[YesAuto original test drive] I did not participate in the 508's launch conference, but I heard from my colleagues that when the price was announced, the audience was “thunderous with thunderous applause and prolonged”. Does it mean that the leader has delivered an important speech? From past experience, media reporters are very lazy, dealer representatives are very low-key, and everyone is not easy to applaud, especially in the sensitive link of price. Now that the drum was done this time, and the drum was very hard, you can see the key points from behind. I just participated in the test drive activity today, and I personally experienced the 2.3-liter top-mounted model and talked to you about this car.

Exterior interior and other previously published content

We already have several articles about the 508, so I won’t talk about the repetitive things. If you see the 508 for the first time, it is strongly recommended that you click on the following two image links to learn about these contents: The display of decorations, the performance of the space in the car, the use of the Info-Drive human-computer interaction system, and the experience of special configuration in the rear.

After reading these, I will introduce you to the results of today's test drive meeting, and try not to repeat things. It is divided into two parts, one is the leak detection and filling of various previous experiences, and the other is the dynamic driving performance. Let's enter the topic below.

Enjoyment configuration for riding

The 508 seat should be the most ruthless character you can buy at this price! The price of this top-fitting model I tested is 229,700, with 8-way electric adjustment for the main driver + electric lumbar support + two sets of memory + seat massage, 8-way electric adjustment for the co-driver + electric lumbar support, and two rear seats. The backrest angle is electrically adjusted, the three-stage electric heating for the four seats (except the middle of the rear row) and the manual adjustment of the headrest, plus the three rear sunshades, so many configurations, I still feel uncomfortable sitting, then It's impossible to justify. But if I can, I want to give up the electric lumbar support and massage, and replace the seat with ventilation. The manufacturer can consider this voice, the voice on the leather seat during the test drive at 36 degrees.

There is also an audio-visual entertainment system in the back of the test drive. This is an optional configuration. The accompanying staff said that the entire system, including two display screens, is priced at 3,500 yuan. If the price is true, it is not too expensive, but more often than not. Seven or eight thousand original factory navigation is strong, but unfortunately there is no CD or the like on the scene, and I have not been able to experience the effect. Interested readers can experience it in the store by themselves, and there will be no more comments here.

●The performance of storage capacity is average

508 is positioned as “private car commercial”, and the storage space is almost between the two levels of “private car” and “commercial”. Basic things are available, and there are basically no bonus items. We like to put water bottles around in the car. This time, the Nongfu Spring you see in the picture are all small bottles. It was not our intention. This was what we sent during the event. Judging from the situation of the bottle, it is just enough. The spare tire is good, full-size and original wheels. It looks much more reliable than the tire repair glue provided by the explosion-proof tire. I am more earthy and always feel that it is not reliable.

End of the static part, summary

Before writing the dynamic, make a summary. The above part, including those written by colleagues in the link, is the core competitiveness of the 508. The exterior and interior are not evaluated, and everyone has their own opinions; the ride comfort is far ahead: the wheelbase is 2815 mm, and the space is not to worry about, but the seat Various electric adjustments, rear partition air conditioners, sunshades and other configurations are things that are difficult to buy at this price. No matter how high or low the cost is, if others do not have it, it is leading. I believe that when customers go to the store to see the car, this is a key bonus item. Everyone has seen the storage space, it is relatively plain, and it can only be said that it is just enough. In a small detail, Peugeot finally moved the buttons of the multi-function steering wheel from behind the steering wheel to the front. As an old-fashioned person, I find it very useful.

Driving experience: comfortable

The driving experience is comfortable on the whole. I have written a test article for Citroen C5 before (click to view). It is a subversive work. It has no familiar trailing arm rear suspension, and no sports elements. It is completely comfortable. It is rare that this degree can be grasped very well. Well, compare it with Japanese cars to determine who will win and who will win. Now the 508 is the same. Although the appearance is very trendy, the driving performance is conservative, the power is sufficient but not abrupt, the gearbox has six gears but it is not sharp, and the suspension is front and rear multi-links. Hardened. When I drove the 508, I didn't have any desire to step on the gas pedal deeply. I felt a lot older and I started to get used to the taste of comfort. The target customer group of 508 is people over 30 years old, and they will like this relaxed and comfortable driving style.

508 and Citroen C5 are on the same platform, and the driving experience is 90% similar. Let me talk about the 10% difference. The rear of the 508 is relatively more active, with more small vertical and horizontal movements. While leaving a bit of control fun, it sacrifices a bit of rear-seat comfort. Looking at the data, the reasons may come from three aspects: one is that the running-in period has not yet come, and there is still room for further running-in between the mechanical components; the second is that the 508 has a lighter curb weight, a higher ground clearance, and a slightly narrower tire width. The front and rear axle counterweight ratio should also be different; the third is that the rear suspension may have different targeted adjustments. If this effect is the result of human intervention, I personally think it is not necessary. Ride comfort is ahead of driving pleasure, and even Magotan knows that it will be lengthened.


The medium-sized car market of more than 200,000, Japanese and German, has an almost indestructible and huge mass base, and their respective clusters often verbally war against each other, which reflects everyone’s loyalty from the side; the American Regal Regal, passed In recent years, deep cultivation and meticulous work have yielded good market feedback; Korean rivals have the weakest strength, and they have made a lot of achievements in the compact and small car market. There is not much experience in the mid-size level. The 508 is equipped with abundant configuration and price. The appearance of the posture is tantamount to “returning the body by the way of the person”; in the end, the Citroen C5, which is the same door, can sell 2,78 units per month. It is a niche choice. It has a clear gap with the 508 configuration. , But the overall style is still different, and sales will not fluctuate too much because of the latter’s listing.

As a newcomer in this market, since it is for private business users, he has to consider the issue of brand recognition. A better solution is to attract users with a low price and a low profile. 508 has done a good job in this area, plus The French car has always been close to the people's later maintenance costs, and it has the strength to rank in the second echelon of the medium-sized car market, and it has a head-to-head contest with Skoda Haorui, Toyota Reiz and other models.