[YesAuto Test Drive] New Regal 2.0T has been very popular in the communities of major websites recently, and the topics surrounding it are nothing more than super powerful power data and everything between Magotan 2.0T. Today, the editor of Auto House will analyze this powerful model for you in Yunnan for the first time. Although we cannot test its acceleration performance at the test drive meeting, I believe that for some details of the excavation, I believe that a lot of attention is paid to the new Regal users are still helpful!

● The appearance has not changed except for the small LOGO

The appearance of the new Regal has been mentioned too many times. The 2.0T is still the same as 99% of the 2.4 flagship. The only difference is that the introduction of the T logo shows the different positioning of itself and the 2.4 flagship. In addition to the appearance, it is difficult to see the difference.

● The brake system has been upgraded

The power has changed from a naturally aspirated 2.4 to a supercharged engine with horrific data of 350Nm. The brakes must also be strengthened. Fortunately, Buick has not forgotten this. We observed that the 2.0T model has upgraded the size of the front brake disc by one inch. At the same time, the rear brake disc is changed from a solid disc to a ventilated disc structure. This is the responsible manufacturer's approach to the user's safety, and give praise!

● The interior styling has not changed much, and the configuration has been adjusted

Like the appearance, the overall styling of the 2.0T interior has not changed much, and the main changes are focused on the adjustment of the configuration.

The changed configuration of 2.0T compared to 2.4 deluxe version:

★Change to sports seat
(Stitched with white thread, more wrapped, feels very sporty when sitting)
(However, the seat memory and the 4-way ESC lumbar support are removed)
★A lot of electroplating bright strips on the central control have been removed
★Removed the rearview mirror electric folding
★Automatic anti-glare rearview mirror becomes manual
★ Removed the keyless start
★Remove the built-in 40G hard disk, but retain the USB audio interface
★ Removed seat ventilation
★ Removed the E-TOUCH multimedia controller near the handbrake
★The electronic handbrake system has been cancelled and replaced by an ordinary mechanical handbrake
★The sound system is changed to ordinary speakers
(Before it was Harman Kardon 11 speakers, first changed to ordinary 7 speakers)

It can be seen that the configuration modification of the new Regal 2.0T is really a lot! The first is the removal of a large number of chrome-plated bright bars and the replacement of sports seats. We appreciate it very much; I think keyless start, E-TOUCH, and electronic handbrake are all dispensable. It does not matter if you remove it, but before the new Regal It is a pity that the advertised seat ventilation has been removed, especially the pure black leather seat in summer without seat ventilation will be painful. The shrinking of the speakers surprised me a bit. After all, Excelle is all HK speakers. From a strategic level, this thing needs to be preserved.

Regarding the configuration changes, we interviewed the external spokespersons of the manufacturer’s R&D department:

Autohome: The new Regal 2.0T is relatively the most expensive product in the new Regal series. This configuration adjustment has some opinions from users. What is the manufacturer's thinking?

Manufacturer: Our configuration adjustments are based on the needs of users who purchase 2.0T, which is more sporty. We have added seats that this part of users like, and removed some configurations that this part of users don't value. Although it is the most expensive model, the cost of the engine itself is not low, so the whole vehicle is quite cost-effective.

    Note: The above views only represent the views of manufacturers, and do not represent the views of Autohome on the increase or decrease of the new Regal 2.0T configuration.

● Engine and gearbox are brand new products

The engine and gearbox of the new Regal 2.0T are imported products. The manufacturer has made it clear that they hope to make it domestically as soon as possible, but it is still 100% imported. At the same time, the gearbox used by the 2.0T is no longer the S6 gearbox used for 2.0 and 2.4. The new gearbox is an imported gearbox designed to withstand a peak torque of 350Nm. As for the model of this gearbox, the manufacturer has never given a clear answer, but vaguely said that it is basically a serial product with the S6, and the specific model is unknown.

What are the characteristics of the new Regal 2.0T engine?

Everyone knows that this 2.0T can scare people from the data, 350Nm torque and 220 horsepower power have completely surpassed the A4L and BMW 325 and other cars, as for its direct competitor, Magotan 2.0T is no longer in the same data comparison category. ! So what are the unique technologies of this engine, we have also learned about it in detail:

1/Double exhaust scroll technology
The purpose is to make the exhaust gas output by the cylinder blow to the turbine blades more evenly, increase the pulse time of the exhaust gas exhaust on an average, and allow the turbine to intervene earlier and at the same time work more smoothly.

2/Unique cylinder wall lubricating oil injection device
The purpose is to increase the lubrication of the cylinder wall and reduce the resistance and vibration of the piston. The purpose looks good, but the manufacturer did not give a clear explanation on whether this thing will consume too much oil.

Other questions about the new Regal turbine:

In response to some readers' concerns, I also interviewed colleagues in the manufacturer's technical department.

1/Autohome asked: Since it is an imported engine and a direct-injection engine with higher requirements for oil, how critical is it to gasoline?
Manufacturer’s answer: Our experiments are conducted on No. 93 gasoline nationwide. Of course, if you can add higher-grade gasoline, it would be better. However, after experiments, most parts of the country use No. 93 gasoline to refuel 2.0T. problem.
Car home view: It has been demonstrated, then everyone can use it with confidence…

2/Autohome asks: What is the life of the turbine? How many 10,000 kilometers can be used in normal driving?
The manufacturer answers: The turbine life is the same as the engine life. There will be no problem that the engine can be used for hundreds of thousands of kilometers and the turbine has to be replaced in the middle.
Autohome point of view: The manufacturer’s answer is a bit boastful. As we all know, if the engine is used well, it can generally reach at least 250,000 kilometers without overhauling the engine, and we say that the turbine life on the market can run 250,000 kilometers or more. not optimistic. It is hoped that the manufacturer can give an actual turbine life. It is necessary to comprehensively consider the road conditions and the usage of the Chinese. A sentence consistent with the engine life is considered irresponsible.

3/Autohome asks: How much more expensive is 2.0T maintenance than 2.4 natural aspiration?
Manufacturer's answer: No specific figures, but the 2.0T engine oil is Mobil One, which can be revealed.
Autohome point of view: The fidelity of Mobil 1 is not expensive in the retail market. I will provide a reference. The four-liter package of the regular label of Mobil 1 is priced between 350-400 yuan in the retail market, just look at 4S. How much more expensive than the market.

● Visually feel the 2.0T engine compartment

Because the 2.0T engine is the focus of this car, we also made a careful observation of the engine compartment:

● Feel the power of 2.0T

There are a lot of theories mentioned above. Actually, this 2.0T feels quite fierce. Turbo is not as fierce as the Volkswagen series. The new Regal 2.0T gives people a great sense of strength. If you don’t take it carefully Experience basically can't feel the speed of turbo intervention.

For the sprint between 60-150 kilometers on the highway, the new Regal 2.0T made me feel very satisfied. It definitely has the demeanor of a general.

Although I haven’t been able to test its performance, I think the new Regal’s 350Nm 2.0T engine is very likely to shake the power of the Magotan 2.0T as the king of power in mid-sized cars with less than 300,000 yuan. But then again, Magotan The actual test results of 2.0T by many media are about 7.3 and 7.4 seconds. We still wait and see the performance comparison test of the two cars by the evaluation department!

As for the issue of turbo sound that many users are concerned about, we have conducted a careful experience. Although the manufacturers say that they have worked hard to isolate most of the turbo working sound from entering the car, I heard the turbo high rotation and suction sound that is clearer than the Magotan 2.0T and Sagitar 1.8T in the car, and it is very obvious. Sound, I am very obsessed with this kind of sound, and I feel very excited. I don't understand why manufacturers work hard to isolate this kind of natural sound. At the same time, I don't understand why I can still hear it so clearly if I try to isolate it.

Because of the limited time, I don’t have much experience with the gearbox. I will explain it in detail when I get back to Beijing to get the single test car.

For the explanation of the control, Han Lu has written many times, please refer to this article, >>Click here to check the new Regal control situation<<

● Test drive small conclusion

The new Regal 2.0T product is fierce. When the Magotan 2.0T+DSG itself holds the title of “Power Boss”, a data is much more than 2.0T, and the Magotan 2.0T hardly bites the Magotan 2.0T in the back. The positive PK of the car is a must, and no one can escape. I believe that FAW-Volkswagen and GM Buick must be like a mirror. The car home will use two tough guys who are completely tit-for-tat to test the actual performance as soon as possible. The strength is not See the data, whoever is more ruthless in the test field! (Photo/Text Car Home Han Road)

● Detailed parameters/configuration