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[YesAuto Modification] After its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz came to Beijing with its brand new 3 masterpieces! Came to Badaling Airport. SLK55 AMG, SL63 AMG, and C63 AMG are just one by one! So many Mercedes-Benz performance cars put together is already exciting! In addition, former F1 world champion Mika Hakkinen (Mika Hakkinen) also visited the scene. I was tortured by the heat, and my body temperature has risen to the isolation cordon.

These three performance players can be regarded as promising! Let me start with the SL63 AMG. As the official guide car for F1 events, it frequently appears on TV broadcasts. In front of a group of manic machines, it looks particularly “gentle” but at the same time unabated. Many friends who like F1 say that the SL63 AMG, which often shows up, can be regarded as a superstar.

The Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG also serves F1 events. As a dedicated medical vehicle, its occasional appearance is also a highlight. Regardless of its small size, but the limelight will not be overwhelmed by the heroes! The 6.2L V8 engine, 457 horsepower, accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers in 4.5 seconds, this speed has even surpassed the former SL63 AMG!

Among them, it seems that only the SLK55 AMG is the most “low-key”, 5.5L V8 engine, 360 horsepower, which is a bit smaller than the “63 Pie”, but the smaller and lighter body also allows it to accelerate within 5 seconds! In fact, it is not surprising to think about it, how can AMG models, especially cars or sports cars, be described in a simple way? !

At the test drive meeting, we were fortunate to have a test ride on the C63 AMG driven by Mika! It feels like no one before, no one afterwards! After a trip, the vehicle will encounter such items as spooling, full acceleration, braking, and multiple changes of lanes. Of course, you can also experience the state of drifting in a few corners! Since it is a car king driving, the potential of C63 AMG will also be displayed to a greater extent! Let's take a look with the pictures below.

During the test ride, the C63 AMG gave me more agility and agility. The powerful power entered the state soon after the start. Although the tires did not skid significantly when starting at full throttle, it was about to enter the first event. During the short acceleration process, the car has instantly reached a speed of more than 60 kilometers! After entering the first pile bucket, the tires rattle. You must know that the C63 tires have reached the front 235mm and the rear 255mm wide, and there can be obvious noises. It can only show that the speed is already very fast!

When circling the pile, I noticed that Mika left a very clear advance, which means that when the front of the car is pointing to the next pile-entry trajectory, he has already changed the direction, visually it looks like he is about to hit the pile, but In fact, this is a manifestation of the driver's deep understanding of the vehicle and the project, and the advance amount is set to allow the vehicle itself to slide fully after the pile is just stuck! Pretty beautiful!

At this time, the ESP is in the OFF state, even so, the sliding track of the vehicle will not show obvious oversteer! The closely following tail will keep the body as trackable as possible, and the precise pointing will also pull the entire body for the next action. I think Mercedes-Benz’s “ABC” dynamic body control should also play a role in it.

Turning to the test drive stage, the C63 AMG is much easier to control than I thought! From the winding to the line change project, there will be many times of slight tail activity during the period, but it is still easy to return the car to the expected trajectory through a small amount of year-on-year correction and oil collection. Due to the high engine speed, the oil is collected. The traction of the engine can make this beast instantly obedient!

Compared with the normal version of C-Class, the steering of C63 AMG is more direct, and the sticky feeling seems to disappear. I personally feel that the strength and feel are very good! Absolutely accurate but not obtrusive! After the test drive, the SL63 AMG and SLK55 AMG also felt the same.

Change to a Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG with more horsepower! Driving a rear-drive vehicle with more than 500 horsepower is something to be vigilant! Indeed, compared with the C63 AMG, this car must have better throttle control between the piles. Once it is slightly larger, the tail will easily show signs of activity, and the action is very fast! The larger body concealed some of the elegant feeling of the former, which was a brand new experience for me, and it was also a sudden challenge at the same time!

SL63 AMG has 255mm and 285mm wide front and rear tires, but this seems to be difficult to resist the powerful “back force” of turning off the ESP! In the last project, the driver can easily use full throttle and reverse direction to create a drift effect! I also said before that the rear of the car should be more active, so in this extreme action, the driver also needs to react quickly, otherwise the 90° drifting small maneuvering bend can easily make the body swing over the head.

It is reported that Mercedes-Benz is equipped with the latest AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports dual-clutch transmission for the SL63 AMG. This transmission has four driving modes, namely C (comfort, economy mode), S (sports mode), M Gear (manual mode) and S+ (sports enhancement mode). The meaning of S+ mode is to shift gears faster than sports mode (it is said that it can be nearly 20% faster)! In addition, the official also specifically introduced that this dual-clutch gearbox will provide more sensitive and accurate feedback to the driver! You can even downgrade from 7th to 4th, and from 5th to 2nd! How fierce will the V8 engine, which has a high-revving force, after downgrading three gears in a row? I really didn’t experience it in this test drive meeting. Let’s save this problem and share it with you after the test car arrives…

Although I couldn't feel the full acceleration after downshifting by 3 gears in the test drive meeting, I still have a little experience of the car's downshifting feeling! Sufficient refueling and low voice clearly tell you the whole process, and the result will naturally end smoothly!

Due to the limitations of the test drive meeting, the Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG has another unexplored ability-RACE STAT (racing start mode), whose principle is roughly the same as the super start mode of some sports cars, that is, when the brakes are pressed at a standstill. Depress the accelerator pedal to the end to activate this function. The difference is that the car's racing start mode needs to dial the “UP” paddle shift in manual mode in advance. With these two points, I still look forward to it coming to the car home as a guest as soon as possible. By then, the differences and feelings between the normal start mode of the SL63 AMG and the racing start mode will be fully revealed!

After driving the passionate C63 AMG and the grumpy and active SL63 AMG, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief from the next contact with the SLK55 AMG. As the most exquisite and compact sports car among the three cars, the SLK55 AMG should have brought me A simpler experience of human-vehicle communication. When the driver sits in the middle of the vehicle, he will first feel the balance between the head and the tail, and the relatively weak power will not give people unnecessary tension, as if everything changes. Much easier!

Wait, the above description can only be regarded as a kind of self-comfort or flashy, if you really put this kind of slack spirit on driving, then there will be a problem! Take a look at the acceleration capability of SLK55 AMG! 4.9 seconds! The same should not be underestimated! The lightweight body is the killer of its ability. Because of the dexterous and lightweight body, you need to pay more attention when facing the test drive project!

The SLK55 AMG's steering is more neutral when circumventing the pile, and there is basically no extra action. The four wheels can provide very good grip, and the tough ground will also make the entire body in a regular change. In the continuous line change, the car's sensitivity is very high, and its light posture will keep the center of gravity close to the center. This feeling is like the head and the tail are very close. If you want to move, move together! When the heading of the car changes, the tightly pulled tail will follow closely behind, and it feels very integrated.

It feels easy to drive it to complete the last drifting maneuver! The SLK55 AMG does not rely on the powerful rear thrust to push the tail over like the SL63 AMG. On the contrary, its short wheelbase and tough ground will appear flexible according to changes in the front of the car. Basically, the “breaking” power will be more prominent. some. After the reverse direction, the tail of the SLK55 AMG will quickly return to the normal position.

When doing this action, the SLK55 AMG gave me the feeling that I didn’t have to reverse the direction so hard and quickly. Following the strength, even a little later, I felt that I could finally control it. The test drive was short, otherwise I would try to make It is more casual.

This time, Mercedes-Benz once again launched three AMG high-performance models on the original basis, which will be more feast for the eyes of friends who love performance cars! Some people may ask that BMW and Audi also have some of the models that can respond to them, and their capabilities are by no means below them. Then, what does the Mercedes-Benz AMG series rely on to gain a foothold? Counting down, from the “low-end” C63 AMG to the top-level S65 AMG, Mercedes-Benz has occupied a large and comprehensive share in this market, which is one of the main reasons.

AMG's unique “one person, one machine” high-performance engine building concept is also one of the reasons! The so-called “one person, one machine” means that the entire engine is assembled by a senior technician (you will see the technician's signature metal LOGO in the center of the engine)! Secondly, Mercedes-Benz has deep attainments and experience in the racing field, and its performance, quality and brand have been verified by word of mouth!

According to the relevant personnel, the final price of SL63 AMG will not exceed 2.6 million yuan, the price of SLK 55 AMG is expected to be less than 1.3 million yuan, and C63 AMG will be put on the market at a price of less than 1 million yuan! By then, the lineup of the Mercedes-Benz AMG family will be extremely strong! Speaking of this, BMW’s “M” and Audi’s “RS” and “S” series are going to be depressed. Take the C63 AMG as an example. At the same level of performance as the M3, the price has become its advantage. The domestic high-performance market investment is still very small, therefore, the Mercedes-Benz AMG series with more precise market segments has steadily become the current winner!

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