[YesAuto Racing Exposure] The new look of the 2015 IRL Indycar developed by Honda Performance Development (Honda Performance Development) has been exposed. The appearance of the new car has added a lot of the aerodynamic design concepts of F1 racing cars, and the design of the front nose has become very complicated.

The characteristic of the Indycar race is that the speed of the car has always been very high during the race, so the car focuses on the aerodynamic performance of the car body at high speed, and the vehicle handling is relatively weak. Competitive, the rules of this race are gradually changing, and more and more emphasis is placed on the flexibility of the vehicle. We can see this change from the shape of this new Honda car. All IndyCar cars use the chassis developed by Dallra, the engine is a low-supercharged 2.2-liter V8 style, and the maximum power is about 700 horsepower.

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