[YesAuto Watching the Race] In the world of racing, there are many types of races, in addition to the familiar F1, the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, German Touring Car Masters) derived from Germany is also one of the top motorsports. One item, and it has the name “F1 covered in car shell”, which shows how high the technical content of DTM is. This time, we are fortunate to be invited by BMW to watch the 2015 DTM Austria sub-station at the Red Bull Circuit in Austria, and feel the charm of the DTM Touring Car Race together.

The following video is a promotional video for BMW Motorsport taken by the 2014 DTM champion Marco Wittmann. In the beginning, he first test-drove the 635 CSi. This car is not like a modern racing car. It has no spoiler, so there is no downforce. It needs more mechanical grip. This also means that when accelerating, The rear of the car may have unexpected drift, and at the same time, you can also hear the special high-pitched sound from the engine, which is very exciting.

Next, he test-drove the E30 M3, the championship car that won the DTM in 1987. For this car, his first impression was that the steering wheel was heavy. This car has 300 horsepower and incredible speed, so it is very aggressive to drive. When exiting a corner and accelerating, the rear of the car will drift a little. The furnishings inside the car are quite simple, with no extra buttons, only a steering wheel. Although it doesn't have so many complicated buttons like modern racing cars, it is very fun to drive.

Time has taken a leap for twenty years, and he has changed into the 2012 championship car-E92 M3 DTM. This is the same car he drove when he joined DTM at the beginning. Its steering wheel and interior are highly similar to the current M4 DTM. After driving the M3 DTM, he immediately switched to his own car, the 2014 M4 DTM car. He believes that this car is full of power and has a wonderful feeling when accelerating out of corners. Although those classic cars are very interesting to drive, this car still makes him feel the most suitable car. On the whole, these BMW DTM cars are not much different in nature, they are all very interesting speed machines.

This time the game watching is over. Although we have entered the BMW P room to watch the car up close, because the car involves too much “confidential”, we did not put the photos of the car on it. It is really a small one. A small regret, but I feel very happy to be able to participate in such a racing event personally. After all, this is one of the top international touring car races. In the future, DTM and Super GT will unify the rules. Maybe there will be a wonderful time. “East and West Showdown”. The next page is a summary of the interview with BMW Race Director Jens Marquardt and 2014 champion Marco Wittmann. (Photo/text/photographed by Zhang Lixiang of the car home; some photos are provided by DTM/BMW)

Since we are the race director, we naturally have to ask Jens Marquardt what advantage does the BMW team have? He believes that BMW’s advantage lies in the fact that they attach great importance to the entire team, from Munich to the frontline team drivers, they attach great importance to management and team fighting, so although the drivers standing on the podium are the drivers, the R&D team is also a group of contributions. People are the assets they value. Every link is an indispensable role, and because of this unity, they can exert greater strength. The DTM event is a platform to verify the strength of BMW. Moreover, DTM is a competitive and competitive platform. A tense game, so it is easily accepted by the audience and has a strong viewing experience. In the two days of the game alone, more than 1 million users in Germany watched the game in front of TV.

Talking about the unification of the rules of the two major German and Japanese touring car races-DTM and Super GT, he thinks that he is very happy to comment on this situation, because the DTM rules are fair and rigorous, and can effectively enhance the viewing experience, so he also hopes to follow More and more touring car races have reached the goal of unifying rules. He also believes that in the future, six car manufacturers (BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lexus, Nissan and Honda) will compete under the same rules, which will inevitably bring more competition and increase visibility and topics.

As DTM gradually extends its influence to Asia, he believes that China is a very important market. They also want to increase brand cohesion through motorsports. At the same time, considering that China's motorsports and culture are taking off, BMW has introduced many Cars rich in driving pleasure (including M family cars), and more driving experience come to China, so that domestic consumers can better understand the brand spirit of BMW.

As a driver who has driven M3 DTM and M4 DTM, Marco Wittmann believes that this is a very important experience, which is very helpful to his racing career. After BMW returned to DTM in 2012, it immediately won many victories. This is obvious. The strength of the team, he thinks the cooperation between the two parties is very pleasant. In addition, he also thanked the entire logistics team behind him, because this team is very united and very efficient. Although in 2013, he joined the DTM event in the first year, so he lacked some experience, but with his excellent performance, he not only won the eighth of the year, but also won the best newcomer award. In 2014, he became familiar with the rhythm of the DTM race and changed to a new car-M4 DTM, so he won the 2014 Drivers Championship.

When talking about the changes made to the M4 DTM racing car that participated in the DTM in the second year, he said that the two have not changed much, only some details have been changed, such as aerodynamic optimization (in order to control costs, The technical development of the DTM race car has been frozen, so BMW has not made much change in the new race car.). When talking about the new M4, Marco Wittmann said that he likes the performance of the M4 very much and also uses the M4 as a daily car. The commercial version of M4 and M4 DTM is incomparable, because the gap between them is very large. One is a racing car and the other is a road car, which is very difficult to compare.

In the last race, BMW won a big win in the Netherlands, and he thinks it is also an incentive for them. Regarding the expectations for 2015, he believes that it is necessary to maintain a sense of tension at all times to maintain combat effectiveness, because as long as a little mistake or slack, it may ruin the entire game. Although the season has passed halfway, he still has high expectations for this year, but he also believes that the entire team must do its utmost to obtain better results.

Facing the wet weather the next day, he said it was a very challenging situation, because it is difficult to control the grip of the track, you must be fully prepared in advance, and some minor problems (such as braking or It is a gear shift), it does not appear in normal times, but it is easy to be exposed in this extreme state.