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[YesAuto Large Hengping] Admit it, now you will also have thought about the question of “Which electric car is good for 300,000 yuan?” If you look at the excitement of the current electric car market, you will know that 300,000 yuan for an electric car is not There is another idea that short-circuited in the brain, and it is time to analyze it seriously. 300,000 to buy an electric car, there are many choices, there are SUVs and cars, and everyone's style is not heavy, the choice is very difficult, should we help you score? We found 6 electric vehicles and asked them to take the EV AH100 test to see who scored the highest.

■ Model selection

This time we selected models based on the price dimension, and the price does not exceed 300,000, mainly about 250,000 popular or newly listed pure electric vehicles, including 3 sedans and 3 SUVs. After all, the price of many consumers is the main choice for the car. Factors, models can be flexible. In terms of specific car models, the two-wheel drive models with higher cost performance were uniformly selected. After all, this price is not suitable for the pursuit of extreme performance and requires a balanced and comprehensive. The specific models are shown in the following table.

● Appearance: each has its own characteristics

SAIC Volkswagen ID.4 X

The appearance design is not absolutely good or bad, at least it is really not easy to distinguish between the high and low in the models of this Hengping, here we mainly talk about their respective characteristics. Let me start with the Volkswagen ID.4 X from the Volkswagen MEB platform, and it is also the first model of the SAIC Volkswagen MEB factory. The brand has high brand awareness and great influence, and the price is relatively close to the people. It is the lowest price in this Hengping, and the styling is also simple and durable. , In line with the low-key and pragmatic tone of the popular brand.


GAC AION V comes from the GEP 2.0 pure electric platform independently developed by GAC. It highlights the large space, supports 5G and the characteristics of long battery life. The design is also very individual. It adopts the design concept of mecha shape and the 20-inch large The rim really looks like a mecha beast, which is more suitable for young guys.


MARVEL R is the main model of SAIC's new sub-brand R car. It adopts a new design style. It is obviously different from the previous MARVEL X. It emphasizes simple lines and a sense of technology. As a new car built by SAIC, it has rich configurations and materials. Kind, has obvious advantages in the same price range.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 pursues minimalism and pragmatism. There are no fancy decorations and extra lines in the exterior design. It emphasizes space practicality and reduces wind resistance to improve endurance. The sleek shape is not amazing, but it is placed on six Hengping models. Chinese is also more attractive.


BYD Han can be regarded as a representative of high-quality appearance, from the hands of the industry design master Iger, BYD Dragon Face family's facial makeup is simple and imposing, and has a low wind resistance of 0.233Cd, taking into account both beautiful and practical features.

Xiaopeng P7

Xiaopeng P7 is unique in design. Both front and rear adopt LED light strips that cross the body. It supports DIY programming “light language” and is highly playable. The wheelbase of the P7 is also the longest among Hengping models. The body looks relatively slender, and it has a coupe design with a long front and a short back and a fast-back style. It is full of sports atmosphere.

In addition to the different appearance styles, the choice of tires for each car can also reflect the difference in design positioning. Both Model 3 and Xiaopeng P7 use Michelin PS4 tires that focus on handling and performance. The relatively small tire size helps reduce the unsprung quality, which is conducive to improving the handling and endurance performance. It can be seen that both are in Hengping Performance faction, in the actual test later, is also incomprehensible.

Both AION V and BYD Han use Continental tires, but they all belong to the family comfort series. Han's MC6 is relatively oriented towards handling performance, and AION V's UC6 will be more balanced, taking into account quiet performance. ID.4 X and MARVEL R choose the comfortable and quiet series tires of big brands. On the whole, the three cars have chosen tires that focus on handling performance, while the three SUVs pay more attention to quietness and comfort. After looking at the exterior, we entered the car to take a look at the interior and space performance.

Interior and configuration:

SAIC Volkswagen ID.4 X

After reading the appearance of the six cars, I believe that each one will attract each other's attention. Next, we enter the car and take a look at the interior materials and configuration functions that we usually touch most often. According to the old rules, let's start with the SAIC Volkswagen ID.4 X with the lowest price among the six comparison models. Compared with the Volkswagen’s traditional fuel vehicles in our previous impressions, the center console of ID.4 X adopts a simple design style, which is more in line with the tonality of pure electric vehicles.

The ID.4 X version that we borrowed this time is the lowest price in this Hengping model. Through horizontal comparison, you can still see that it has its own bright configuration features, including steering wheel heating, rich seat functions, and backup. The compartment is equipped with a 12V power interface. Especially the first two functions show that it takes care of the driver more considerately.

Above we have listed the main highlights of ID.4 X. It can be seen that its performance is remarkable, including panoramic sunroof, merging assistance, road traffic sign recognition, fatigue driving reminder, electric/induction trunk, steering wheel heating, and The front seat heating/massage functions are all present on this ID.4 X, and safety and comfort are guaranteed. Of course, it also has some configurations that are inferior to its opponents. For example, tire pressure monitoring is indirect, rather than a more intuitive tire pressure display; the cruise system is only the most basic constant speed cruise.


The interior of the AION V is in contrast to the exterior. The front face of the “Mecha Beast” is very imaginative, but when it comes to the car, its interior is a family-style minimalist technology style, with a double-spoke steering wheel and a double-spoke steering wheel. None of the 12.3-inch joint screens were absent. In fact, this is reasonable. Take me as an example. I don’t like to design an interior that is too complicated, as long as it looks comfortable.

AION V is equipped with GAC's latest ADiGO intelligent network system, and integrates a number of ADiGO driver assistance packages, and other functional configurations are also comprehensive enough. What's interesting is that it is equipped with a traditional Chinese medicine fragrance system, which can be turned on to refresh your mind if necessary. In addition, the fragrance system supports independent operation and does not need to turn on the air conditioner to work.

AION V is like the three good students in the class when we used to study. The grades of each subject are relatively balanced, and they are not biased. Its configuration functions can be said to be comprehensive, whether it is comfort, safety, or high-level technology configuration, AION V has performed relatively well and is fully qualified for daily household use. The face recognition system FACE ID, AR navigation, special fragrance system and ADiGO 3.0 driver assistance package can all be seen on AION V.


When you come to the MARVEL R car, you will find that it uses a lot of leather to wrap it, reflecting the sense of class. In terms of styling, its center console has a slightly curved design above it, which has a more stretched visual effect, and at the same time hides the air-conditioning outlet. In addition, MARVEL R is equipped with a 19.4-inch central control touch screen, which enhances the sense of technology.

The MARVEL R operating area adopts a design form that combines the screen and physical buttons to form a 19.4-inch interactive interface. The highly integrated electronic knob and touch screen design demonstrate the sense of science and technology of MARVEL R. In terms of details, its central control screen supports gesture control, and there are multiple scene modes to choose from. Up to 64 colors of ambient atmosphere lights in the car allow the cockpit to create a diverse and pleasant atmosphere.

The configuration function of MARVEL R is very powerful. It adopts the Zebra Zhixing Venus R customized operating system. The card-like interface design can perform multiple tasks at the same time to improve operation efficiency. Judging from the items listed above, MARVEL R is particularly well-equipped in terms of safety configuration. Front and rear head air curtains, merging assistance, road traffic sign recognition, active safety systems, and fatigue driving reminders are all equipped. In addition, through BOSE audio, 64-color interior ambient light, front seat heating/ventilation and other functions, it can be seen that it pays enough attention to the passenger's experience. In addition to comfortable riding, the enjoyment of the cockpit is also very important.

Tesla Model 3

To say that the minimalist interior style is the most thorough model, it is the Tesla Model 3. Entering the car, there seems to be nothing more than the steering wheel and the central control screen. It is very simple, and the color and material matching are also fresh and elegant.

It is undeniable that the interior design of the Tesla Model 3 is relatively advanced. Although this brings a good sense of freshness, it also requires a certain amount of learning time. To cite a few simple examples, it does not have a dashboard, and the information is integrated on the central control screen; multimedia, cruise control, steering wheel and even rearview mirror adjustment, Model 3 is only solved with two rollers, which is very similar to our common car models. Different. So, these are all things that take time to get used to.

Although there are not many features, Model 3 has basic and practical functions, including direct tire pressure monitoring, merging assist, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, active braking, front and rear parking radar, full-speed adaptive cruise, and electric Trunk, built-in driving recorder, mobile phone wireless charging function, front seat heating, etc. In addition, it provides different optional packages, such as the “enhanced intelligent assisted driving function” includes automatic assisted navigation driving, assisted lane change, automatic parking and smart call. The price of this installation package is 32,000 yuan. You can follow Requires optional equipment.


Han's interior is highly recognizable, which makes it clear that this is BYD's car at a glance, but it is a little different from the family brothers and has a stronger sense of embrace. As a flagship model, its interior materials are exquisite, and the official description is: real wood and real aluminum leather. In addition, Han's interior draws on many classical Chinese elements. For example, the air-conditioning vent is modeled after the Big Wild Goose Pagoda.

As BYD’s current flagship model, Hannatur has done everything in the configuration function. The AEB-VRU pedestrian protection system and knee airbags reflect its differentiation. In addition, I think Han is the most business-like model in this Hengping review. It is equipped with a gentleman adjustment button for the deputy driver and independent rear air conditioning. It takes care of the rear “boss” quite considerately.

There are two core systems in Han’s configuration, namely the DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system and the DiLink3.0 intelligent networked system. They contain many subdivision functions, such as stop-and-go full-speed adaptive cruise system, traffic jam assistance, and forward Collision warning, AEB-VRU pedestrian recognition/protection, lane departure warning, active lane keeping, and intelligent far and near beam lights. In terms of comfortable and convenient configuration, Han also showed the standard of a flagship model, with front seat heating/ventilation, main driver seat memory system, passenger seat gentleman button and rear independent air conditioning are all equipped.

Xiaopeng P7

The interior of the Xiaopeng P7 has the same minimalist style, minimizing physical buttons. Different from Model 3, it adopts the design of connecting the instrument and the central control screen to give a kind of through-type visual effect. The Xiaopeng P7 is covered with soft materials in most areas, and leather is used for the steering wheel, seat and door elbows. The overall texture is good.

As the only new force player in this Hengping model, Xiaopeng P7's configuration performance is probably in the midstream position. What is more impressive is the XPILOT intelligent driving assistance system of Xiaopeng P7, which is equipped with a lot of radar probes and cameras, as well as a sub-meter high-precision positioning system to ensure that the vehicle has a good driving assistance performance. Of course, it also does a good job in riding comfort, and the seat adjustment methods and functions are relatively complete. In addition, Xiaopeng P7 is equipped with car karaoke and surround sound system, which is perfect for entertainment and relaxation.

It can be seen that Xiaopeng P7 pays great attention to the configuration function of intelligent driving assistance, which can be called full-body armed, which also makes it better than similar models in this respect. Take the version of this evaluation as an example. It is equipped with the XPILOT 3.0 system. If you need it, you can also upgrade the service to get NGP automatic navigation assisted driving, SR automatic driving environment simulation display, parking lot memory parking and IHB intelligent high beam Lights and other functions.

■Skylight specifications

Next, let’s look at the situation of the sunroof. The six models that participated in the evaluation this time are all equipped with panoramic sunroofs, but the sizes are different. In terms of lighting area alone, the data of Xiaopeng P7 with two-stage design is the most prominent. The Tesla Model 3 is quite special. It uses a thermally insulated panoramic canopy, and the rear windshield extends all the way to the top of the rear row, which actually expands the field of vision. Therefore, in terms of effect, the Model 3 is not the same as the Xiaopeng P7. As for functions, the skylights of AION V and MARVEL R support opening and ventilation, and AION V is equipped with solar skylights, which is a bonus.

● Multimedia comparison

The comparison of the multimedia system also reflects the differences in the car-making concepts of various brands, which may enable consumers to better choose the models that are suitable for them. Let me talk about the common points of the Hengping models. The screens on the hardware are generally larger. The ID.4 X has the smallest screen, but it also reaches 12 inches. The largest is the 19.4 inches of MARVEL R. The large screen is more conducive to Watching the map, and arranging function buttons on the same interface for various touch operations, but the screen is too large and it is more difficult to avoid reflections. The Internet of Vehicles has become standard, and basic traffic such as voice and navigation is basically free. This is also an advancement that caters to the development of the times. Among them, AION V and MARVEL R also support 5G networks to reserve for later technical upgrades.

Next, I will focus on the differences of each car. First of all, the hardware differences are not only the different screen sizes, but also the number of screens. The smaller number is that Model 3 has no dashboard and no HUD, only a 15-inch screen. , To achieve the ultimate in simplified design; ID.4 X's instrument panel and central control screen are relatively small, but fully functional, and can also be equipped with a HUD head-up system, which pays more attention to practicality.

The difference in the configuration of the audio system can better reflect the car-making concepts of different brands. MARVEL R uses BOSE brand audio, which has higher requirements for sound quality; while BYD Han has the largest number of speakers to reach 11, and strives to create more Immersive sound with surround effects.

In terms of mobile phone interconnection, only ID.4 X and AION V support the mobile phone interconnection functions of CarPlay and CarLife, and ID.4 X supports wireless CarPlay, which is better in terms of convenience.

ID.4 X

The multimedia feature of ID.4 X is to focus on basic functions and emphasize convenience and practicality. Although the screen size is relatively small, it does not support OTA upgrade, and the later upgrade space is limited. However, the functions are not shrunk, and third-party applications can also be downloaded. They have all of them and are the only models in Hengping that support wireless CarPlay. They are “looks” simple and “useful” and convenient.


The hardware and software configuration of AION V is the most balanced, and it belongs to others. The voice control response speed is faster, and the various functions are more convenient to use.


BYD Han directly made the car screen into a mobile tablet. In addition to supporting voice control like other models, basically all apps that can be used by the Android system can be downloaded and installed, playing games, singing K, etc. are all competent, the purpose is to The function of a mobile phone is replaced in the back of the car.

Model 3

Model 3 is a completely closed system that does not support mobile phone interconnection and downloading third-party applications. Basic functions such as navigation, music listening and games have been configured, and it is the only model that can use the steering wheel and pedals to play racing games.


MARVEL R has the highest hardware configuration among Hengping models, with the largest screen and the best audio. It also has AR and MR real-time navigation functions, which can better guide the owner when encountering unfamiliar road conditions.

Xiaopeng P7

The overall multimedia performance of Xiaopeng P7 is the most user-friendly, the UI interface is simple and practical, and it supports downloading third-party applications. At the same time, the voice control is also the most considerate, and the user feels good.

Generally speaking, MARVEL R has good multimedia hardware configuration and its own characteristics in software, which is worth experiencing. The software and hardware configuration of Xiaopeng P7 and BYD Han are basically at the same level, and the relative recognition rate of Xiaopeng P7's voice control is higher. AION V has everything it deserves, with balanced performance and configuration. The two overseas brand models ID.4 X and Model 3 are relatively conservative in terms of multimedia. ID.4 X is a good mobile phone interconnection, but the voice and in-vehicle applications are general, and the screen is small. Model 3 is to provide simple and practical basic functions, but it is a short board in terms of scalability.

● Comparison of the seating space of 3 cars:

Since the models participating in this Hengping evaluation include 3 sedan models and 3 SUV models, we divide the ride space evaluation into two parts. First of all, let's take a look at the space performance of three car models-Tesla Model 3, BYD Han and Xiaopeng P7.

Tesla Model 3

Although Model 3 is positioned as a medium-sized car, its rear space is relatively average compared to excellent models of the same level. In order to make better use of the limited rear space of Model 3, the designer adopts a design of drastically hollowing out the lower part of the rear exhaust vent, leaving ample vertical space for the feet of the rear central passenger and improving the comfort of the ride. It is worthy of praise.


BYD Han uses a more traditional sunroof design. Compared with the Xiaopeng P7 and Tesla Model 3 with large-area glass roof, the front head space is slightly less. However, BYD Han's rear space performance and seat comfort are better than those of the two competitors.

Xiaopeng P7

The appearance of Xiaopeng P7 looks larger than Model 3, but the passenger cabin space is still a bit worse than that of Model 3. If Xiaopeng P7 can further optimize the design of the front seat back, or make a fuss about the design of the position under the rear exhaust vent like Tesla, perhaps the riding space will have a better performance.

● Comparison of the riding space of 3 SUVs

In terms of riding space and comfort performance, the sporty Tesla Model 3 and Xiaopeng P7 are obviously not as sophisticated as BYD Han. So how does the space performance of the other three SUV models perform? Let's take a look together.

SAIC Volkswagen ID.4 X

ID.4 X's front-row headroom performance is the best among the three cars. The rear-row headroom performance is slightly inferior to MARVEL R, and the legroom performance is the same as MARVEL R.


As a medium-sized SUV, the space performance of SAIC MARVEL R can only be regarded as quite satisfactory. The soft-filled seats make a great contribution to improving the ride comfort, which also fits with the car's focus on comfort.


The large rear space is one of the highlights of AION V, which is also the best interpretation of the design concept of Aion V “Whale Space”. For the “house man” with the old and the young, an SUV with ample rear space is definitely just needed.

Based on the comprehensive ride experience and space data, AION V has the best ride space performance among the three SUVs participating in this Hengping Review. Compared with ID4.X and MARVEL R, ID4.X has advantages in longitudinal space performance of the passenger compartment, while MARVEL R has advantages in horizontal space performance.

Comparing the three sedans, Model 3 benefits from the reasonable layout of the passenger compartment, and the actual ride space performance is better than we thought. Although Han's head space in the front row was average, the obvious advantage of leg space in the back row made him back. Compared with its two competitors, the performance of the P7's riding space appears to be more average.

● Which car can be installed best?

Among the 6 cars, 4 cars all use a rear-mounted motor and rear-wheel drive power system layout. This power system layout makes it possible to arrange storage space at the front of the car. Tesla Model 3, Xiaopeng P7 and SAIC MARVEL R has a front trunk configuration. Which one of these six cars can install the most? Let's take a look.

This test was carried out without putting down the second row of seats to demonstrate the vehicle's conventional loading capacity. Below are the results of our experiment.

Tesla Model 3

Although Model 3 has a compact body size, its storage space is not small. In terms of storage performance, it gives the impression of “small size and great capacity”. What about the performance of its rival Xiaopeng P7? Please continue to look down.

Xiaopeng P7

The overall storage space of Xiaopeng P7 is not as good as that of its competitor Model 3. Without changing the white body structure, if the front trunk can be dig deeper or larger, it may be able to further increase the storage space of the car Practicality.


BYD Han's power system layout with front motor and front-wheel drive makes it impossible to design the front trunk in the front cabin. What is the performance of BYD Han, which does not have a front compartment, in terms of storage space? Let's take a look together.

Measured solely by the number of suitcases stored, BYD Han's storage space practicality performance will even be slightly better than Xiaopeng P7. But compared to the ingeniously designed Model 3 with storage space, BYD Han still has room for improvement.


MARVEL R uses a rear-mounted motor, rear-wheel drive power system layout, and is designed with a front trunk. This car is also the only SUV model with a front trunk designed among the models participating in this Hengping Review.

Measured solely by the number of suitcases stored, the performance of MARVEL R is similar to that of Model 3. Thanks to the larger trunk opening of the SUV, MARVEL R is more convenient to pick up the suitcase than the Model 3.


AION V uses a front-mounted motor and front-wheel drive power system layout. There is no front trunk. Will this limit the storage space of the car? Let's take a look together.

From this point of view, the design concept of AION V is to compress the trunk space in exchange for rear seating space. Such a trade-off may better please consumers who pay attention to seating space. The bottom of the AION V trunk can be opened, and there is a storage compartment hidden underneath, but the depth is relatively shallow, only a few items such as backpacks and umbrellas can be placed, and no suitcases can be placed.

SAIC Volkswagen ID.4 X

Finally, let’s take a look at the SAIC Volkswagen ID.4 X. Although this car uses a rear-mounted motor and rear-wheel drive power system layout, it does not have a front trunk, so its storage space will be the worst ? We will announce for everyone right away.

As a veteran car manufacturer, Volkswagen has accumulated experience and technical strength in the design of the passenger compartment. ID.4 X deservedly won the title of the most capable model in the Hengping.

● Who is the most humane storage space?

I don’t know if you have ever encountered such a car. Its interior always makes you at a loss. You can’t find a suitable place to put your mobile phone, wallet or drink, or there is a place to put these items, but it’s awkward how to get it. . In the following link, let's take a look at which car has the most user-friendly storage space design. The props used in the evaluation are several bottles of 550ml mineral water, a mobile phone and a wallet.

SAIC Volkswagen ID.4 X

ID.4 X has an integrated storage compartment at the bottom of the center console. After opening the storage compartment shutter, we can see the internal storage space for mobile phones, cup holders and other different functions.

If a storage slot can be designed in the above-mentioned hollow position, it will definitely further improve the performance of the ID.4 X front storage space.

The ID.4 X front row of multifunctional storage boxes with roller shutters has a good design and a high degree of user-friendliness. However, it is a bit regretful that there is no storage slot in the hollow area at the bottom of the center console of the car. ID.4 X rear storage space performance is quite satisfactory, not many bright spots.


The center console of MARVEL R uses a fixed vertical screen design, with a hollow storage slot behind the vertical screen. The storage tank does not support the wireless charging function of mobile phones, but the electronic device can be charged by wire through the 12V cigarette lighter port or the USB port in front of the storage tank.

MARVEL R's hollow design behind the vertical screen can increase the storage space of the center console to a certain extent, but it sacrifices some convenience. For example, it is difficult to directly see the items in the storage slot, and it is inconvenient to get it. . At the same time, the mobile phone wireless charging function of the car is realized through a charging slot, and the mobile phone is located in the slot when charging, and the user cannot view the mobile phone information and operate the mobile phone.

MARVEL R uses a hollow design to add more storage space to the front center console, but this hollow storage slot is generally convenient for taking items, and it is difficult to watch the screen information when the mobile phone is placed in the storage slot. The vertical screen design with inclined angle occupies a lot of space in the center of the center console, which makes the space of the front hand pillow storage box a certain degree of compression. The central armrest of the rear row of the car is the same as that of Han. After unfolding, the front part is a cup holder and the rear part is a storage box, which improves the space utilization rate.


Like the MARVEL R introduced earlier, AION V has a hollow storage slot at the bottom of the center console. Compared with the center console that uses the vertical screen hollow design, the hollow bottom design of the horizontal dual screen of AION V is conducive to arranging more storage space on the upper part of the center console.

However, the charging board adopts a horizontal layout, and most of the applications on the mobile phone use vertical screen logic for interface design. Even if most smartphones have the automatic switching horizontal screen/vertical screen display function, the user experience will still be marked. discount.

The design of the front storage space of AION V is fairly user-friendly. If the position of the mobile phone's wireless charging board and the position of the front cup holder are reversed and arranged, the mobile phone can be placed in a vertical form may have a better user experience.

AION V also hollowed out the bottom of the center console to add a large storage box to the front row. Since the center console of the car uses a suspended horizontal screen design, the screen does not occupy the area of the handlebar, which improves the experience of using the front storage space of the car to a certain extent. The front-row hand pillow storage box of the car has a considerable volume and can lay two bottles of mineral water flat, which is quite good. Compared with the front row design, the rear storage space design of AION V is more ordinary.

Tesla Model 3

The design of the front storage space of Model 3 is simple but not simple, with a high degree of humanization, easy access to items, and the location of the mobile phone supports wireless charging and can make it easy for users to see the mobile phone screen, which is worthy of praise.

The rear storage space of Model 3 is not as good as the front discharge. The storage slot of the rear door trim panel and the central armrest cup holder are all equipped with conventional storage space. A storage bag is designed on the back of the front seat for easy placement. Flat items such as magazines.


Next, look at Han from the traditional car company BYD. The design and layout of the center console of this car is more traditional than the Xiaopeng P7.

Compared with Model 3, Han's front storage space is not very large, and there is room for improvement in the design of humanization. However, Han's front roof has a special glasses storage box and is designed on the left side of the center console. A small storage box was created. These designs are relatively old-fashioned, but they match the habits of older drivers. When it comes to the back row, the rear armrests of Han can be unfolded. After unfolding, the front is a cup holder and the rear is a storage box. The space utilization rate is higher than that of the Model 3 and P7 designs.

Xiaopeng P7

Although the design of the center console of Xiaopeng P7 adopts a technologically simple artistic style, it is somewhat traditional in terms of storage space layout.

The performance of the rear storage space of the P7 is similar to that of the Tesla Model 3. The P7 has a limiter in the rear cup holder, which is better than the Model 3.

● Static summary:

After reading the static article, everyone should have a general understanding of the Hengping models. Let's review the key points. The appearance has its own characteristics. The configuration and materials are better for MARVEL R. The Xiaopeng P7 is better in terms of multimedia, ID .4 X has the largest storage space in the trunk, Model 3 is the most suitable for cars, AION V has the most spacious seating space, and BYD Han pays more attention to seat comfort and multimedia expansion. In the next article, the most concerned part of an electric car is coming, the battery life and performance test! Feel that the Hengping article is too long and have no patience to read it? In the next issue, we will directly throw out the results and announce to everyone:

1. Who will win the 10 awards?

2. Under our AH100 system, who is the final winner!

There are score comparisons and awards announcements. A picture can tell you which car is more suitable for you! (Photo/Text/Photo by the team of the car’s home sub-station)