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[YesAuto Use Car Collection] The brakes are not working properly? Is there a strange noise? Stepping on no bottom? It means that your brake system is attenuated or excessively worn. Regarding brake replacement, most of us will first think of 4S shops or auto repair shops. Although the replacement does not require too much effort, it is for us who are running on the road every day. , How to find the attenuation in time, know the abnormality, and send it for repair as soon as possible, this is very necessary! After all, we don’t bring technicians with the car every day.

How often do you change the brake pads? Look at these three points!

1. Look at the thickness

2. Listen to the sound

3. A sense of contentment

Where's the brake disc? The same three points!

Brake pads/discs have to run in too?

Tips: How to use the brakes more sparingly?

Driving style:

Slam on the brakes when you encounter some problems. This is the favorite of people with poor driving skills, but it is actually a hidden danger of accidents. I believe you may have such an experience: the car in front is going well, and there is nothing wrong with the road ahead, but someone unexpectedly put a brake on it, making the car behind him caught off guard, and there is a possibility of a rear-end collision. This is a typical road killer.

In addition, there are people who have only two options for their feet during driving: refueling and applying the brakes. The frequency of stepping on the brakes has reached a very high level. In fact, such people are not a minority. The result of doing this is naturally 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers, and you have to change the brake pads once.

The correct driving method is: keep your full attention, keep an eye on the six roads, predict in advance, pick up the oil in advance and slow down when the problem is found, and further judge how much brakes need to be put on according to the actual situation. For example, I see a red light in the distance, and I still give the accelerator pedal to the stop line. This is undoubtedly unable to pass the brakes. Another example is to overtake and change lanes. Observe the driving intentions of vehicles on both sides in advance to avoid just preparing to overtake. It was another sudden stop. Although the road environment is chaotic, predicting in advance can save time and effort and help maintain a good driving mentality.

Of course, the above example is based on the premise of saving brakes. For those young masters, the replacement of better brake pads or discs is to show the performance of the vehicle and your driving level. There is no need to consider any savings. The brake system, for such a car owner, you can ignore the above content.

Clever use of gears:

This is also what many old drivers are most proud of. Whether you are in manual gear or automatic gear, making good use of manual gear shifting in the right situation can always help you save some brake wear, such as winding mountains. On the road, making good use of downshifts can greatly reduce frequent braking. Although family cars are not as sensitive to braking as large trucks, for some novices, frequent braking will undoubtedly increase the burden and risk of your braking system. .

Conclusion: Safety is no small matter, details need to be paid attention to

When it comes to braking, almost no one will deny its impact on our driving safety. Just like our tires, you can point to these four shoes when you run on the ground, but for most people, it’s hard to say that you can go anytime and anywhere. Pay attention to our braking situation. In many cases, it is found that the brakes are not working well, and abnormal noises, and then passively deal with it. And this short sharing is to talk to you about the simplest methods to detect the brake system. I hope everyone You can learn and use it to your advantage to effectively monitor your own safety within a reasonable range. After all, no one will treat matters involving life safety as a trifling matter.