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[YesAuto in-depth investigation] The domestic Superb was officially launched in China in August 2009. At that time, its name was Haorui, and it was placed on the same platform as Magotan by Skoda. However, it was due to insufficient brand influence and excessive body styling. The market performance is not very satisfactory due to reasons such as calmness. In August 2013, a mid-term change was carried out. After the appearance improvement, it became a lot younger and changed its name to Supai. Today we invited three car owners to listen together. Listen to what Supa is in their eyes.

Owner: Mr. Yin Forum ID: MoroseKelp

Mr. Yin is 29 years old this year and is a technician in a foreign-funded enterprise. This Supercar was purchased in June 2014. When buying the car, there was a cash discount of 30,000 yuan in the 4S store and a gift of 3,000 yuan for decoration. I bought this 2.0TSI DSG Zunshi version for the price of the car. At present, the vehicle has driven 11,600 kilometers.

Car selection experience:

    Mr. Yin bought a Bora after graduating from university in 2008 and drove it for 6 years. Later, because he was going to get married, he wanted to change to a car with a larger space. It would be more comfortable to take his parents out to play on weekends. Before buying a car, Mr. Yin had been paying attention to Supa, and he had hardly seen other cars. But at that time, his daughter-in-law liked Mondeo and thought that Mondeo had a more beautiful appearance, but he was finally convinced by Mr. Yin. When buying a car, the 4S store has a discount of 30,000 yuan. This 2.0TSI DSG Zunshi version of the supercar will be sold for about 250,000.

Regarding the appearance of Supai, Mr. Yin himself also said that it is not the kind of car that can make your eyes shine, but it is a good-looking model. At first, my wife felt that the appearance of Supai was too tough, and she would look too hard to drive this car. “Man”, but now I gradually like this look.

Mr. Yin’s 2.0T top-mounted model is equipped with Hankook Ventus Prime2 series tires. According to Mr. Yin’s feedback, tire noise is relatively obvious when driving at high speeds.

The hatchback design allows Superpack to have a very large trunk space. Mr. Yin said that relatives would bring a lot of things during the Chinese New Year, and having such a large trunk is particularly practical.

Volkswagen’s RNS315 multimedia system is indeed a bit outdated. The low resolution of the screen and the difficult operation of the navigation system are all its problems.

After buying the car, the configuration such as seat ventilation, seat memory, and rear sunshade are very practical, and the frequency of use is usually high. Mr. Yin said that he chose Super at that time and was attracted by these small details.

power system:

Mr. Yin is very satisfied with the power of this 2.0TSI engine. The 6-speed wet DSG gearbox has a fast shifting speed. If the S gear is engaged, the speed will always stay around 3000rpm. At that time, the whole car was like a “neurotic”. Mr. Yin usually commutes to get off work in good conditions, with an average speed of 40km/h, and the average fuel consumption displayed by the trip computer is 9.0L/100km.

Owner's summary:

Finally, Mr. Yin scored 95 points for his car. The convenient and practical configuration and spacious space can fully meet the needs of a family. The main deduction item is that the vehicle has not done well in sound insulation and noise reduction, and wind noise when running at high speed. And tire noise will be more obvious.

Owner: Mr. Zhou Forum ID: zhouhongjby

The second car owner, Mr. Zhou, is 28 years old. He is doing network marketing work in a state-owned enterprise. This 1.4TSI DSG Supercar was purchased in April 2014 and has traveled 27,386 kilometers so far, because Mr. Zhou usually likes to drive by himself. Travel, so the mileage is more than that of ordinary household users.

Car purchase experience:

Mr. Zhou's previous car was Sail SRV. He drove a total of 120,000 kilometers in that car. It was indeed a few years old, so he was going to change the car. When choosing a car, the models that Mr. Zhou has been paying attention to are Fiat Feixiang and Zhiyue. He said that he was ready to order Feixiang at the time. One day, he just passed the Skoda 4S shop and went in and took a look. Only then did he learn about the super After getting in the car and sitting for a while, I felt that the space for Supai was really too big, and the vehicle configuration was also good. At that time, there was a cash discount of 30,000 yuan, and I finally gave up Feixiang and bought it at a naked car price of 166,000 yuan. I got off this 1.4TSI DSG Mingshi version of Speedmaster.

When I bought the car, Mr. Zhou felt that the appearance of Super was too mature, so he specially chose a more vibrant red to neutralize it. After buying the car, I found that this mellow red will show different colors under different lighting conditions, which is very interesting. , But he reflected that the paint of the Supercar is a bit thin.

When talking about tires, Mr. Zhou also mentioned the phenomenon that the noise of high-speed tires is more obvious. It can be seen that the original set of Hankook tires is really not good enough in noise reduction. The trunk of the 1.4T model does not have a two-stage opening function, but it does not cause any inconvenience. The trunk space is a place that every Supa car owner is satisfied with.

In terms of storage space, apart from not having a suitable place to put the cell phone, everything else is satisfactory. Mr. Zhou said that although he often smokes in the car, he never used the ashtray because he would put his cell phone in the ash every time. In the tank.

When Mr. Zhou bought the 1.4T model, he mainly considered that the cost of the later car will be lower. The 1.4T engine is enough for normal use, but Mr. Zhou's driving style is more radical. This power cannot meet his needs. When he talks about this issue, he There are also some regrets that I did not purchase a 1.8T model. Because the Super 1.4T engine is equipped with a 7-speed dry dual-clutch gearbox, we also specifically asked if there were any problems with the gearbox. Mr. Zhou said that he usually drove better on the road. So far, the performance of the gearbox is still Quite satisfactory. Up to now, Mr. Zhou has done three maintenances. The first warranty is free. The second warranty has been changed from semi-synthetic to full-synthetic and oil circuit cleaning. In addition, the oil filter and air filter have been replaced. The total cost is about 1000 yuan, three guarantees only changed the oil and oil filter, which cost about 500 yuan.

Owner's summary:

In the end, Mr. Zhou scored 90 points for his superpower. The higher cost performance and spacious space are what he is more satisfied with. The main deduction item is the performance of the power system, because he has higher power requirements, and the 1.4T engine Performance sometimes does not meet his needs.

  Owner: Mr. Yang Forum ID: Moonlit

The third owner, Mr. Yang, is a technician in a private company. In July 2014, he bought this 2.0TSI DSG Zunshi version. The current mileage is 13,291 kilometers. This car is mainly used for commuting to and from get off work.

Car purchase experience:

Mr. Yang's previous car was a 1.6L old Fukang. The car had been driving for nearly 6 years. The reason for considering changing the car was mainly because the child was getting older, so he wanted to change to a more spacious car. When I first looked at the car, I considered the guide and Sorento SUVs, but Mr. Yang’s lover usually also drives. The SUV is not particularly convenient for parking because of its larger body size, so I gave up on SUVs and started thinking about cars. Mr. Yang's lover prefers the appearance design of the Citroen C5, but after the actual experience, I feel that the space of the C5 is not as large as that of the Supai. Later, I heard from a friend that the power of the C5 is weak, so he directly sent it. At the beginning, the 1.8T model was ordered. After waiting for 5 months, the 4S shop called him and said that there was a 2.0T top-fitting model on the road. Mr. Yang didn’t want to wait any longer, so he bought it at a bare car price of 220,000. This car comes with a 2.0TSI DSG Zunshi version of Supercar with Nappa leather optional bag.

Mr. Yang’s Supercar is equipped with an optional Nappa leather package of 8,500 yuan. The optional package includes luxurious mahogany interior, Nappa leather seats and this 17-inch multi-spoke two-color wheel. When it comes to tires, Yang The husband also reflected the problem of excessive tire noise.

The old model is equipped with a trunk electric suction function, but Mr. Yang’s car does not. Mr. Yang said that after the trunk is opened for a period of time, more effort is required to completely close it. This has caused his lover to often cover it when using the car. Not tight to the trunk.

The Nappa leather suit has improved the interior texture a lot, and Mr. Yang is slightly older than the previous two owners, so he is quite satisfied with the interior of the Super.

power system:

Mr. Yang’s journey to and from get off work is usually congested, with an average speed of only 17km/h, so the fuel consumption is higher than that of the first two car owners. He is quite satisfied with the power performance of this 2.0T engine, but the gearbox is in 3rd gear and 2nd gear. Sometimes there will be frustration in the process. Mr. Yang’s vehicle has travelled 13,291 kilometers and has been serviced twice. During the second service, it was discovered that there was oil burning. During the second warranty, the oil, oil filter, and air filter were changed, and more were purchased. A barrel of engine oil cost about 1100 yuan. Mr. Yang said that he could not do anything about the phenomenon of burning engine oil. He could only prepare an extra barrel of engine oil in the trunk just in case.

Owner's summary:

Mr. Yang has a comprehensive evaluation of 90 points for his speed. Practical space and high cost performance are also his most satisfying aspects. The reduced trunk electric suction function and larger tire noise are the main deduction items.

to sum up:

     At the end of the interview, I asked the three car owners a question, did you consider Magotan on the same platform as it when selecting the supercar? They all said that there are too many Magotan on the street, and the business atmosphere is strong, and the Super has the same quality but reveals a different temperament, so basically they have not considered Magotan.

The high cost performance, spacious rear space and huge trunk are the main reasons for the three car owners to buy the Supai, and the performance of the vehicle in the actual use of the car has also reached their expectations. However, the large tire noise and the not easy to use multimedia system are also problems shared by the three car owners.