leather, as mentioned in the previous article, and it feels good. But when you drive, you will immediately feel that the steering wheel of the H30 Cross is very heavy, which may not make people feel too pleasant for parking and warehousing, but on the other hand, it can improve high-speed stability, a 100,000-yuan model It will not be equipped with variable damping steering, so this is a question of trade-offs.

The rear suspension structure is a torsion beam longitudinal swing arm type semi-independent suspension / with a stabilizer bar, the chassis is increased by 42mm, and the center of gravity is naturally higher. However, there is nothing special in the more violent driving process such as cornering and winding piles. The feeling of swaying, on the one hand, is that the 205/50 R16 tires provide good grip, coupled with the innate advantages of the hatchback, and the classic rear suspension with “rear wheel follow-up” still plays a major role.

When passing some bumpy roads, the chassis does not feel loose. In self-owned brand cars, such a complete chassis is indeed rare. It's just that when you brake, you feel that the front braking force is not as strong as expected. As the saying goes, it is a little soft, and the rear braking force is still relatively sufficient.

to sum up:

Dongfeng Fengshen H30 series model is a very successful “old play new sing” model. The key parts such as the chassis, engine, gearbox are all mature technologies that have passed the test of 17 years, and other aspects are designed with independent innovation in accordance with the market. Said to have both maturity and youth. However, in front of H30, the only bottleneck is that the brand and reputation have not yet spread. Good wine is not afraid of deep alleys. I believe that good products will be based on the market. (Pictures, texts/Car home Wang Miao)