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[YesAuto F1 Formula One] According to foreign media sources, given the operating status of the F1 Formula One teams, at least 3-4 teams this year are in serious financial crisis. Whether these teams can persist until the 2015 season has become the present A big problem in the development of F1. F1 head Bernie Ecclestone revealed in an interview on this issue in Singapore: “If the number of teams decreases next year, in the future, it may be considered for each team to send three cars to play.”

As we all know, F1 Formula One is an extremely money-burning sport, and huge expenditures have also put many teams on the verge of bankruptcy. This year at least four teams have funding problems: such as Sauber and Caterham. It has been in a serious financial crisis. Although the Marusia team has earned points, it is still at the bottom for a long time, and its development prospects are worrying. As for the Lotus team last year, it was entangled in the storm of arrears of Raikkonen’s wages.

In this regard, Bernie also said: “I would rather see three top teams like Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull on the track, rather than seeing those weak teams struggling on it.” Of course, the teams have expressed different views on this proposal: Ferrari team is more in favor, they believe that this can increase the spectator of the game; while the Mercedes team said that if implemented in this way, the team will be renewed every year. Increased expenditure of 32 million euros. Everyone here, do you want to see each team send three cars to participate in the 2015 season? (Compilation/Auto House Guo Feng)