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[YesAuto Design Decode] When it comes to Haval's brilliance, most of my friends may think of H6. This model with many configurations is indeed a contributor to helping car companies reach the top. However, as time goes by, a new car series is needed to support sales. Today, when the consumer population is significantly younger, new cars built for the post-90s and even younger generations will determine the future success or failure. This matter is obviously very important, so you have to save a big trick. As a result, we saw a brand-new F series model.

● The brilliance of the past comes from the precise control of market demand

Friends who are familiar with Haval or Great Wall must know the importance of SUV models to this company. Most of today's automotive industry rely on a single model to establish a foothold in luxury or ultra-luxury brands. This is because for most car companies, they can only satisfy as much as possible. Many different types of consumers need to survive the fierce competition. For Haval, who spends most of its time focusing on one type of SUV, this means that it has to explore its many possibilities, in other words, it must constantly open up new market segments or meet new consumer needs.

It is not difficult to see that the development history of Haval is, in a sense, the change in domestic consumers’ demand for SUVs. Although it has been developed for many years, this is a problem for my country where the level of pavement construction in many areas is still low. This type of vehicle can meet the needs of people to carry a large number of items and travel with multiple people. On the other hand, as the speed of urbanization continues to increase, people's demand for SUV models has begun to change. If people previously needed a man who could do rough jobs, people in the city now hope that they are “little wolf dogs” who are thin in clothes and have flesh when they are undressed.

● The latecomer who challenged the sales king-the background of the birth of the F series

For any car company, it is undoubtedly dangerous to rely on a single seedling to support the entire empire. When H6 has achieved unprecedented success, Haval people are also trying to build more sales pillars. In order to meet the needs of different consumers, or to balance the needs of the dealer network, Haval launched a red and blue version of the model.

One of the red and blue labels is more mature and stable, and the other is young and fashionable. It has injected fresh blood into the market that is already close to saturation, which also allows the design team to have more room for display. But with the passage of time, the Harvard people have also discovered that the method of color distinction is not as simple and intuitive as the symbol. Therefore, we have the newly built F series models that we see today. In the future, the H series will be more biased towards home users, and the F series will have more intelligence and technological attributes to favor young people. The launch of the two can make the Haval brand's target customer group wider and wider, because the two lines can form a good complement to each other. To this end, they first introduced a concept car that heralded the F-series design idea.

In the fierce competition, the launch of any model is crucial, not to mention the birth of a new car series. Therefore, in 2016, Haval brought the F-series concept car HB-02 to the auto show before the production car was officially launched on the market.

● Mass production is also handsome

One of the functions of the concept car is to predict the future direction of the product. HB-02 represents the design features of today's Haval F series products. Rejuvenation of the overall design of the model is undoubtedly its core idea, but mass production will take into account factors such as cost, practicality, and safety, and will slightly adjust the details.

The importance of familyization to the brand is undoubted. After years of development, the aesthetic fatigue caused by familyization cannot be ignored. Therefore, for the design team, the focus of their work includes avoiding homogeneity.

One of the characteristics of the exterior design is that it is created by lines and shapes that vary greatly, or to maintain a uniform personality. On this basis, the interior design needs to ensure the user's visual and tactile feelings. Of course, you also need to consider factors such as ease of use and safety. From the result point of view, the interiors of the two products of the Haval F series that have been on the market have also continued their appearance and different characteristics.

Full text summary:

At this point in time today, all Chinese brands, including Haval, are constantly seeking to improve and break through the ceiling. On the other hand, in the market that has firmly occupied its share, it will open up new market segments. After the H6 has won great success with its diversity and practicality, the F series products hope to impress new consumers with their youthful design style. At the same time, the design based on non-domestic dolls as the starting point for development also avoids aesthetic fatigue to a certain extent. The market will answer with sales figures, let us wait and see.