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[YesAuto in-depth investigation] Shen Jiaxu took an Atez in the last show. Objectively speaking, this car is really good, and its handling ability is at the top of its class. Therefore, I can't drop the chain in this issue. At the same price, I chose a more powerful compact SUV-the Ford Maverick, and we are also going to drive it to the extreme off-road testing center. , I wonder what kind of strength it can show under such “ravaged”?

● Road driving experience

The performance of this wing tiger in daily road driving can definitely satisfy the preferences of the “active people”. The power and chassis are obviously biased towards sports style, with a sense of brutality.

What I don’t like is the steering. The power is lighter and the overall feel is more electronic. It doesn’t match its stronger power output. If it’s a sporty steering, the overall driving feel will be more coordinated.

On the whole, in terms of driving experience, compared with other models of the same level, this Escape has distinctive features. Perhaps it is not the highest in terms of cornering limit, and it is not the fastest in true acceleration time, but It can give you the most vigorous and powerful feeling, which is very pleasing to young people.

● Play the real off-road field

Power, especially torque, this Maverick is strong enough; the four-wheel drive system is also equipped as a mid-to-high model. So, can it be taken into a professional cross-country field for wild use? In the activist style, we do what we say!

A 45-degree slope is a big challenge. It is a big test for the vehicle's power, four-wheel drive system and tire grip. If it fails to pass, it is also very dangerous for the vehicle to slide down on the slope. At this time, it must be It is necessary to reasonably control the accelerator and brake, ensure that the front wheels are rotating, and coordinate the direction to make the vehicle safely retreat to the bottom of the slope. Don't brake again! If the front wheel locks up, the vehicle will deviate from the route and hit the wall, or even roll over and fall down.

Before passing through the concrete cannonball pit, I really sweated for the Maverick under me. The project was very difficult, and it tested the vehicle’s comprehensive off-road passing ability, but it was just an urban SUV… At this time, I was a little bit scared It's not an exaggeration.

The fun of off-road may be the sense of conquering that overcomes difficulties and obstacles, or it may be the tension and excitement brought by all kinds of exaggerated body postures. In short, it is all written on the face:

I have to say that the performance of the Escape in the off-road test center is indeed unexpected. In addition to the 45-degree slope, other tried projects have passed, including the very extreme cement shell crater. This also shows that the needs of most car owners are coming. Look, the wing tiger can definitely be satisfied with things like going out for self-driving tours, wandering bad roads, and occasionally straying wild.

● What is the difference between the sporty appearance?

The appearance design of the Escape is indeed not new. Although the mid-term facelift has a new front face shape, it has been on the market for a year, and netizens should be familiar with it. The proportion of the entire body is visually solid and powerful. If it is called a meaty nickname, I think the little fat tiger, oh no, the little strong tiger is quite appropriate.

The appearance of this sporty car is roughly the same as other configurations, mainly because the lamp part uses some blackened design, and the details also have some bright black decorations. As far as my personal aesthetic is concerned, I welcome the use of less chrome-plated strips.

The sporty type uses a large 19-inch rim, which is one size larger than the top model in terms of specifications, and the visual effect is more domineering, but flatter tires will also have certain disadvantages in terms of comfort. It depends on the choice. Everyone's actual needs.

The wing tiger sporty appearance has many younger elements. Although the overall design is not trendy, these details make the car's temperament more dynamic, especially in line with the aesthetics of most young people.

● A brief review of the interior

● Purchase recommendation

In terms of specific model recommendations, I suggest that netizens who are not too tight on budget choose the 2.0T model. Its capabilities are actually stronger. With the three configurations of 2.0T, the cost-effectiveness of the top configuration is not too high, and the other two configuration levels The price is similar, and netizens can decide according to their actual needs.

● Full text summary

In the compact SUV category, at present, the CX-5 can be regarded as the strong rival of the Mavericks in terms of sportiness, and the brand-new CR-V also has its own “benchmark” attributes, which has attracted a lot of attention. Judging from the actual performance of the past few days, the Escape is actually very strong in such fierce competition, taking into account road driving and relatively heavy off-road, plus it is not a new model on the market, and the market terminal is quite impressive. The preferential margin, the price-performance ratio also highlights. Here is a small preview. In the next episode, we will continue to find professional driver Wang Tao to experience a sports car on the track, so stay tuned!