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[YesAuto Model PK] As a young man who has just married and started a business, if you need to spend 150,000 to buy a car, how would you choose? According to the traditional concept of car selection, are there other options besides entry-level mid-size cars, SUVs and compact cars? In recent years, with the upgrading of the concept of car use and the increasing demand for diversified vehicles, MPV models that have not been favored by home users have begun to gradually emerge. At a price of about 150,000 yuan, the newly launched Kia Carol and Honda Jade are two heavyweight new stars.

Jade 2013 1.8L Automatic Comfort Edition 5 Seats

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Jiale 2013 Model 2.0L 5-seater Automatic Standard Edition

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15.98 million

The models we selected for this comparison are: Kia Jiale 2.0L 5-seater automatic standard version (manufacturer guide price: 159,800 yuan, market discount of about 10,000 yuan), Dongfeng Honda Jade 1.8L automatic comfortable version 5-seater version ( Manufacturer's guide price: 149,800 yuan, no market concessions for the time being). Judging from the actual purchase prices, the prices of the two cars are almost completely overlapped, and the competition is obvious. They are both the lowest-priced 5-seater models in their respective car series. In their respective car series attention rankings, the two cars The model is also the highest, so today we “find” the two for a detailed static comparison.

price comparison
Model Manufacturer's guide price Actual market price
Honda Jade 1.8L Automatic Comfort Edition 5-seater Edition 149,800 yuan About 149,800 yuan
Kia Carol 2.0L 5-seater Automatic Standard Edition 159,800 yuan About 149,800 yuan

Appearance Jade is more handsome, Jiale is more MPV temperament

The exterior design of the two cars has adopted their respective family-style front face design, but the directions are somewhat different. First, let’s talk about Jade. The narrow headlights and the front lines are slightly raised. The overall feeling is very similar to a sedan, and it feels younger and more fashionable. The expression on Jia Le's front face looked very solid, even a bit like a cartoon guinea pig.

In terms of headlights, neither Jade nor Jiale are equipped with xenon headlights, automatic headlights and headlight cleaning functions. The only thing worth mentioning is that Jiale is equipped with LED daytime running lights, which is a practical and fashionable configuration. As for the lens on the low beam, there are both.

The rear styling Jade is also young and fashionable, with distinct lines and layers, and the taillights are connected to the chrome strips at the rear of the car, which has a sense of design. In contrast, Jiale has a lot of moderation, and there are not many brilliant design highlights. The feeling can be described by the six words of roundness, fullness and solidity.

● Appearance summary

    The appearance, Jade's low body, streamlined shape and sharp headlight shape, etc., will be full of attractiveness to young people, especially friends of the Appearance Association. Jiale, on the other hand, has completely followed the path of the mean, and the overall feel is more affinity, but there are few unforgettable things.

Gallo configuration is rich, the shape of Jade center console is more scientific and technological

Jiale's center console adopts a flat layout and a two-color design with high contrast. Although there is not much visual impact in the shape, the color matching does not appear to be dull, and the overall shape is a design that does not require merit. In contrast, Jade's center console looks more pleasing to the eye. The overall line is rich, three-dimensional, and layered, creating a strong sense of technology.

In terms of materials, the Jiale center console uses a lot of soft materials, and the black plastic trim in the middle also has a matte texture. Both the visual effect and the touch feel are very good. Although the center console of Jed is made of hard plastic material, its surface grain and gloss are very good, and the overall feeling is not low-end, not to mention that Jed also uses a large area of solid wood veneers for embellishment. Very rare in cars of the same class.

In terms of configuration, Jiale has obvious advantages, such as: steering wheel heating, leather steering wheel, automatic folding of electric rearview mirrors, and panoramic sunroof, etc., which Jed does not have. Among them, the panoramic sunroof can be said to be a very, very attractive configuration! The highlight of Jade is that it has a large central color screen with touch function and automatic air conditioning is standard in all systems. The disadvantage is that the entry-level Jade does not have a skylight, which is much inferior to Jiale's panoramic skylight.

Internal space: Jiale is more flexible, and Jie Desheng has more space in the back row

As the lowest equipped model, neither car is equipped with electrically adjustable seats, and the seat material is not leather. Jiale is a pure fabric fabric, while Jade is a mixed material of leather + fabric, in which the leather part feels very delicate. Judging from the overall texture of the two car seats, I am more inclined to Jed's.

In terms of riding space, a 176cm-tall experiencer gets into the car. The head space in the front row is 1 punch for Jade and 3 fingers for Jiale, and the space for the back row is 2.5 punches for Jade. If Jiale takes the back seat When the chair is adjusted to the end, the leg room is 2 punches. When the chair is adjusted to the front, there is no room at all. What needs to be explained here is that although Jade’s passenger space performance is stronger than that of Jiale, its rear seats cannot be adjusted regardless of the backrest angle or the front and back of the seat cushion. For an MPV model, the convenience is not enough. Less discount.

As an MPV, having abundant storage space is the most basic quality. Both cars do a good job in this regard. In addition to the conventional front and rear cup holders and storage space on the door panel, Jiale and Jade also Each has its own distinctive design. Among them, Jiale has two large storage spaces under the rear floor, and there are two small tables in the rear. Jade has a folding storage box in the middle of the rear seats, which can be opened after opening. Two cup holders plus a storage tank.

Regardless of whether the trunk is in the standard state or when the second row of seats is down, Jiale is slightly larger than Jed. Not only that, but it also has the advantage of being able to completely downturn the backrest of the passenger seat. , The maximum possible vertical space is 2570mm, which is especially useful when carrying long luggage occasionally.

Safety configuration comparison

Security configuration comparison
Security configuration Jade 1.8L Automatic Comfort Edition 5-seater Edition Jiale 2.0L 5-seater automatic standard version
Main/passenger seat airbag
Front side airbag
Child safety seat interface
Body stability system

In terms of safety configuration, the most entry-level model, Jiale only has the most basic equipment such as ABS+EBD and dual front airbags. I think that for an imported car with a price of about 150,000 yuan, the safety configuration is really a bit Shabby. And Jed, who is also the lowest equipped, performed slightly better, with the number of airbags changed from 2 for Jiale to 4. In addition, in terms of seat belts, Jiale’s second-row middle seat uses a two-point seat belt, while Jed’s is a three-point seat belt. As for the child safety seat interface, both cars have them.

Power and chassis comparison

In terms of power system, because the displacements of the two cars are somewhat different, it is natural that there are certain differences in data. The engine used by Jade is the same as the current Civic, with a displacement of 1.8L, a maximum power of 141 horsepower at 6500rpm, a maximum torque of 174N·m/4300rpm, a displacement of 2.0L of Jiale, and a maximum power of 152 horsepower at 6500rpm. The maximum torque is 194N•m. With the gearbox, Jade uses the 5-speed automatic gearbox that is still widely used on the well-known Honda models, and Jiale is a 6-speed automatic manual gearbox.

In terms of chassis suspension, Jiale adopts a front MacPherson independent suspension + rear torsion beam type non-independent suspension structure, while Jade uses a front MacPherson independent suspension + rear double wishbone independent suspension structure. From the structural level alone, Jade’s is more dominant. As for the actual driving experience, interested friends please click to read the previous test drive article. (Gallo test drive article, Jade test drive article)

Edit comment:

    Judging from the structure of the comparison between the two cars in this article, Jed and Jiale have their own advantages. Jade's beautiful exterior interior design and spacious seating space are all its attractions, but its storage capacity and seat flexibility are not as good as Jiale. Jade feels that it is a product between MPV and station wagon, practical but without losing personality. In addition to the original import and panoramic sunroof, Jiale’s biggest advantage is that the overall performance of the vehicle is more balanced and more in line with the expectations of most people for MPVs from the appearance, interior design and riding performance.

Therefore, if you are more concerned about the appearance and the sense of science and technology of the interior, and are more inclined to the traditional car-like driving experience, I recommend Jade to you. If you are interested in the original imported, panoramic sunroof, and the space is practical If the pursuit of sex is better than the appearance, and the price is more cost-effective, then buying Jiale is definitely more pragmatic. (Photo/Tian Yang, home of the car)