[YesAuto Racing Exposure] In this year’s Le Mans 24 endurance race, Nissan competed with a front-drive GT-R LM Nismo car, but only ended with a “one-end race” finale. The scene was quite embarrassing, but there was nothing in it. This affects Nissan’s confidence in this car. On the contrary, Nissan’s sports department is intensively upgrading it to prepare for the upcoming Nürburgring 6-hour endurance race.

At this Le Mans 24 endurance race, the GT-R LM Nismo caught fire due to the high temperature of the front brake system, which caused everyone to be surprised. For this reason, the Nissan Sports Department opened a vent on each side of the front enclosure. The wind method further reduces the temperature of the front brake system.

Not only that, in order to cope with the characteristics of the Nurburgring multi-bend, this car also installed a set of spoilers on both sides of the front of the car. In addition, the shape of the spoiler at the rear of the car has also been redesigned to allow the car to get more A lot of downforce.

As for whether the layout of the front-drive of this car will change, and whether the hybrid power system will also be upgraded, Ben Bowlby, the technical director of LMP1, Nissan Sports Department, said: These two projects are huge, and they will depend on the development of the race. set. At the same time, Carlos Ghosn, President of Nissan-Renault, also said bluntly: This car is not only unique, but also highly competitive. In turn, it can be imagined that the GT-R LM Nismo still has a long way to go. (Compilation/Auto House Guo Feng)