[YesAuto Auto Race] October 7, 2015, the 2015 Hispeed I am a Driver Grand Prix final race ended at Beijing Golden Port Circuit. After two days of fierce competition, the editor of Auto Home Modification Race Channel/Senior Driver Wang Tao won the 1800cc Annual champion of professional group A.

Hispeed I am a Riders Grand Prix is sponsored by Beijing Motorsports Association and undertaken by Beijing Dianfeng Tuosu Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and approved by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports. Advocating the rejection of the two charities of road racing, it is open to all car clubs, groups and motorcycle enthusiasts in the society, and is committed to becoming the most people-friendly, most enjoyable, and most participated car/motorcycle event in China.

The 2015 Hispeed I am a Drivers Grand Prix has 11 registered teams and 14 motorcycle teams participating. According to the displacement and the level of participation, they are divided into: 1800cc A/B group, 3000cc A/B group, 2.0TA/B group, supercar Group, Super Group, a total of 8 groups compete for the championship, runner-up and third place. (Note: Group A is a professional group, group B is an amateur group; the other 2.0TA/B group is a precursor group/four-wheel drive group)

Car home editor Wang Tao drove a modified Beverly car to participate in the 1800 professional group A group. This group has 15 masters from all over the country competing. In the qualifying on October 6, Wang Tao won pole position with a time of 1:16.726. In the race, starting from pole position, after 12 laps of fierce competition, staged “Pole to win” to win the annual championship. It is worth mentioning that Wang Tao has won all the championship trophies he participated in in the five sub-stations (formerly known as the Northern Touring Car Classic) that he has participated in since 2013. (Editor/Guo Feng Auto House)

Wang Tao's past parameter award history
Participation Awards
2010 North China Touring Car Challenge champion
2011 Supercar Series Third place
North China Touring Car Challenge 2011 Third place
2012 North China Touring Car Challenge champion
2012 Zhaoqing 3-Hour Endurance Race champion
2013 Northern Touring Car Classic champion
In 2014, I am the professional group of the Drivers Grand Prix champion
2014 National Rally Championship SAE Group Runner-up of the Year
In 2015, I am the professional driver of the Grand Prix champion

Hispeed, I am the driver, the wonderful moment of the final race