[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] I often hear people say that you shouldn’t talk too long in love, you will get married, or you can only perform tragedy if you don’t catch up with the seven-year itch. However, in my actual experience, I found that in fact, the freshness has been greatly diminished after seven years. Either quickly cultivate to a positive result, or find ways to find new fun points. From this point of view, the current situation of the Cruze is not very critical. Although it has been on the market for four years, it still ranks among the top three popular compact cars on the homepage of our website, and the attention is still quite high. However, in the face of the increase in the number of new cars and replacement cars, Cruze should also feel pressured, so he introduced younger hatchbacks into the market.

Appearance: The front face has not been changed, and the focus is all on the rear of the car

This is the first time I have seen a real car. After careful inspection, I found that the front face is exactly the same as the sedan Cruze, and the wheelbase has not been changed. All the highlights are concentrated on the rear of the hatchback. I think it is more suitable to be called the Hatchback Cruze. Compared with Fox and Langxing, the neat rear design is slightly rough. In short, there is no problem, everything is very harmonious.

We found that there are two air deflectors attached to the rear windshield of the Cruze hatchback. The purpose is to improve the aerodynamics of the car body and control the vortex at the rear of the car together with the spoiler, hoping to play a certain role.

Interior: same as sedan

Sitting in the car, we are also familiar with Cruze. The interior design and materials of the hatchback and sedan are the same. Both the center console and the seats are combined with two materials. Compared with the body shape of the hatchback, the interior is less fresh. In the active safety configuration, the 1.6T model is equipped with a body stabilization system.

Regarding the experience of the static part, we will not repeat the same parts as the sedan. The following will focus on the space, first of all, the riding space.

The 178cm-height experiencer has four fingers in the front headroom, keeping the position of the main driver's seat unchanged, the rear legroom is a punch, and the headroom is two fingers, so the space is not very sufficient. The overall space performance is basically the same as that of the sedan, and the space is not affected by the changes in the shape of the rear and roof.

The trunk space of the Cruze hatchback is large enough for daily use. Our 32-inch trunk can be placed in the longitudinal direction, and there is still a lot of space left. Put down the rear seats, the trunk floor has a slight slope, and the maximum depth is 1670mm. The internal space has been significantly expanded. It shouldn't be a problem to put the bicycle visually, which is unmatched by a sedan.

The power system is the same as the current model. The 1.6T and 1.6L engines have not been specially adjusted, but the 1.6T engine of the sedan version of Cruze is only equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission, while the hatchback has a 1.6T engine. Equipped with an automatic gearbox, this is definitely a good thing for most consumers. Another point needs to be emphasized. The manual gearbox of the 1.6L model feels very good. Not only the shifting stroke is short, but the sense of inhalation when entering the gear is obvious, which makes people always want to shift gears.

1.6T+6AT model driving experience

◆ Since the 1.6L+5MT power system is the same as the sedan, this time we will focus on the 1.6T+6AT model.

The second-generation S6 gearbox has been widely used on Malibao, Regal and LaCrosse models, mainly to optimize ride comfort and shift logic. The actual feeling is also true. Compared with the first-generation product, the gearbox is no longer too neurotic, and the intrusion at low speed is not so obvious, but it still happens occasionally. In addition, the gearbox provides a manual mode, but there is no S gear, which is somewhat regrettable.

In daily driving, the 1.6T engine is still very clever, especially when driving in the low-speed range, its personality is calm, and the gearbox completes every upshift step by step during smooth acceleration. Above 2000rpm, the turbocharger effect is obvious, and it comes like a wave of water. This feeling is indeed a bit gratifying, but I hope it can be more violent.

The gearbox has good ride comfort most of the time, and the upshifts are also relatively active. Try to keep the engine running in the most economical mode at all times. The computer is sensitive to the depth of the accelerator pedal, and the gearbox will downshift with a little effort. , Get more power by pulling up the speed. This engine also has a Super Boost function, the operation method is very simple: the throttle is to the end. At this time, the engine torque will increase by 30 N·m and maintain it for 5 seconds.

The electric power steering assist is very light at low speeds, and shows a stable side at high speeds. The 1.6T model adopts a front MacPherson rear torsion beam suspension, and adds a Watt connecting rod to the rear suspension. The suspension feels solid, and the bumps on the road are filtered in place, and there is no excess tremor and vibration. However, in terms of positioning, Cruze is still more oriented towards family car consumers. The side tilt of the body around the pile is somewhat obvious, and the suspension setting is softer, which is more comfortable.

Various test results of the two cars

Accelerated test

The 1.6T Cruze hatchback had almost no tire slip at the start, and the maximum starting speed was limited to 2500rpm. The acceleration of the first two gears felt very direct and the momentum was strong, but it was obviously weak after rising to third gear. There was a big jerk about 0.5 seconds after the gearbox shifted, and the speed drop was a bit obvious. The final acceleration score was 9.66 seconds, not surprised.

The acceleration time of the 1.6L model is 12.58 seconds, and the power easily breaks through the tire limit at the start, with a maximum G value of 0.49g. Obviously, this power system is not good at coping with violent driving, and its performance is basically the same as that of opponents of the same level.

1.6T model 0-400m acceleration performance display

We conducted a “04” test on the Cruze hatchback equipped with 1.6T+6AT power system. The final result was 16.89 seconds, and the tail speed at 400 meters was 130 km/h. The acceleration in the rear of the engine was relatively flat. This is also the characteristic of small displacement turbocharged engines, and high speed is not what they are good at.

Brake test

The braking attitude and brake pedal feedback of the two cars are good, but there are certain differences in performance. The braking distance of the 1.6T model is 38.95 meters, and the braking distance of the 1.6L model is 41.35 meters. The main reason is the difference in tires. The 1.6T model uses Goodyear Yucheng series tires, while the 1.6L model uses Magis VICTRA 510 series tires. The former is better than the latter. If the 1.6L model is replaced with a better performance tire, we believe the result will be improved. .

to sum up:

Cruze 2013 hatchback 1.6T automatic flagship

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In general, the Cruze hatchback is still a product for the home market. It does not pursue the so-called sports and handling excessively. It is still relatively balanced in all aspects. This time, the 1.6T engine is equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission, which effectively broadens the market in conjunction with the 6-speed manual model of the sedan. In terms of performance, the 1.6T model is not violent, but it can still be obtained in daily driving. Some small passions, mainly supporting sales should still be 1.6L models. From the perspective of appearance, the design of the hatchback is more and more recognized by young consumers, and it will definitely attract more users' attention. Anyway, it gives us one more choice.

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