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[Autohome Race] The 2012 Dakar Rally ended on January 16. After 15 days of fierce battle and nearly 9,000 kilometers of travel, the Haval Dakar team finally won the 7th overall result. It is reported that the Haval SUV will continue to compete in the 2013 Dakar Rally, and the team has set the goal of participating in the ten to five.

Three years of sharpening the sword to win the seventh Haval Dakar celebration party held in Beijing

On February 27, the “2012 Haval Dakar Celebration Party” was held in Beijing. Zhan Guojun, Vice Chairman of the China Motor Sports Federation, Wang Fengying, President of Great Wall Motors, Haval Driver Carlos Sosa, Zhou Yong and all the team members celebrated the best result of Haval Dakar Team in history-7th, which is also The best result of the Chinese team participating in the world A-class competition.

In the 15-day race, the Haval SUV raced nearly 9,000 kilometers, crossed the Andean mountains, and passed through the Acatama desert, setting a new record in the history of the Chinese team with the 4th stage and 7th overall result. Zhan Guojun and Wang Fengying respectively delivered congratulatory speeches at the event site, expressing the positive impact of Haval's Dakar campaign on the internationalization of Chinese motor sports and independent brands. Subsequently, all members of the Haval Dakar team made their debut. Dong Ming, team director and vice president of Great Wall Motors, talked about the fun and experience of the Dakar race.

At the Haval Dakar celebration party, Zhan Guojun said: “The 9 drivers of the 5 Chinese teams participating in the Dakar this year have all finished the race. This shows that after nearly 30 years of development, the strength of the Chinese team has been greatly improved, and the Chinese motor sport is becoming more and more important. Mature. Moreover, the overall result of Haval Racing Team's 7th place highlights the technical strength of the manufacturer's team and sets a milestone in China's motor sports. This will attract more domestic car manufacturers to participate in international events and promote motor sports to a new level.”

Wang Fengying said: “This year is the third time that Haval SUV will compete in Dakar. In the past three years, the Haval brand has made great strides in its international influence with the help of the test of the international arena. Although the internationalization of its own brand is much better than that of Dakar. “Kaer” is more difficult, but Great Wall Motors will focus on quality, make professional SUVs, provide users with expert-level products, and make the “Great Wall of the World” famous all over the world.”

When talking about the reasons why the team achieved such excellent results, Sosa attributed it to the outstanding performance of Haval Racing and the professional and efficient back-up team. He believes that it is not easy for a Chinese team to achieve such a record after three years of hard work, and hopes to continue to represent Haval in Dakar in the coming year.

As the veteran of the three dynasties of the team, Zhou Yong has not broken his 19th place record, but he is proud to have made history with the team. During the game, Sosa fell into the sand due to restricted vision 120 kilometers before the 11th stage. Zhou Yong, who then started the race, saw it and rescued Sousa's sand trap twice, keeping his overall score at No. 7 and defending the team's lead. Zhou Yong arrived at the finish line two hours later than expected due to the time-consuming rescue and worsening track conditions. However, Zhou Yong did not feel disappointed by this. He believed that the team's performance is important, and unity and cooperation are also advocated by the Dakar Rally.

●Guarantee ten fights five Haval SUV will continue to compete in the 2013 Dakar Rally

The 34th Dakar Rally started on January 1, 2012 in the Argentine city of Mar del Plata, passing through Argentina, Chile and Peru, and finally arrived in Lima, the capital of Peru, on January 15, local time. The race is divided into 14 stages. The new route spans from the Atlantic coast across South America to the Pacific coast. The journey spans more than 9,000 kilometers. During this period, drivers and cars have to cross the Andes with an average altitude of 3,660 meters and pass through the high temperature of nearly 50 degrees. Desert Gobi.

For three consecutive years in the Dakar stadium, unlike the previous two, Great Wall Motors sent two cars and two drivers to form the Haval Dakar team. The two cars were changed from gasoline power to diesel power. With the same fuel tank volume, the power of the car was stronger and the mileage was longer. In terms of dimensions, the body is shorter than the previous two years, and the driving control is more flexible. In addition to the two racing cars, the Great Wall team consisting of 6 backup cars supported the race throughout the entire process.

Great Wall Motors intends to use the harsh road conditions to test the product quality of its leading product Haval SUV; at the same time, it stands shoulder to shoulder with international brands and rectifies the name of China's independent brand cars. Souza and Zhou Yong drove two Haval cars respectively, and finally won 7th and 20th in the total score. Great Wall not only brought the Chinese team into the top ten in Dakar for the first time, but also set the record for the best participation of the Chinese team.

Throughout this Dakar Rally, the car group went from 171 cars before the race to 78 cars after the race. The completion rate was only 45%. It was hailed as the hardest time since Dakar moved to South America in 2009. game. The fact that the four Chinese teams have all finished the race proves that they are no longer supporting roles for Dakar. Among them, the Haval Racing Team has always been in the top ten, setting a proud record of 4th in the stage and 7th in the overall result.

It is understood that the Haval SUV will continue to compete in the 2013 Dakar Rally, and will improve its R&D technology, team system and logistics support, and strive to achieve the goal of winning the competition.