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[YesAuto in-depth experience] Electric cars! This should be the third type of electric car I have driven. The first type is a bumper car in amusement park, the second type is an electric bicycle, and the third type is today's BYD e6. This is a pure electric car. It does not need any fuel. It is the same as household appliances. It only needs the support of electricity. However, Suning and Gome can't buy it. You have to go to the BYD 4s store.

Energy-saving, emission-reduction and green travel have become a topic of concern all over the world. Just last Monday, philanthropists distributed 2,000 Giant bicycles for free in Beijing. Automobile manufacturers are also gradually introducing various low-emission models to the market, including zero-emission pure electric vehicles. Nissan Leaf, MINI E, electric golf and even supercar Mercedes-Benz SLS have also produced electric versions. However, only BYD e6 is the only civilian electric vehicle that is currently mass-produced.

The high price of electric vehicles is due to the high cost of battery manufacturing

The BYD e6 is priced at 369,800 yuan. To tell you the truth, when I heard this price, I sighed and stared. I believe you understand if I don’t say it. The reason why the price is so high is that the manufacturing and production costs of power batteries are too high. To give an unprofessional example, the market price of our home DV lithium batteries is around 400, not to mention a set of battery systems for driving cars, and pure electric Automobiles also need a relatively complete power control and recycling system. In short, the high price of vehicles is largely restricted by manufacturing costs.

High-priced electric vehicles enjoy government subsidies

If selling at a price of more than 300,000 yuan is obviously a lot of pressure, it is unceremonious to say that no one will pay for environmental protection by themselves. As far as the current national conditions are concerned, we still buy a car to meet our own travel needs, then the price has become A very insurmountable obstacle, so it will gradually become something that is not popular, so it needs to be policy-oriented. The state supports electric vehicles. At present, the purchase of electric vehicles can enjoy a price subsidy of 60,000 yuan. It will also gradually introduce policies that favor electric vehicles. For example, Shenzhen has already begun to implement it. The local government will subsidize 60,000 yuan. That is to say, a BYD e6 priced at 369,800 yuan is priced at 249,800 yuan in Shenzhen, including 6 A state subsidy of 10,000 yuan and a local government subsidy of 60,000 yuan.

Is the subsidized BYD e6 249,800 highly competitive?

The price after deducting the subsidy is 249,800 yuan. Is this price reasonable? Let's compare it horizontally, what kind of car can 249,800 buy? We can buy more than 90% of the compact cars for 249,800, and we can buy the top-equipped Volvo C30. We can buy Accord, Camry, Regal, Lacrosse, we can buy Odyssey, CR-V, Tiguan, etc., etc., and so on. These cars have good comfort, good power, good brands, then Where is the advantage of an electric car at the same price? With low maintenance costs and a sense of social responsibility that no one else can match, you can point to a friend of the road rover and say: You are polluting the earth.

When will the spring of electric vehicles come?

The spring of electric vehicles needs to wait until the time and place are favorable. When the government can support electric vehicles more vigorously, there will be a greater policy inclination. The key is to have more powerful funds to subsidize manufacturers to subsidize the people, because we see the current situation Subsidies are far from enticing people to choose electric vehicles instead of conventional power models. Another constraint on the development of electric vehicles is the convenience of later use, that is, charging is very inconvenient. Even if we give away charging piles like BYD, we can’t just follow the trajectory of the company and the home. What do we want? What we want is to drive an electric car after get off work and go to a place 30 kilometers away to participate in a party, and then park the car on the side of the road and there will be a charging station to charge it. It's that simple, but the current reality The situation is far from reaching.

The power system of BYD e6

After BYD started its battery business, it has been involved in the automotive industry. I remember that I once read a document that although the data is relatively old, it also has a certain reference. In the fourth quarter of 2008, BYD’s market share in the battery industry was second only to LG Chem. Japanese companies such as Sony and Samsung ranked No. 5. Their products mainly satisfy Volkswagen and SAIC. They are currently the largest power battery manufacturer in China, and this time they have returned to their old line.

This BYD e6 pure electric vehicle has a set of lithium iron phosphate batteries independently developed by BYD, with a rated power of 90kW (120 horsepower) at 2550rpm and a maximum torque of 450 Nm/2500rpm. The huge battery pack is designed in the middle of the bottom of the car body. The battery pack has a steel protective shell outside to prevent the battery pack from being directly impacted and scratched. Due to the huge battery pack, the BYD e6 has a body mass of 2.3 tons, which is an order of magnitude with the Volkswagen Touareg and BMW X6 in terms of weight.

In the face of electric vehicles, whether it is an electric bicycle or an electric car, there are several rigid reference indicators when buying a car.

The following data comes from official information, and the actual usage needs to be tested

1. Fully charged mileage and top speed

According to official information, it can travel 300 kilometers without air conditioning and full power, and the maximum speed is 140 kilometers per hour. This mileage is considered to be very long in electric vehicles, and the mileage of other pure electric vehicles is basically in the range About 200 kilometers, this BYD e6 still has an inherent advantage.

2. What is the life span of the battery pack? How to deal with the battery after the end of life?

As netizens have objections to the battery life, we confirmed to the factory on March 5 that the official reply on the battery life on March 6, 2012 : After 4,000 cycles of charging, there is still 80% of the capacitance. It explained the reason why Shenzhen has driven 180,000 kilometers, and the battery life is also related to the conditions of use.

The used battery BYD officially stated that it will be recycled

3. How to charge and what is the charging time?

If you purchase a BYD e6, you will receive a charging pile with the car and a dedicated person will install it in the parking space of the car owner. The charging pile can be charged for 6 hours and can be fully charged in 15 minutes at a dedicated charging station.

4. What is the maintenance cost for later use?

Due to the use of pure electric drive, the three oil filters, timing belts, etc. that we often hear are also unnecessary, so as long as the power system does not fail, the maintenance cost in the later period is still much lower than that of the internal combustion engine. In terms of usage cost, the government claims that it consumes 19.5 kilowatt-hours of electricity per 100 kilometers. As far as Beijing is concerned, the price of civil electricity is 0.48 yuan per kilowatt-hour, so the consumption per 100 kilometers is only 10 yuan, which is quite low.

Official maintenance information: from the after-sales maintenance manual

The basic warranty period of BYD e6 vehicle is 24 months or 60,000 kilometers; the warranty period of key components (power battery pack and tray assembly, power motor, drive motor controller assembly, power battery manager assembly) is 60 Month or 100,000 kilometers.

Seeing this, I think you have a preliminary understanding of the power system of BYD e6, and also know about the electric vehicle policy and prospects. Now, please come with me to further understand the car itself.

First of all, when my colleagues Luo Hao and Li Yi saw this car, we invariably “sucked” it. This car is really good-looking. This is our first impression of it. At least it looks true. It's like that.

In our product sequence, it is divided into MPV. From the side, it looks like an MPV. The manufacturer also refers to this design as a crossover. The body size is 4560*1822*1630mm, and the wheelbase has reached 2830mm. , But it is not a 7-seater model but a serious 5-seater.

I don’t want to introduce the appearance of the whole car too much. Let’s take a look at the details. The silver “air grille” inlaid with BYD LOGO on the front face most attracted my attention. To be precise, this is just a decoration, silver. The panel is decorated with stripes similar to the circuit board, and the design is very innovative! At the bottom of the front bezel, LED daytime running lights and orange reflective sequins that are common in U.S. cars are also added. At the same time, the BYD e6 has a front radar.

The rear side windows are privacy glass, and the later filming steps are omitted. What's interesting is that I found that the whole car windows are French Saint-Gobain brand, not our common Fuyao glass. In order to save energy, except for the headlights, the taillights, the floor lights on the door panels and the interior lighting all use LED light sources.

Keyless entry and reversing images are the standard configuration of this car. In addition, we see a camera under the reflector, which can play a significant role when parking sideways. Through this camera, you can clearly see the lower right front of the car. In this case, it can most directly avoid the trouble caused by blind spots, such as rubbing the rim against the shoulder of the road or the pile. However, it is a pity that the reversing auxiliary line cannot change the track with the direction. Another oversight is that the BYD e6 does not have a rear window wiper.

This car uses front and rear Macpherson multi-link suspension, as for the comfort and dynamic performance it provides for the 2.3-ton body, our review colleagues will tell you. Here I want to say one thing, in order to save energy to the greatest extent, the power will be recovered every time you lift the throttle. The display on the center console will display power recovery and release. This logic control of the recovered energy is also occupied. In addition to considerable development costs, the electric assist will also stop working when the vehicle is stationary.

Sitting in the car, the large-area center console is clearly layered, and the enveloping design brings a good overall feeling. The difference from the exterior is that the interior part uses more curves.

Among them, I have to mention the upper LCD screen. The horizontal size of the color screen is large, and its display content is more interesting, such as speed, gear, tire pressure, cruising range and the power information mentioned above, such as remaining power, etc. .

The center console is all made of hard materials, the materials are not lacking in texture, and there is no obvious cheap impression, but the workmanship is still a place that needs to be improved. The feel of the buttons and knobs is average, there is no obvious deficiency, and of course it has nothing to do with the words such as exquisiteness and delicateness. There is a lot of room for improvement in some details.

The one that impressed me a lot is the steering wheel. As for whether it is leather or not, we don’t have an authoritative conclusion, but it feels very good. Even if the palm of the hand is sweaty, it is not easy to slip. The steering wheel integrates multi-function buttons such as audio and cruise control. The shape and function distribution design is similar to the Accord, and the grip and ease of operation can give a higher score.

The LCD screen in the middle of the center console is the entertainment and navigation system. This system is the same as the S6, and it also has a TV receiver. It can receive TV programs in real time to enrich the life in the car. When the car is started, the TV program images will automatically turn off. Avoid distracting the driver. Although this safety design can be turned off, we do not recommend turning it off. There is room for improvement in the resolution of the display.

BYD e6 has a “cloud” system, which is really a popular word at the moment. This system has functions similar to G-book and OnStar, which is to ask for emergency help when the driver encounters trouble or encounters an accident. You can press the red button to contact the operator at the service center at any time. They can locate the vehicle and provide emergency assistance. It can also detect whether the vehicle’s six airbags have bounced off and contact emergency personnel.

Although this is a pure electric car, it still has two options with sports and ECO energy saving modes. The buttons are also located under the center console. If you make sure that your remaining battery is enough to drive home, use the sports mode appropriately. It's an adjustment, but you don't have too much hope for it. Even if the throttle of the exercise mode is at the end, your adrenaline will still be stable in your kidneys, because the acceleration at this time will not let it overflow. .

Turning down the sun visor, we found that the vanity mirror behind the sun visor of the main and co-pilot is illuminated. This detail is worthy of recognition. This detail is often overlooked in independent brands. In addition to the electric folding rearview mirror switch and headlight height adjustment on the left side of the driver's seat, there is also a passenger airbag switch. The switch can be directly operated without any tools such as keys.

Sitting in the driver's seat, I tried to find a suitable driving posture, but the common problem of self-owned brand models still exists: the sitting posture is too high. Although the seat is electrically adjustable, its height cannot be changed. The steering wheel can be adjusted up and down. However, for taller people, adjusting the front and back and height together will have a practical effect. Otherwise, it is difficult to have a completely suitable and safe sitting posture. I have a deep understanding of this! My visual horizon is always in the upper third of the front windshield.

The seemingly comfortable seat is a bit hard when actually riding, and the lateral support and wrapping are not ideal, so let's drive calmly and don't let the poor abdominal muscles get too tired.

The 178cm-height experiencer has a punch in the front row of the e6, and there is about one punch in the head space, and two punches in the back leg space. The flat roof maintains a consistent punch head space. If the soft central armrest can be firm One point, passengers who can add a rear exhaust vent will be more comfortable.

The middle seat has a headrest, which is not common in self-owned brand cars, and the headrest is not decorated, wide and thick, but I did not find any form of safety seat interface on the three rear seats. This must be Improve. It would be great if you could add a sunroof to this car, after all, such a big roof.

Finally, we focused our attention on the storage space, which is something that a family car cannot ignore. In general, BYD e6 space performance is average, let's look down.

There are two water cup grooves with fixing devices on the right side of the driver with reasonable depth. The texture of the central armrest is relatively soft, and the height is also very suitable for the compartment. Open the lid. The armrest box has a regular shape and a reasonable volume, and has USB, AUX and 12V power ports.

When it comes to storage, there is another regret that there is no usual glove box in front of the co-pilot. This is too inconvenient and rare. I don’t know if the interior of the center console is occupied by some equipment. . The storage slot on the door panel is more practical, and the remaining space after the water bottle is put in has a lot of use value.

Since the BYD e6 does not have a 7-seater model, the trunk volume is naturally more abundant and quite regular, but due to the addition of battery packs under the car, the trunk is raised and the ground clearance increases. If you want to move like me For a heavy object, it can be a little strenuous. In addition, the position of the reversing radar is also high. When reversing, pay attention to observe through the image.

Simple demonstration of cloud system

While testing the car, the staff also specially demonstrated the “cloud” system to us. This system is currently under further development. It demonstrates only some basic functions, such as positioning the vehicle through the 3G network, opening or closing the door lock, and viewing Vehicle information such as battery power, etc., in the event of a robbery incident, the service center can also accurately provide the location of the vehicle through the cloud system to assist in solving the case. It is understood that the next step of development will achieve more vehicle control, such as controlling the vehicle forward and backward through mobile phones, etc. The specific function will be launched at this year’s Beijing Auto Show. In any case, at least this function will be the first among independent brands. example.

to sum up:

Advantages: long driving mileage, charging piles are provided with the car and installed free of charge, and the later use cost is low.

Disadvantages: The humanized design is slightly lacking, the general market situation has not turned to new energy vehicles, and the subsidy is not high enough.

As far as the product itself is concerned, the power system is nothing more than what all consumers care about most. First of all, the driving range of 300 kilometers is very good, and in our test, the car can reach 300 kilometers in normal driving with full power. If the car does not have a major breakdown, the cost of use is relatively low, and it is still more suitable for home use. Of course, I think it is better as the second car. As far as the current situation is concerned, the first car is more practical than the traditional internal combustion engine power. This extends to the old-fashioned topic, when will the government's large-scale subsidies be in place, when will the streets be full of charging stations, when our car purchase and environmental protection awareness is advanced enough, the spring of electric vehicles will really come! (Photographed by Zhang Ke, Li Yi, Luo Hao, Car House)