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[YesAuto New Energy] Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, the research and development cycle of electric vehicles is shorter, and new power car companies are relatively more open, and are more willing to expose frequently, and tell their users about their development progress, so the actual vehicle has not yet been released. Before, just reveal product information a little bit. This is undoubtedly a very clever communication strategy. It will lift the veil a little bit to keep this car hot while still getting some valuable market feedback. This time I saw such a car, Xiaopeng Motors P7.

In April, we drew an imaginary picture of the appearance of this car, and took the imaginary picture to the designer of Xiaopeng Motors for verification. This time Xiaopeng Motors invited Autohome to go to Guangzhou Tianhe headquarters to secretly experience its interior, but requested, no! can! Shoot! Photo! When I only used real photos to talk, I was instantly confused and refused to take pictures. What would I show my dear netizens? It seems that you can only invite Zhang Yueyue, the “beauty painter” of the car home. With the help of Yueyue's interior hand drawing, let me tell you what I have seen.

We are already familiar with the interior of Xiaopeng Motors G3. What is impressive is the front windshield that reaches the top of the front row, the 12.3-inch independent LCD instrument, the 15.6-inch vertical central control large screen, and the 360 on the roof. °Panoramic camera. As the second model of Xiaopeng Motors and the flagship model, the interior design of the P7 is completely different from that of the G3 model, and it is more sci-fi.

The central control screen is no longer vertical, but horizontal. It is connected to the instrument panel. It looks like a long strip of large screen, but in fact there are two screens inlaid inside, but the edges of the screen are wider. Black border.

The central control screen looks relatively low, and when looking to the front right from the main driving position, the upper edge of the screen is much lower than the engine compartment. The designer's explanation is that because the position of the instrument screen must be coordinated so that it is not blocked by the steering wheel, a trade-off must be made. The current position is the most suitable and the steering wheel will not obscure the instrument.

The steering wheel is a two-spoke steering wheel, and the hand-drawn drawings have basically restored 99% of the steering wheel I saw. The circular buttons on both sides can be controlled by sliding. The sliding of the buttons is relatively smooth, but the piano paint will still be obviously contaminated with fingerprints.

In addition, according to the designer, the buttons on the steering wheel currently do not have physical feedback, but there will be touch sounds. Later, they will consider whether to add physical feedback.

In the middle of the steering column, there is a camera that can capture facial information. Currently known functions include fatigue monitoring, etc. It is uncertain whether other functions will be developed in the future. On the upper spokes of the steering wheel, you can see a decorative strip. This is not for decoration. It is filled with night vision infrared light, which is used in low-light environments with the camera.

The color atmosphere light is infinitely controlled. The color change can be adjusted on the central control screen, and it can also be set to automatic. The color can be adjusted in real time according to music, temperature, and ambient atmosphere. This is what the designers of Xiaopeng Motors have always emphasized to me. The living space can respond to the external environment, respond to your mobile terminal device, and respond to everyone in the car space. When the passenger is in the passenger, the navigation sound is smart, when the cheerful music is played, the ambient light is smart, and the backlight of the screen is smart at dusk, sunset, and sunset.

The high-end models are also equipped with 18-speaker Dynaudio speakers. The front tweeter is similar to the raised and lowered hidden speakers on the Mercedes-Benz S model, but the shape of the speaker is diamond-shaped, which looks like a spaceship when raised. It has a sense of science fiction.

The difference between the main driver's seat and the co-driver's seat of the model I experienced is very obvious, that is, the headrest part has deeper flanks. At first, my judgment was that it was more sporty and could provide better protection for the driver's head, but the designer said more than that So simple, this is actually related to audio. I boldly guess that there are speakers on both sides, so that the driver can enjoy music alone without disturbing other passengers in the car; or in Bluetooth mode, it can protect the driver's more privacy. Of course, this configuration is undoubtedly optional.

Although this is a flagship model with a wheelbase of 3000mm, it has a body shape similar to Coupe, so riding Kong Jiaan is not its strong point. Sitting on the rear seats, the space is considered normal. The seat cushion is slightly shorter, but it is designed with a slightly upturned angle, so the ride comfort does not need to be doubted.

Will the smooth roof lines affect the rear headroom? The answer is yes, so the P7 is cleverly arranged with two-section roof glass, and the glass is very wide, covering almost the entire roof width, which can reduce the depressed feeling of the rear passengers' heads.

Finally, regarding the configuration, Xiaopeng Motors P7 will provide two endurance versions of 500km and 600km, and there are two versions of four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive, of which the four-wheel drive version can achieve 0-100km/h acceleration in 4 seconds. L2 intelligent assisted driving is provided as standard, and L3 conditional automatic driving is available on high-end models or as an option.

Full text summary:

The latest news from the manufacturer is that this car will be launched and delivered in the second quarter of 2020. A few days later, we can see its true content at the upcoming Guangzhou Auto Show. We will have more information to disclose about this car, so stay tuned. (Hand-painted car home Zhang Yueyue text picture Li Jia)