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[YesAuto Harem Series] Driving recorder, I believe every driver is familiar with it. With the increase in the number of cars in our country, the demand for the driving recorder market has reached 30 million units. It can be said that in the automotive aftermarket, the driving recorder market has become quite large, so such a driving recorder we use every day How did it come from? Let us walk into the recorder factory to find out.

Before talking about the recorder factory, we must first understand the “previous life” of the driving recorder in our country. In fact, even now, there is no authoritative statement about the appearance of the recorder. It is like a product of the times. It suddenly appeared and suddenly became popular. However, it is generally believed in the industry that the recorder originated in Taiwan Province of China, and then became popular in South Korea and Russia. Due to factors such as the roads and traffic environment in the three places, the recorder industry has entered a period of development in these three places.

At that time, keen Chinese businessmen sniffed a glimmer of business opportunities in the context of China's automobile industry. A large number of businessmen brought the recorder production process to Shenzhen to take root, and part of it was supplied to the domestic market and part of it was exported. At this time, although the recorder has come to us, and the number of cars in China has surpassed that of the United States, the drivers at the time seemed not to be cold about this thing, they were more inclined to electronic dogs, car navigation and other automotive electronic products.

With the gradual increase in the number of cars in our country, the road traffic environment is becoming more and more complex, the division of accident responsibility is blurred, the appearance of some scam gangs, and the hot Internet development in China at that time made some popular incidents heatedly discussed by netizens, all of which eventually led to Driving recorders are thoroughly popular in the Chinese market until today.

As mentioned earlier, Shenzhen, as the cradle of China's recorder market, has been dominated by dozens of foundries today, and their customers cover almost half of the current recorder market in China. What we want to visit is the more famous “Zhuoyi” in the circle. We are more familiar with 360, Xiaomi, and Huawei are all “Zhuyi” customers. The products include recorders, routers and other common car and home electronic equipment.

At this point, the recorder motherboard that has passed the inspection is about to be sent to the next production process-group testing and packaging. The SMT production line we have seen is basically fully automated except for manual inspection. However, for this motherboard alone, all parts including PCB boards, solder paste, capacitors, and resistors have a complete set of storage and delivery processes, and this process is the key to improving production efficiency and controlling yield. .

With the motherboard, the rest is Zhanji. The raw materials to be purchased: speakers, cameras, and some small parts are assembled into a complete recorder and all completed by another production line. This process is like a computer.

In fact, the last sampling inspection before leaving the factory will be carried out after packing. A box of 240 recorders will be randomly selected from 35 sets for inspection. If there is a defective product, all will be returned to the factory for inspection. Only when the random inspection is qualified, the shipment will be carried out. Compared with the production of the previous motherboard, the process of group testing and packaging is more cumbersome, and most of them are manual participation, and automation only accounts for a small proportion.

Edit comment:

    Overall, the production of recorders is not as complicated as imagined. Almost all are assembly-line operations, a bit like tire manufacturing. The role of recorder manufacturers is like the creator of tire formulas. The machine itself has a good system and comprehensive pricing. Choose the corresponding supplier for multiple factors such as cost, cost, and the rest is handed over to the foundry for process-based production.

Of course, the price of the recorder is not high, but it is not easy to do well for the high-frequency in-vehicle electronic equipment, and as a consumer, it is not easy to buy a user-friendly and durable recorder. Problems such as “no cost” indiscriminate price wars and lack of effective supervision have led to the market problem of bad money driving out good money. However, users misbelieve that the problem is discovered by the publicity buyer, and continue to search for reliable products in the vast ocean, forming a vicious circle again and again. In fact, with the development of the Internet in China, a number of well-reputed brands continue to emerge in the recorder industry. Of course, there are also market disruptors who use the Internet.

Returning to the level of purchase, the diagonal wide-angle is within 150°, and the horizontal wide-angle is about 110°, which can meet the needs of daily driving evidence . The blind pursuit of large wide-angle images is prone to distortion, and it is easy to be promoted by some manufacturers. Misleading, buy fake product. In terms of resolution, 1080P is enough to meet the needs of the driving recorder . As for 1440P or 2.7K for recording scenery, you can choose what you need. However, it should be noted that some manufacturers will compensate 720P to 1080P through software. The effect, but the display in the software will return to the prototype. Finally, there is the price point. For a recorder whose function is simply to record driving images, 300-600 yuan can basically be satisfied , too high is unnecessary, and too low quality cannot be guaranteed. (Photo/Text Car Home Li Xiang)