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[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] When SUV has become the fastest-growing model, all manufacturers have set their sights on this, and independent brands are no exception. The FAW Bestune finally joined the melee this time, launching its first SUV model: Bestune X80. I suddenly thought of a saying, “The big girl gets on the sedan-the first time”, it's like a newcomer who just entered the house. The new daughter-in-law has satisfactory strengths, but also has areas that need to be matured and perfected.

In the static aspect, I am willing to give this new wife a high score because she is considerate enough. Various storage boxes and abundant configurations provide great convenience for driving. In addition, our pure new car with a mileage of only 400 kilometers does not have a very pungent smell. The gas mask I brought is not used this time, which is good news. After a brief summary, I will tell you about the dynamic aspects and test results.

Since there have been real shot articles before, and my colleague Shi Muhua’s experience at the test drive meeting is also very detailed, so this time our test will focus on dynamic performance, and I will use general language for the static part. To classify and describe.


The appearance of the Besturn X80 is very original, and it outlines a likable look through strong layers of lines. I found in the word-of-mouth system that most car owners give the appearance a full score of 5, which shows that everyone’s views are more consistent. , All hold a positive attitude.


The interior design of the Pentium X80 is not gorgeous, but the simple lines can sometimes have a good visual effect, and the materials and workmanship are exquisite. In addition, during use, we found a small bug about the information displayed on the LCD screen, which was shown to everyone through a short video.

Storage space

Obviously the designer has spent a lot of thought on this part. There are various convenient storage slots, storage compartments, wallets, mobile phones, keys, cards, coins…almost any belongings can find a suitable place around the driver’s seat. Put it in a good mood. The volume of the trunk and the size of the opening are satisfactory, and the flatness of the floor after the seat is down is not a big problem. We believe that the storage space performance of the Pentium X80 is currently the highest in its class, giving it full marks.

Ride space

Call the previous experience picture: the riding space is also abundant, and the 179cm height experiencer can sit comfortably in the front and rear rows, except that the two-point seat belt is used in the center of the rear row, and there is nothing wrong with it.

Static part summary

As mentioned above, the static part of the Pentium X80 can get a high score: the appearance is highly original, and more importantly, it is likable; the interior design and materials are good; the storage space and the riding space are two big Selling point, the highest level of the same level. After summarizing the static content, let's take a look at its dynamic performance.

power system

The Pentium X80 is equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine. Although the FAW LOGO is printed on the hood, this engine is still from Mazda 6, which is not advanced in terms of technology. Fortunately, the technology is mature and maintenance is relatively convenient. This engine has a maximum power of 147 horsepower (108 kilowatts) at/6500rpm and a maximum torque of 184N·m/4000rpm. The automatic transmission is 6-speed, with manual and sport modes.

Driving experience

This new wife is still immature. For example, its accelerator pedal setting is too sensitive, especially at the start. If the feet are not delicate and gentle, then the start will definitely move forward. , It gives the illusion of a rapid acceleration, but in a traffic jam, this not only affects comfort, but also makes your ankles fatigue easily. You need to keep a good grip at all times to ensure a smooth start.

The ferocious momentum is only a flash in the pan, don't be fooled by it. Because the mid-stage acceleration after the start is like a little lady who blushes when talking to outsiders, the accelerator pedal is no longer overly alert. The gear shifting action of the gearbox in D gear is relatively fast, and the smoothness is also good. In the state of gentle acceleration and cruising, the gearbox usually upshifts at 1900rpm. It tries its best to keep the speed below 2000rpm at all times to obtain a good Fuel economy, but because the willingness to downshift is not very positive, the acceleration is slightly weak, and it will not be relieved until more than 2500rpm. To complete overtaking in D gear mode, you need to leave enough approach distance, or double the throttle depth to force the gearbox to downshift. If the road conditions are not so complicated, it would be nice to just drive it leisurely and comfortably.

Pull down the shift lever to engage S gear. The active tachometer pointer tells me that the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal has been improved, and the communication with the gearbox is more frequent. The gear can be adjusted with the depth of the accelerator pedal. This should be the most exciting state of the Pentium X80. But even so, it is still a comfort-oriented product, and the excitement it can bring is very limited. If there is a real demand for power, I suggest considering a manual transmission or a model with a 2.3L engine.

The Bestune X80 is another model built on the Mazda 6 platform, using a front double-wishbone rear multi-link suspension structure. The suspension setting is completely comfortable, and even most of the road information is isolated. The softer style is quite comfortable. Its suspension travel is very long, and it can cope with potholes in domestic second- and third-tier cities.

Embarrassment in cruise control

During the experience, I found a problem with cruise control. It accurately controls the speed within the decimal point, but the amount of change is different each time the cruise speed is adjusted. Sometimes it is 1.5 km/h, sometimes 1.6 km/h, and 1.7 km/h. I think it’s very difficult to cruise at the full speed of 120 km/h at the high-speed limit, because it’s either a little bit more or a bit less, in case the photo is taken because it is a few tenths of a km/h faster than the speed limit. This is a bit wrong.

0-100km/h acceleration test

Just like the previous driving experience, the Pentium X80 still has a certain explosive power at the start, but the duration is very short. The acceleration time in the middle and late stages is indeed a bit long. After a total of 15.65 seconds, the gearbox is raised to 3rd gear, and the Pentium X80 has completed the 0-100 km/h acceleration test. Judging from the results, it is indeed not ideal. There are 621 models in our total. It is ranked 612th in the car’s acceleration test rankings. If you buy a 2.0L automatic transmission, don’t care about the power too much, and drive with peace of mind. That’s it.

100-0 km/h brake test

The braking posture did not show the expected “shovel” phenomenon, and the support effect of the front suspension was good. The force in the front section of the brake is in place, and the maximum G value has dropped to -1.1g, which is rare at the same level. The final test score is 41.12 meters, which is an excellent level in our evaluation system, and it is already available in autonomous SUVs.

Performance test video

Noise test

Let’s talk about the actual auditory experience. The mechanical noise of idling and low-to-medium-revolution engines is basically within the pleasant range and is relatively delicate, but the sound becomes noisy at high revolutions, and it is not of that exhilarating type.

Fuel consumption test

The Pentium X80 we got is a pure new car, and the current mileage is only more than 400 kilometers, and the running-in period has not yet reached. The temperature on the day of the test fuel consumption was around 35 degrees Celsius. During the test, the air conditioner was turned on for a total of 143.8 kilometers and fuel consumption was 14.08 liters. Finally, the overall fuel consumption was 9.79 liters/100 kilometers, which was consistent with the on-board computer display, and the fuel consumption level was satisfactory. !

to sum up:

As for the avant-garde exterior design, I will not comment too much on it. First of all, it is the humanized design that deserves our affirmation. The storage space in the car is very rich, and you can find a suitable place for your belongings. This is even better than many joint ventures. Brands, even imported brands, do well. The second is a richer configuration. Electronic handbrake, front seat heating, automatic air conditioning and body stabilization systems all appear on this model priced at 145,800 yuan, which is quite kind.

Pentium X80 2013 2.0L Automatic Luxury Type

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Manufacturer's guide price

14.58 million

As far as this 2.0L model is concerned, the area that needs to be improved is the power. The 15.65 second acceleration is obviously not ideal. The technical bottleneck of FAW Pentium is in urgent need of breakthrough, although only one platform and one set of power system can make all kinds of There are different models, but this is not a long-term solution, so I hope that independent brands can focus their development on technology research and development and design, and sharpen their knives without accidentally cutting wood.

If you are already fascinated by the Pentium X80, you can click here to provide your information, make an inquiry or make a reservation, and someone will contact you at that time. If you want to know the availability and discounts of local dealers, please click here for detailed information.

Detailed parameter configuration table

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