[YesAuto in-depth experience] This brand has a long history. It has also successfully become a joint venture of BMW in China. It is Brilliance China. In recent years, independent brands have made major moves, constantly launching new products. In contrast, Zhonghua’s progress is slightly lagging behind. Perhaps it has seen the big cake in the SUV market. The first SUV was released at the end of last year. I believe you should not be unfamiliar. Yes, this is the Chinese V5 endorsed by Legend of Phoenix.

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Appearance: obvious imitation traces

The price range of China V5 is 109,800 to 145,800 yuan. From the price range, it overlaps with BYD S6, Haval H6, Tiggo, etc. Obviously they form a direct opposition, but the price of China V5 is not cheap. . We compare their body sizes, and the Zhonghua V5 is quite satisfactory and can be regarded as the mainstream level.

Needless to say, you can also see the appearance of the Zhonghua V5. It has a very high similarity to the BMW X1. From the Zhonghua H530 to the Zhonghua V5, Brilliance China has also embarked on the road of copying and copying. As a result of the mature and successful design, the appearance looks more spiritual, but the workmanship really needs to be improved. For example: the silver decorative strip on the front lip, when pressed on one side and the other side, it will rise.

The sides and rear of the car are still familiar to us, and the details are good. We have to admit that the China V5 does have a good appearance. 17-inch tires are no longer small for a car of this size, and the wheel shape is almost designed in accordance with the BMW X1 routine. In short, the visual experience is good.

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Now all new car illustration articles on the shopping guide channel can be read using the brand-new image-reading mode . You can enter the image-reading mode by clicking any picture in the article. The big picture looks clearer and more refreshing, now let's try a new reading experience.

Interior: good workmanship, defective chrome-plated central control panel

The interior continues the design style of the Chinese H530, which is somewhat similar to the Audi A4L in terms of styling. The biggest highlight is the large-area chrome plating on the center console, and the bright chrome plating is also controversial.

In addition to the beauty dispute, we are concerned about two points. One is whether it will dazzle under strong light. Practice has proved that it will not produce glare. The second one is whether it is easy to leave fingerprints? This does exist. The shiny chrome-plated surface is easy to leave fingerprints, and the surface is fragile and easy to scratch.

The materials used in the center console left a good impression on me. The whole is made of soft materials, which feels good, and the workmanship is also ideal, which is better than products of the same level.

The shape of the steering wheel is beautiful, the hand feel is nothing special, and the integrated multi-function buttons are located at a reasonable level. The steering wheel can only be adjusted in height, and the range is not large. Competitive models of the same level, Haval H6 and BYD S6, can be adjusted front and rear.

Front-row storage is a problem, and it is difficult to find a suitable location for portable wallet phones. The door panel has ample storage space, not only has a separate cup holder, but the remaining space is also highly available. The space on the back door panel is relatively limited, and it will be able to fit a water bottle.

All Chinese V5 series are equipped with ASR drive anti-skid as standard, which can reduce the occurrence of slipping when accelerating on wet and slippery roads to a certain extent. The car has a glasses case and a co-pilot mirror. It adopts a one-key open and close design.

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Now all new car illustration articles on the shopping guide channel can be read using the brand-new image-reading mode . You can enter the image-reading mode by clicking any picture in the article. The big picture looks clearer and more refreshing, now let's try a new reading experience.

Ride comfort: good space and average comfort

We have seen the interior workmanship and storage before, and overall there are bright spots to follow. Next, let's take a look at the riding space and comfort of this mainstream-size SUV.

In terms of riding comfort, although the padding of the seat is very soft, it is relatively thin, so the real ride feels very ordinary, the front armrest box can slide back and forth, and the texture is relatively soft.

Experiencers with a height of 180cm have relatively good front and rear space, and the height adjustment range of the front seats is large, and the overall feeling of the Chinese V5 space is more practical. The practicality of the middle position in the back row is very general, with a large raised floor and a narrow width.

In order to control costs, the middle seat is not equipped with a headrest, but the standard configuration of the safety seat interface makes us very pleased. Although some people will say that this thing is useless, what we want to say is please be responsible for your child.

The trunk volume is average, and the 24-inch suitcase cannot be placed vertically under normal conditions. The rear seats can be laid down at a ratio of 4/6, and the floor is uneven and has a larger slope after being laid down.

At present, the Zhonghua V5 is only equipped with a 1.6L engine. It is not difficult to see that it is only for basic users who have no special requirements on power. In addition to the 5-speed manual gearbox, it is also equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox, which is relatively mainstream. It is reported that the Zhonghua V5 may be equipped with a 1.5T engine in the future.

The 2-wheel drive structure is the driving method of most autonomous entry-level SUVs. The city-oriented Zhonghua V5 also only has a two-wheel drive structure and adopts a rear torsion beam suspension. Among several competing models, the independent suspension is only Have a copy of it.

to sum up:

The Zhonghua V5 has an appearance similar to that of the BMW X1, and the details are also in place. I think this is obviously its selling point. The interior has a high level of workmanship, and the overall materials used are more honest. It has certain advantages in the same level, but from the configuration point of view, it does not bring us any surprises. Brands of the same level and the same price can already be bought with navigation So we believe that the rationality of the configuration distribution needs to be optimized. (Photo/Car Home Zhang Ke)

[YesAuto Evaluation] I believe everyone should be familiar with this Chinese V5. When it was launched at the Guangzhou Auto Show last year, its appearance alone caused a lot of controversy. As the first SUV of Brilliance China, the manufacturer gave him a very resounding name, and it is absolutely impressive, which is to be kept in mind. In the weekend experience article, we already have a preliminary understanding and understanding of the Chinese V5, so how is its performance? Immediately reveal the answer for everyone.

●The engine value is good and the measured data is average

    Our Chinese V5 test car is still equipped with the 1.6-liter naturally aspirated engine on the H530, while the long-awaited 1.5T engine has not arrived. I remember that when I tested the H530 equipped with the same powertrain, this engine was already a little tired. This time, on the basis of the same power, when we needed to pull a 1.4-ton Chinese V5, we couldn’t help feeling for its actual performance. Worry.

From the book data, this Mitsubishi 4A92S engine is in the upper middle level of the same level, with a maximum power of 87kW (118 horsepower)/5600-6000rpm and a maximum torque of 151N·m/4000rpm.

Matched with this engine is an ordinary 5-speed automatic manual gearbox, which has more advantages than competitors' 4-speed gearboxes in terms of gears, and has less shifting impact, and its performance in terms of fuel consumption is relatively good. Better. Next to it is ASR (Traction Control System), not ESP, which mainly prevents the driving wheels from slipping during acceleration. (Click to see what the mystery is? Explain the ESP electronic stability system in detail)

I remember that at the Guangzhou Auto Show, the China V5 show car was equipped with 225/55 R17 wheels, and the editors agreed that a smaller wheel would be used on production cars. But this time, Brilliance is very kind and equipped with wheels and tires of the same specifications as the show car. Even the spare tire is also full-size, which is worthy of praise. The double five-spoke style is very sporty.

Defined by Brilliance as an H-shaped longitudinal swing arm suspension. From the photo, it is actually a torsion beam semi-independent suspension. The structure still retains the characteristics of a non-independent suspension. It is economical and practical, but it cannot provide good car body precise control. However, the follow-up 1.5T four-wheel drive models will be equipped with multi-link rear suspension. Consider that some compact cars are simply equipped with torsion beams and semi-independent suspensions, so I won't say much.

Daily driving experience

Sitting in the car, I found that the interior is almost the same as the H530, bringing the family style to the interior. Only in the car you seem to be unable to tell which car it is.

The large mirrored center console in front of you looks very textured, but when the sun is relatively sufficient, there will be some glare in some places, and as a fingerprint collector, you can’t be lazy. The entire center console is full of greasy fingerprints and it feels bad. Wipe frequently. From the point of view of workmanship and feel, it should be the best in the same level, and the first impression is really good.

Press the start button, and the Zhonghua V5 began to warm up quietly. At the beginning, the V5 tuning was slightly biased towards the style of Japanese cars. Tap the accelerator and the engine responded more positively, which is more in line with the positioning of its family car. The 5-speed gearbox also pays more attention to economy in daily driving and likes to upshift.

After 40km/h, the problem is coming. The gearbox responds slower to downshift when the throttle is at the bottom. I will give you a response only half a second later. At this time, the engine was roaring at full strength, but the speedometer was still lazy, looking down for a long time, it was 60km/h… The feeling of this small horse-drawn cart is particularly obvious on the V5. If you want to overtake a car or something on the road, don't even think about it if you don't step on the accelerator. That kind of leisurely acceleration even started to make me wonder if something was wrong with the throttle. After 140km/h, the engine began to appear a little hoarse, and it seems that you are not willing to let you try higher speeds. Perhaps, a small-displacement urban SUV, how many people will have the opportunity to experience its extremely fast performance?

When the Zhonghua V5 is opened, it seems that it lacks the taste of an SUV. The attitude and line of sight are not high, and it feels very similar to the H530. It can also be understood as the H530 with a raised chassis. The steering wheel is moderately sized and light in the hand. It is more handy in daily driving, but the directivity of the front of the car is always not so satisfactory when driving intensely.

The Chinese V5 1.6 two-wheel drive version still uses the front and rear torsion beam suspension structure. Suspension adjustment is a household style that pays more attention to comfort, with moderate softness and hardness, and there are some extra small jumps when passing through the hurdles. The chassis is higher than the H530, reaching 175mm, which is equivalent to the level of an urban SUV. Although it is not a four-wheel drive, the V5 does not pursue extreme off-road performance. It is enough for better passability.

Fuel consumption test

The fuel consumption test has a total mileage of 105 kilometers and consumes 9.09 liters of No. 93 fuel, so its fuel consumption is 8.66L/100km. The full load is one adult male driver and several photographic equipment.

This time the fuel consumption test simulates the daily use of road conditions. Congested roads with a speed of about 30km/h accounted for 50%, and the rest were urban roads with more traffic lights. Considering the congestion and the weight of 1.4 tons on the day of the test, the fuel consumption is quite good. The 5-speed gearbox also played a lot in this test. It was up to 5th gear early when cruising at 60km/h.

Performance Testing

0-100km/h acceleration

The 1.6-liter engine is obviously a bit difficult to drive a 1.4-ton car, but the 15.05 second result is also too slow. The gearbox and deadweight are the shackles that limit its ability to perform.

The entire acceleration process is surprisingly flat, and it can also be said to be anxious. The engine accelerates tepidly when the throttle is pressed to the bottom. Of course, this result is still affected by the gearbox. After turning off ASR, whether we use D or M gears, the gearbox always upshifts at less than 5500rpm. At this time, the engine has not reached the maximum power, and there is still a distance from the red line. Such a conservative adjustment is obviously not conducive to To achieve good results, I don't know what the original intention of the manufacturer was to design this way.

100-0km/h brake

    The average braking score was 44.5 meters, which was barely a pass, but the farthest one was nearly 46 meters. Compared with some SUVs that “gnaw the ground” during emergency braking, the China V5 is relatively gentleman.

The brakes of the Zhonghua V5 felt very springy when it was stepped on to death, but the overall braking force did not feel enough. At 25 meters, the tires started to be unable to grasp the ground, and the ABS intervention was very abrupt, and the thumping sound was clearly felt in the car, and the curve was quite scary.

Noise test

The performance of the Zhonghua V5 in noise suppression is very satisfactory. The road noise and wind noise are relatively well controlled. It can be seen that Zhonghua has made progress in the workmanship. I believe that the interior structure of the car also has many corresponding sound insulation measures. The low engine speed is also an important factor, especially when the speed is 120km/h, the speed is 2500rpm. Only when the speed is low, the noise will be easier to suppress.

to sum up

It is undeniable that the Zhonghua V5 is very suitable for traveling in the city. Good vision, excellent passability and light steering wheel can make you easily control it, and the appearance and interior workmanship are also first-class in the same level of products. level. But it loses a lot of points in terms of power, and the 1.6L engine power table is actually disappointing. But don't worry, the 1.5T model of V5 has not yet come out. It is said that it will be on the market at the end of the year. The weak power and semi-independent suspension will be improved on the 1.5T model.

The China V5 is currently priced at 109,800 to 145,800 yuan, and there are not a few products of the same level in this price range, and they all have their own characteristics. I believe that they are definitely one of your choices. The models recommended below will not differ significantly in price from this Zhonghua V5, and they are all 4-speed gearboxes and front-wheel drive.

BYD S6 2012 2.4AT exclusive type (130,900)

This model is the top model in the car series; 2.4 engine, wider body space and air curtains on the front and rear heads. Of course, there are a series of high-end goods such as GPS, car TV, Bluetooth, automatic zone air conditioner, etc., which this V5 does not have. If you are not very fond of the appearance of the V5, it is recommended that you buy the S6, which is very cost-effective.

Haval H6 2012 2.4L two-wheel drive automatic elite type (124,800)

Compared with these urban SUVs, the Haval H6 seems to have a stronger off-road flavor. Both the front and rear bumpers are equipped with small guards, so occasionally sprinkling a bit of wildness is not a problem. With the front and rear double wishbones independent suspension, it can ensure better comfort. However, it is a pity that Haval, which has always been commensurate with hardcore off-road vehicles, does not have a four-wheel drive system for all H6 series.

Tiggo 2012 DR European version 2.0 AT premium type (123,800)

It is also the flagship product of a model. The configuration of Chery Tiggo is similar to that of the V5. It basically has everything, but the price is 6,000 yuan cheaper. Tiggo has come all the way, from the original copycat “RAV4” to now the new model gradually has its own ideas and personality, all of which are improving, and the good quality has kept him leading the sales of cars of the same level. However, I will recommend to you the 2012 Elite 1.6S MT luxury , equipped with supercharged Tiggo’s dual improvements in power and economy, and will continue to let it take the initiative in the market. The key is that it is cheaper (101,800)

Compared with these competitors, the Zhonghua V5 is not superior in configuration, and the price is slightly higher than that of its competitors. The only advantage is the design and craftsmanship we just mentioned. If you are interested in these two points, then You can shoot right away. If you are struggling with its power performance, look forward to the new 1.5T at the end of the year. And if you are paying attention to economy, it is recommended that you wait patiently for the price reduction of V5 before selling, or simply choose more economical products. One more thing, if the entire system can drop by about 10,000, it is definitely a very competitive product.