[YesAuto Test Drive] Yes, I actually came to play.

The Haval H5 Zhizun version, this is already a model that we can’t be more familiar with. Autohome has conducted all-round tests including four-wheel drive capability. The latest 2.0T diesel version is also used by my colleagues. I have tested it twice, which made my task a lot easier today.

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However, just relying on its previous four-wheel drive that could not pass the cross-axis, I am afraid it will be difficult to cope with the extreme road conditions in front of it. Haval has always been a car we like very much, but its lack of inter-wheel differential function has always been its biggest regret as an SUV, including the model we tested. For this reason, the manufacturer has equipped Haval with a differential with a locking function on the rear axle, so that it can be regarded as having the confidence to challenge the ice and snow road in front of it.