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[YesAuto Use Car Collection] Welcome everyone to watch the new issue of “30 Days to Get Started”. The model borrowed in this issue is the Qijun 2.5L CVT Extreme Pilot Edition 4WD. Someone might say, what can be said about such an ordinary car? Don't be so absolute. We will show you how to use this car and how to use it through 30 days of actual use experience, and help you understand whether this car is suitable for you.

What kind of person is suitable for Xtreme 2.5L CVT Extreme Pilot 4WD?

If you have a budget of 250,000, you usually drive in the city. During the holidays, I like to take my family out for a lap. The requirements for passability are slightly higher. At the same time, I also hope that all people in the car can drive easily and sit comfortably during long distances. Can install more. Simply put, it has strong off-road capability, easy driving, comfortable sitting, and more outfits. Then the X-Trail 2.5L CVT Extreme Pilot Edition 4WD may really be a better choice in this class. After all, the recent discounts from Dongfeng Nissan are really great. No wonder it can become the top selling Japanese SUV.

X-Trail 2020 2.5L CVT Extreme Pilot Edition 4WD

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X-Trail has been the leader of Japanese SUVs for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019, and in 2019 when the market has been declining overall, it has been able to achieve a 3.9% rise against the trend.

Such preferential power and financial policies have reduced the cost of buying a car for X-Trail. At such a price, X-Trail's price/performance ratio is very good.

The off-road performance and configuration of Qijun are also very good. The minimum ground clearance of Qijun is 210mm, which is considered high in the same level. The central differential also has an electronic locking function . Note that it is not a mechanical lock, but a multi-disc clutch type electronic differential lock. After locking, the torque distribution of the front and rear axles will remain at 50:50 (below 40km/h), which can cope with some relatively bad road conditions and reduce the risk of slipping and trapping.

Vehicle hands-on inspection

The first step to get the car is to check whether there are any problems with the appearance, interior, power, chassis, etc., and then add the oil. Generally, the 4S shop will help you get these things done. However, for car owners, you still have to remember all kinds of oil filling ports, but don't even check the oil and don't know how to open them.

First-hand experience

Next, we will start to talk about how to use this car. Let's start by opening the door and getting on the car, but don't think it is too simple. In fact, Qijun also has a very particular design in unlocking the car.

But when I first used it, something went wrong. Generally, I drove out by myself and it went smoothly. Until one day I took my wife with me. As the driver, I opened the door and got on the car, but my wife could not open the door of the co-pilot.

If you want to drive a car, you must first figure out how big the car you are driving is, and establish a sense of space. This is not only helpful for safe driving on the road, but also especially important when passing through narrow roads and parking in a garage.

With the help of these functions, even novices who are not familiar with parking can quickly master the daily driving of X-Trail.

Use of Ride and Carry Function

Next, let's take a brief look at the various functional areas in the cockpit. The first is the very important seat function. After all, we sit on the seat almost all the time in the car.

The perforated leather on the seats is mainly for ventilation and heating functions, and the front and rear seats of this model have seat heating functions, so the whole family can get rid of the torment of freezing buttocks in winter. The control of seat heating is very simple, pressing forward is high heat, and pressing backward is low heat. The driver and the co-pilot can be controlled separately, and the rear row is integrated.

Carrying large items is a characteristic function of an SUV. More storage space and a more flexible layout allow car owners to carry more and larger luggage and provide a richer life.

The control switches for many of the functions mentioned above are in the function control area at the bottom left of the steering wheel. I will mark out the introduction of each function for you, and how to operate it is clear at a glance.

In terms of the usage of the sunroof, I prefer to make the sunroof a seam at 80km/h, which can ensure the ventilation of the car without too high wind resistance.

Driving precautions

The driving operation of Qijun is the same as its other functions. The design is relatively simple, it can be operated “without brain”, and it is relatively easy and pleasant to use.

Smart system usage

Nowadays, smart car systems have quickly become standard, and each has its own unique gameplay and functions, which is dazzling. Qijun's intelligent system still continues the concise design of the vehicle, with a clear interface structure and simple operation. Let's take a look at how they operate first.

The dashboard driving computer is mainly controlled by the button area on the left side of the steering wheel, and the function interface is switched by the left and right keys, and the detailed items of this type of function can be viewed and adjusted by the up and down keys.


That's it for the last issue. In this issue, we introduced various things that Qijun needs to pay attention to when getting started, including daily oil refilling, tire inspection, parking assisted driving, space use, driving, intelligent vehicle systems and other functions. It can be seen that Qijun has a lot of functions, but it adopts a stress-free, simple and relaxed design style, which makes it easy for people to overlook its rich functions.

In the next issue, I will tell you about the experience and usage guide of long-distance driving, L2 automatic driving assistance system, four-wheel drive off-road, fuel consumption, etc., and will also select representative questions from netizens to answer. I hope you will actively ask questions. .

[YesAuto Use Car Collection] Welcome everyone to continue watching “30 Days of Getting Started”. In this month, Beijing has lifted the quarantine measures for entering Beijing during the epidemic period, and finally was able to go out to Sa Huan'er. So, taking advantage of the good weather in early summer, I took the time to go out in the suburbs a few times, and it was considered a long-distance trip. During this period of time, I have had more experience in long-distance travel, L2 automatic driving assistance system, four-wheel drive, fuel consumption and space. Let me talk about how to use it and a guide to some functions.

Carrying space and small details

In the last issue, we actually talked about space, but in the following period of time, I had a more in-depth use of space, and I also found that there are some functional details that I take for granted, but many people have overlooked it.

In this experience, I unexpectedly discovered that the air-cooling function of the front row cup holder is a functional detail that is often overlooked, even though it has been designed to be as simple as possible. There are still some car owners who have not even known that this feature is available, so that they often wonder why the mobile phones and drinks placed here are very cold. A friend of mine Kai Qijun and likes to drink hot tea, but he often took a pot of hot tea on the bus. When he arrived at the destination half an hour later, he found that the tea was cold.

Long-distance driving

Long-distance running is Qijun’s long-distance item. The smoothness of the CVT gearbox and the seat discussed in the previous issue can all reduce the driver’s fatigue in long-distance driving. It has always been praised in the word of mouth on the Qijun channel, and I will no longer To repeat, I mainly talk about the performance of some detailed functions in long-distance driving. Let's talk about noise and speech recognition problems first.

We always say that some drivers are “veterans on highways and novices on parking lots”. In fact, when taking high speeds, the weakness of parking lot skills will be exposed. The most obvious is the time to collect cards and pay tolls at high-speed toll stations.

Is the L2 automatic driving assistance system troublesome to use?

Qijun’s Nissan ProPILOT super intelligent driving is a highlight, which can realize L2 automatic driving assistance. When there is a clear lane line, the system controls the direction to drive along the lane.

The driving assistance system is not much different from the ordinary ICC intelligent adaptive cruise. In fact, it is simple to understand that the L2 automatic driving assistance system adds the direction control function on the basis of the ICC intelligent adaptive cruise, so it is only in use. There is a slight difference.

The operating methods of ICC intelligent adaptive cruise are basically the same. Other cars can use it, but Qijun’s is no problem. Even if it can’t be used, the learning cost is very low.

After the ICC intelligent adaptive cruise is turned on, there is no need to perform other operations to start the direction intelligent assist control. As long as the lane line is clearly identifiable, the intelligent driving assistance will basically be turned on automatically.

Driving a four-wheel-drive vehicle for a spring outing, you can go to some environments that ordinary cars can't go, and it is more playable. In addition to taking bad roads in the suburbs, driving in snow and rain can also be safer and more secure.

Fuel consumption

I drove no more or less mileage this month. I ran a high-speed trip. Most of the time I left was to commute to and from get off work in the morning and evening. The average speed is relatively low due to the idle waiting time of the air conditioner. In this way of use, the measured comprehensive fuel consumption of 9.7L/100km is still acceptable.

to sum up:

The various functions of X-Trail are relatively easy to use, and the functions are relatively rich, but from the experience and look and feel of the use, it does not feel so cumbersome and complicated. The overall design and adjustment of Qijun are in a comfortable and practical style, as far as possible to reduce learning costs and in line with general operating intuition. Compared with the dazzling layout, I personally prefer this style.

Typical examples of this design style are the automatic driving assistance system and the four-wheel drive system. The operation mode of the former is almost the same as that of the ICC intelligent adaptive cruise, but the degree of powerfulness is completely higher; the latter is basically useless, of course The premise is not to go to extreme off-road conditions. Qijun is not a hardcore off-road vehicle. In general, X-Trail is a very easy and comfortable to use, suitable for household SUV, but some of the more detailed and intimate small functions are often overlooked, remember to pay attention to our “30 Days”, so as not to spend money. Use these functions.