[YesAuto F1 Formula One] At the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that ended last weekend (November 23), Hamilton “Liu Xiaohei (Growth Black)”, who represented the Mercedes team, won the championship. , And successfully won the Drivers of the Year Championship. This is the second time he has won the Drivers of the Year Championship.

In fact, at the end of the last race in Brazil, the only threat to prevent Hamilton from winning the title of Driver of the Year was his teammate Rosberg’s “Round Lap (very fierce qualifying)”, and it must be the Abu Dhabi finale. Said Rosberg won the championship and Hamilton could not finish second.

When the Abu Dhabi race started, Rosberg was in pole position, which was his 11th pole position this year (a total of 19 pole positions throughout the year, he won more than half). At the start, Rosberg made a mistake on the start, causing him to lose his lead, and Hamilton was the first to rush into Turn 1. In the subsequent races, the gap between the two of them was not too big, but by the 24th lap, the balance of victory was still tilted towards Hamilton. There was a problem with the kinetic energy recovery system of the Rosberg car, which made the car's power drop. The emergence of a situation completely shattered his chances of winning. After the car broke down, the team advised Rosberg to retire, but he still insisted on continuing the race and finally finished the race in 14th place.

Hamilton has been far ahead and finally retained the first position, successfully ascending to the championship podium to win the driver's championship and the annual driver's championship. Massa of the Williams team crossed the finish line second, 2.5 seconds behind Hamilton, and his teammate Bottas finished third.

Ricardo of the Red Bull Racing Team was cancelled due to the RB10 front wing not complying with the regulations, and the qualifying results were cancelled and finally finished fourth. The fifth place was former McLaren champion Patton, while Hulkenberg and Perez of the Force India team finished sixth and seventh. Vettel of the F1 four-time champion Red Bull Racing took eighth place in this race. Alonso, who represented Ferrari in the final race of “Big Brother (big head)” and “Kogoro (always fifth)” and teammate “Iceman” Raikkonen won the ninth and tenth.