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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] Recently, we learned from Honda Aircraft Company (hereinafter referred to as “HACI”), a subsidiary of Honda engaged in aviation business, that Honda Jet, a subsidiary of Honda, was mass-produced at 10:18, June 27, 2014, Eastern Time. Private jet No. 1 took off at the Piedmont Triangle International Airport in Greensboro, North Carolina. Under the watchful eyes of more than 1,000 HACI employees, it passed various tests of flight characteristics and system functions and successfully completed it. First flight. In order to obtain the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Type Certification (TC: Type Certification), HACI conducted a large number of certification flight tests on the HondaJet, and the success of this first flight indicates that the mass-produced No. 1 aircraft will officially start flying.

The first public appearance of HondaJet's mass-produced unit 1 was at the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition held in Switzerland in May 2014. The success of this first flight indicates that the production of HondaJet's mass-produced models has entered a new stage. Doug Fujino, head of HondaJet development and HACI president, said: “The successful first flight of HondaJet's mass-produced No. 1 aircraft will become an important node in the development of Honda's advanced small business jet business.”

HondaJet is Honda's first business jet. The fuselage is made of lightweight composite materials, while the wings are made of reinforced aluminum. And its on-wing blowing flap power suspension system can be described as unique: it is equipped with two GE Honda HF120 fan turbojet engines. This design improves aircraft performance and fuel usage by reducing air resistance.

HondaJet basic design specifications:

6-7 people (2 flight attendants + 5 passengers or

(1 driver + 6 passengers)

Maximum speed 778 kilometers per hour (420 knots)
engine model HF-120 turbo engine × 2
Length×width×height 12.99×12.12×4.54(m)
Flying height 13106 meters
Longest flight distance 2185 km

The aircraft can carry 6-7 passengers. The fuselage is 12.99 meters long and has a wingspan of approximately 12.12 meters. The cruising speed is 778km/h and the longest range is 2185km. The cabin design pursues low noise and comfort, and provides the largest possible cabin and cargo compartment. In the cockpit, it is equipped with Honda's customized Garmin G3000 latest generation glass fiber avionics system, and is also equipped with a 14-inch panoramic window, and is equipped with a multi-touch control device.

Including the pearl green and gold stripe body painting used in the mass-produced No. 1 unit, HondaJet has also launched five body colors in silver, red, yellow and blue, and has begun to accept orders in North America and Europe. At present, including the successful first flight of the mass-produced No. 1 aircraft, 10 aircraft in the HondaJet production plant have entered the final assembly stage. According to the plan, HondaJet will begin delivery after obtaining the FAA type certificate in the first quarter of 2015. (Part of the information in the article comes from the Internet article/Car home Zhang Wenjun)