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[YesAuto Design Decode] In recent years, new brands have emerged in the Chinese auto market one after another, and the top priority is how to survive the fierce competition. In addition to precise target positioning, good design can most likely play a finishing touch. However, in today's market, people have tried all kinds of design styles. It is conceivable that it is difficult to win surprisingly. What kind of answers the new brand of Hezhong will hand over needs to be discussed by insiders.

● He from Hongqi

Emerging brands do not have to carry the historical baggage of traditional car companies, which means lack of accumulation. For designers, this means that they need to paint a design that is enough to make the market and consumers unforgettable. A more detailed look is that the product needs its own unique label. These arduous tasks are beyond the control of fledgling designers, so we see that many emerging brands are run by experienced designers, and Hezhong is no exception.

● Designers who study psychology

In many people's minds, the job of a designer is to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the sweetness of coffee in a bright and clean studio, and draw advanced renderings. In fact, they often play the role of psychoanalysis experts. Automobile styling belongs to the category of industrial design, and meeting aesthetic requirements is only one of the priorities of the work, but also needs to meet the needs of use.

The solemnity is the label on the red flag. The emerging brand Hezhong wants to win the favor of young people. Therefore, it needs to create a sense of sports and technology. This is also the origin of the entire design work. In recent years, the high waistline, short front suspension, etc. The design can meet this part of the demand.

● Handsome and practical do not conflict

In modern car design, it is common to use lines to create a sense of different proportions. It is not difficult to observe high-waistlines in recent years. The design of multi-waistlines has become the mainstream trend. On the other hand, collision regulations are also driving styling design. development of. While meeting the overall trend, Chang Bing is working hard to avoid the drawbacks of these designs.

● Pure electric does not mean different

Most of the emerging brands have weak accumulation in the fields of engines, gearboxes and transmission systems, and factors such as policy guidance have made them mostly use pure electric drives. This caused design problems. That is, whether a pure electric vehicle needs a different design from a fuel vehicle? What lies behind this is not a simple styling problem, but also the consumer's acceptance of new things.

Although engineering structure has reduced demand for air intake grilles, the design of pure electric vehicles on the market is not always a brainstorm. Many car companies, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi, have chosen relatively conservative designs. This is not a German. Stubborn, but the result of their investigation.

Of course, if pure electric vehicles completely follow the design of fuel vehicles, it will not satisfy consumers. Although from the perspective of birth time, pure electric vehicles appeared earlier than fuel vehicles, but they need new designs to highlight their identity. The designers chose to distinguish between the details, where the mastery of the aspect is very important.

It’s not enough to just look innovative. For users, the interior is the part that has the longest contact. The youthful appearance needs to match the interior of the same tone. How to meet the urgent needs of consumers for a sense of science and technology, while reasonably controlling costs is no small problem.

Full text summary:

There are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people, and it is conceivable that it is difficult to build a national car that meets the needs of most people. Moderation is one of the solutions, and the other is to control the trend and grasp the pain points in people's lives. Combining the characteristics of sports, youth, and sense of science and technology reasonably, the products designed are undoubtedly the formula to help emerging brands survive. The rest depends on whether the pricing is reasonable.