[YesAuto Evaluation] I am often asked the question of choosing a car. From this, I found a cruel fact: most people choose a car based on not their true preferences. In fact, it is more like a game, which is about the brand within a limited budget. , Appearance, configuration, practicality and driving pleasure, etc. to make a tangled process of choice.

So, money is so happy! Because then there will be no so-called “car selection” troubles. As long as you are willing to spend money, you can always buy a car to meet your needs in all aspects. If you are looking for such a car, then I think this 1.3 million car The Audi Q7 is quite suitable and can definitely be called the “hard cargo” among SUVs.

What is the concept of 1.3 million Q7? To wealthy high-end consumers, this little money is nothing; to me, it’s nothing. I don’t care if it is more than 200,000 yuan-I can’t afford it anyway. The problem is that this car is really nearly 500,000 (equivalent to 60%) more expensive than the lowest in the whole series (3.0 low-power aggressive version), which sounds very exciting.

Through a simple comparison of the parameter configuration table, the following conclusions can be drawn: the 61-horsepower engine is worth 213,000; 20-inch wheels, S-line exterior package, air suspension, reversing video, DVD, seat heating and other high-end configurations account for The rest is nearly 300,000. By the way, stop staring at the 21-inch wheels on the test car. In real life, they are optional and not within the guide price range of 1.31 million.

It is difficult to find faults in the design of this car. You see, it has all kinds of luxurious and comfortable configurations, and the quality of the materials used is impeccable, and the most admirable point is that driving the Q7 seems very decent whether it is an outing or attending formal occasions. It is an absolute utility vehicle. !

The new Audi Q7 looks so good that it will make people a little nervous during the first test drive, but soon you will find that this car is easy to drive, and the human-machine communication is just right for you. Take steering, for example. It won’t let the driver lose contact with the ground like other large-size SUVs. The road feel provided appropriately makes the driving style closer to that of a sedan, which is easy to control.

The engine officially called “3.0T” is supercharged, with a maximum power of 245 kW (333 hp) and a maximum torque of 440 Nm, which is 61 hp and 40 Nm higher than the low-power version. Today's popular 8-speed automatic transmission. The high-power 3.0T engine is only 17 horsepower lower than the old 4.2-liter V8 engine in terms of parameters, and the torque is the same, but the entire torque platform is much wider, so the official acceleration result is 0.5 seconds faster than the old model. .

The high-power version of the engine is easy to give you an illusion of “invincibility”. Objectively speaking, the 3.0T engine accelerates decisively and sharply, at least when it is needed, it can let the power play out completely and freely, but the process is not absolutely fierce. . The throttle response in daily driving once again reflects the typical German style: a small step on the accelerator does not respond, and a little more step will accelerate significantly, with a sense of hindsight, and sufficient stamina.

The exclusive equipment we tested is 295mm tires, coupled with the quattro full-time four-wheel drive system, so that this giant 2.3 tons of curb weight almost sucks to the ground, strong adhesion to the driver when cornering Ample confidence. Lowering the air suspension to dynamic mode, the driving experience is basically the same as an ordinary sports car.

There is no difficulty in driving the Q7. If you are familiar with the Audi style, the Q7 is what you imagine; if you have not driven an Audi, then it only takes three minutes to master the driving characteristics of the Q7. All in all, the feeling is there, you don't need to look for it.

Next, let us take a look at the test performance of the Audi Q7:

◆ Accelerated test:

At the moment of starting, the four-wheel drive system reasonably distributes the power to four 295 mm wide tires, and the wheels will not slip in any way. Although the visual effect is not stimulating, it is absolutely efficient. The 8-speed gearbox is tightly shifted and the final test result is 7.02 seconds, which is fast enough.

◆ Brake test:

The brakes are still within 40 meters, and the braking distance of Audi cars is always the same, which is very easy to grasp, and there is no sign of thermal degradation, which makes people confident. The wide tires increase the grip limit, allowing the ABS system to intervene later and improve the braking effect. The final average score of 39.1 meters is trustworthy.

◆ Four-wheel drive test:

Q7 uses the most common and standard quattro full-time four-wheel drive system: Torson central differential is responsible for the front and rear axle torque distribution, the front and rear axles are ordinary open differentials, and the limited slip function between wheels relies on EDL electronic differential. The speed lock brakes the slippery wheels to achieve.

This system is fully automatic, and there is no four-wheel drive mode to choose from. In the escape test, the driver only needs to rely on instinct to continue to step on the accelerator when the wheels are slipping, and the torque can be automatically distributed to the wheels with adhesion. From the video, we can see that the Q7's inter-wheel limited slip function is very obvious. As long as the difference in speed between the left and right wheels reaches a certain level, EDL will immediately apply strong braking force to the slippery wheel, so that the torque is distributed to the other wheel. Help the vehicle get out of trouble.


After the above description, you should understand why I call it “hard goods”-I dare to say that Q7 is definitely the safest choice, and all aspects of performance will not disappoint you: if you think it is slow, I will give it You talk about environmental protection; if you dislike it, I will tell you about family style; if you think it’s complicated, I’ll tell you a sense of science and technology; if you think it’s expensive… then I will tell you about a harmonious society! Come on, what else is unsatisfactory?

Yes, it has many good single characteristics, but after putting these advantages together, I can't tell where I should like it. For me, Q7 is too challenging. It is like a good student with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor. To be honest, we should send it a “five bars” or something. The tragedy is that in reality we often I don't like classmates like that. But I believe that when the experience of life makes the passion-seeking impulse in my character gradually fall into family, career and sense of responsibility, I will really like it.

Parameter configuration: