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[YesAuto Connected Travel] It can be said that the development of the modern automobile industry is driven by sensors. Oxygen sensors, air flow sensors and intake pressure sensors help automobile engines to inject fuel more accurately and achieve better fuel economy. ;Cameras, millimeter-wave radars and lidars provide the basis for automatic assisted driving; on this basis, we see more and more models begin to “spread” sensors in the car to help car owners operate more conveniently during the journey From a security perspective, it also prevents some “tragedies” from happening.

The new MBUX system of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class just released, by arranging sensors such as cameras and fingerprint recognition in the car, “compliance with the times” has added a lot of gesture operations and smart functions.

However, in this field, Chinese brands have to go further than the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. So this article is aimed at WEY VV6 car and machine system experience, I also want to start from this perspective.

Before talking about the value of these functions, the first thing we care about is: Can the two cameras be turned off? Because this is not only a problem of fuel consumption and electricity consumption, I believe that no one wants to be “surveilled” all the time in the car he buys.

So below, let's take a look at what benefits these features can bring us? After becoming car owners, will we keep on or the urge to turn them off.

If life activity is detected, the system will start “alarm” after 30 seconds, including whistle/flashing lights, notification via SMS or WEY App. After receiving the information, the car owner can view the situation in the car through the car camera located above the inner rearview mirror.

For more and more parents who lack common sense and sense of responsibility in this era, we believe that the function of “vital sign monitoring” is still valuable.

However, for many of the Chinese brand models that have been tested recently, we may find it somewhat “noisy”, and sometimes a word will come out abruptly.

This is some reflection after we have tried countless Internet cars. Of course, it does not mean that all attempts in the field of car intelligence are wrong. Take a step back and say, if you don’t like it, you can turn it off. This switch is for The freedom of the car owner is also the self-knowledge of a product manager.

IFLYTEK Voice Control

On the 2021 WEY VV6 model, the voice control module supplier was replaced by iFLYTEK. We have tested many models that use the iFLYTEK voice control system, and it is guaranteed both in terms of functionality and recognition capabilities.

Of course, functions such as interrupting the voice broadcast and directly issuing instructions, OneShot (the wake-up word and the instruction sentence are spoken together), and context understanding are also supported.

Feature highlights

We have experienced and tested the WEY VV6 intelligent vehicle linkage system many times. The above paragraph of this article mainly focuses on some of the features and changes of the 2021 VV6. Below we also review some of the original features of WEY VV6.

These buttons have basically become the “old elders from the previous era”, with all the shadows of WEY's earliest car machine era. If you want to take a “retro style”, you can turn the knob again and press the NAVI and BACK buttons a few times. Right.

We have seen the “reversing image” of so many models and found that this is a function point to test the conscience of the car company. It is also possible to fool a vague camera, and it is also possible to make a high-definition camera. Image-Yes”. Even some “reversing image” functions are fancy, but they can't even the most basic “see clearly”, but in actual use, we found that “see clearly” is the most important fundamental aspect.

to sum up

To be a high-end brand, WEY has indeed taken a path of its own. In fact, this is the way. There is no right or wrong. If someone recognizes you, it is right. WEY's smart car linkage system is doing very well, but I don't think it is unmatched in the market. Are some explorations in the “smart” field just needed by car owners? It is also worthy of scrutiny.

However, as I have written in many articles in the past: WEY and Haval are very practical car companies I have seen. The supplier chooses the best and most complete functions. Can't you use it? Just turn it off. From the functions of vital signs monitoring in the car, we can wait to see some humanistic care. I am looking forward to what surprises the WEY brand can bring us in the future. (Photo/Zheng Xu from the home of the car)