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[YesAuto Industry] A few days ago, auto parts supplier Magna Powertrain Systems signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Luzhou Changjiang, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Haoneng Co., Ltd., and the two parties will establish in the field of “forging parts, synchronizer systems and parking systems” Strategic partnership.

According to the agreement, Luzhou Changjiang will devote itself to the development of new technologies related to its processes and materials. Magna Powertrain Systems will give Luzhou Changjiang the opportunity to participate in the design, development and optimization of its new projects. The two parties will work on multiple product aspects. Cooperation. At the same time, Luzhou Yangtze River will provide production requirements consistent with Magna Powertrain Systems (Europe, Mexico, China), and if necessary, set up local factories to ensure its supply capacity. The agreement period is 5 years.

As a manufacturer of auto parts, Magna International's product capabilities include body and chassis, exterior trim, roof systems, electronics, electromechanical intelligence, mirroring, lighting systems, seats, etc., in addition to powertrain systems, with multiple fields The company’s electronic software engineering capabilities, and has manufacturing plants and product development centers in 28 countries.

Haoneng Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of synchronizer components for automotive transmissions. The signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between the two parties will help enhance Haoneng Co.'s ability to integrate development of automotive power systems and global mass supply capabilities. Conducive to the company's future main business growth and continuous profitability improvement.