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[YesAuto Design Decoding] On April 14, GYON's first flagship model Matchless design tasting was held on the eve of the Shanghai International Auto Show. Joe Chao, co-founder of GYON, George Gaffoglio, founder of the design team Gaffoglio Family, and Charles Taylor, chief designer of GYON, exchanged ideas and details of GYON Matchless design with friends on the scene. As for the overall design of the first flagship model, the GYON team also threw out the “hourglass of time” concept. Due to the issue of the confidentiality agreement, in today's article we can only release the detailed design of a part of the vehicle, and the actual vehicle will also be officially unveiled on April 16.

Guests of GYON Matchless Design Salon

● Joe Chao, co-founder of GYON

● Mr. George Gaffoglio, founder of the Gaffoglio family

● Mr. Charles Taylor, Chief Designer of GYON

GYON Matchless model and brand background introduction

Joe joined Xinte Automobile as the COO in 2018. Regarding his experience in the car manufacturing industry in China, Joe said: “Joining the Chinese car industry is a valuable experience for me. It is a part of my career. A fresh start. The opportunity to participate in the GYON project also gave me ample room for imagination, giving me the opportunity to build a high-end car that really explores the extreme, my ideal high-end car. And it is managed by George Gaffoglio, this car It means a lot to me”.

The Gaefario family designed the entire GYON car series

George Gaffoglio, the founder of the Gaffoglio family and also the chairman of the Gaffoglio, is Joe's long-time friend. The two have worked together for many times and it can be described as a tacit understanding. The Gaefario family has also been well-known in the industry for having participated in the design of Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, Batman chariot, Gulfstream business jet and other works.

Mr. Gefario mentioned that in the past designs for Mercedes-Benz Maybach and Gulfstream business jets, they were often constrained by the genes of the brand family, and some of their own design ideas could not be fully realized. But in the design of the brand-new brand of GYON, you can give full play to your imagination. For the first time in his 40-year design career, he designed it completely according to his own imagination of the future.

GYON brand philosophy

Joe said: The GYON brand is a new energy vehicle brand positioned at a new high-end. GYON is the abbreviation of Grow Your Own Niche, and the most important core word among them is Niche. GYON's definition of Niche is Unique, Perfection, and Future, meaning “to be different, to explore the extreme, and to come from the future”.

For the much-watched GYON Matchless, the chief designer of Gefario, Charles Taylor, told the story behind the design. The core design of Matchless is inspired by the imagination and cognition of time, space and the direction of human development. The interpretation of the “hourglass” has been running through the entire vehicle development process. In the body design, even if it is a detail that is not noticed by others, the designer has integrated the DNA of the “hourglass of time”.

Regarding the design ideas, Mr. Charles Taylor, the chief designer of GYON, said: “In the beginning, our concept was to design a crossover, and the crossovers in the past 10 years looked like an SUV. Still based on this idea, it would be easier for us to design the Matchless car, but when we were discussing it, we were thinking: Should we change our traditional crossover thinking?”

Mr. Charles Taylor said: “Later we thought that we should fully retain the characteristics of the SUV, such as retaining the entire streamlined design, and at the same time we must have very exciting car elements. For example, there are very beautiful lines at the back, including powerful This is a product that combines the excellent characteristics of SUVs and cars.

At one night, the design idea of having an hourglass element on the body was born. This element represents a very important small element in our design. So based on this idea, we completed the second version of the sketch, which became more dramatic and more fashionable. And it retains the characteristics of an SUV, but at the same time it has more lines. We can have an hourglass design on the body, including the design of the front face. In fact, this design is also reflected in the rear of our car, which echoes the front, rear, left and right of the body.

In the final stage of the design, the GYON design team hopes to focus on the details of visual expression, so that everyone can closely integrate these design details with the GYON brand, so that you can think of the GYON brand when you see the visual symbol of the time hourglass element. .

The hourglass concept is reflected in many details of the body

Many details including the steering wheel, instrument panel, and trunk are reflected in an hourglass. At the same time, the concept of “Hourglass of Time” will also continue to the design of more subsequent models, which perfectly blends comfort and aesthetics.

At the same time, Matchless has a canopy roof and draws on the inspiration of the Gulfstream luxury business cabin. The cabin has five interactive screens and a leading humanized intelligent interactive system. It is the unique design of the Matchless design team. We will give you specific details. They will be announced one by one at the Shanghai Auto Show on April 16.

Mr. Charles Taylor, the chief designer of GYON, said: “Matchless is not a so-called concept car, but a prototype car. It is designed to take various factors such as practicality into consideration at the beginning of the design. It is built for mass production. A car that can go on the road”. At present, almost 100% of all the elements on this car can be reflected in the mass-produced models delivered to users.

In this design salon on the eve of the auto show, the GYON team gave a brief explanation of the design ideas of Matchless's “hourglass”, and this car will also be officially unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show on April 16. Model details and product positioning, we will also provide you with more interpretation on the first day.