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[YesAuto Internet Travel] From the release of Zebra Network at the Aliyunqi Conference in September last year, and now it is about to be put on the ground, the Zebra Zhixing 3.0 system code-named “MARS” has taken a whole year to prepare. As the vertical screen version system has been pushed for nearly a month, and a series of BUG collection and repairs have been carried out, the functionally more complete horizontal screen version system will also gradually start from October 8th on the 10th of the SAIC MG brand. More than 10,000 Internet model users carry out OTA push. So what are the highlights of the horizontal version of Zebra Zhixing 3.0 this time? What is the difference between it and the portrait version system? The engineering team of SAIC decided to find a “closed beta” MG HS equipped with the new system for us to experience.

PS: The Zebra Zhixing 3.0 system on the experience model in the article is a test version based on Alibaba's AliOS system, which may be slightly different from the production version in terms of functionality. In the future, Zebra Zhixing may also launch a simplified version based on the Linux system to meet the needs of different models.

■ High-level hardware standards

Whether it is the popular vertical screen or the horizontal screen that is more in line with the traditional center console layout, SAIC has spared no effort in creating Internet car hardware. Taking the MG HS model we experienced as an example, the performance of the 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel is obvious to all, while the horizontally arranged 10.1-inch IPS touch screen is not big, but in fact its size is only 0.3 inches different from the vertical screen. The rate is also 1280 × 720, and a full bonding process is used to reduce the reflectance, so that it can ensure readability under any optical fiber. According to official data, the viewing angle of this screen reaches 170°, which can fully ensure the clear reading of the front row drivers and passengers.

Behind the screen is a set of miniaturized in-vehicle computer mainframe. Its core brain is a dual-core CPU of Texas Instruments J6-ARM A15 architecture for vehicle-specification machines. The graphics processor is a dual-core GPU provided by PowerVR. The entire system is stored. 2GB, the memory is 32GB. Such hardware specifications can be regarded as a very good configuration if they are placed in a horizontal comparison among models of the same price.

■ Human-computer interaction system upgrade

Voice control, as the strength of the Zebra Zhixing system, has several important changes in version 3.0. The first to bear the brunt is the addition of “AI cute pet”. This expressive little guy makes our daily communication with cars and machines no longer cold, but more humane. “Sound source location” is a new function upgraded from Zebra Zhixing 2.0 version. It can clearly distinguish the passwords issued by the main and passenger seats, and only give feedback to the driver and occupants on one side, such as adjusting the air conditioner on one side. Turn on the seat heating on one side, or close the windows on one side, and so on, and from the eyes of the AI cute pet, you can also tell which side of the instruction it is hearing.

The AI speech recognition engine is jointly developed by the world's number one speech recognition company NUANCE (the developer of Siri) and Alibaba Cloud ET. After the upgrade and iteration of the three generations of products, it is now also available in natural semantic recognition. Greater improvement. From the fixed-format voice car control version 1.0 to the relatively simple scene voice of version 2.0, such as “It's raining” or “I want to see the stars” used to open the sunroof, to the current version 3.0, you can use more For complex pure natural language interaction, for example, you can tell the vehicle “It smells bad in the car” (open the outer loop), “I have no money” (search ATM) or “I want to eat spicy food” (search Sichuan restaurant) . To make a digression, English recognition is finally supported in version 3.0, and there is no obstacle when searching for English songs.

In addition to voice interaction, a more friendly system UI interface is also one of the upgrades of Zebra Zhixing 3.0. In the previous version, there was no other way to return to the main interface except the HOME physical button, and a series of function keys were added on the left side of the new system, among which there was the presence of the HOME icon. In the past, the drop-down message reminder also appeared as a separate SMS icon in the left area. Now after pulling down from the top of the screen, you will be pleasantly surprised to see a super practical control center page, which contains a large number of commonly used shortcut buttons. After discussing the product ideas with the engineer, the other party also said that this is the experience logic of the current mobile phone system. The car owner does not need any learning costs when using it, because the mobile phone is also operated in this way.

The last is the change of the initial interface. In the Zebra Zhixing 3.0 system, the functional interface will no longer be presented to the user as the default interface. Instead, the more commonly used map interface will be replaced. If no operation is performed for a period of time, the interface will automatically return On the map page. In addition, the switch between the map and common functions can still be switched through the HOME key, which is exactly the same as the previous version.

■ Fully upgraded core functions

1/ Gaode Map-a deeply customized version based on the new Gaode Nebula AI engine

In Zebra Zhixing 1.0 and 2.0 versions, although AutoNavi customized maps are also used, and a large number of users have been praised, there are also some dissatisfied voices about vehicle positioning and route planning. For this reason, after the launch of Zebra Zhixing 3.0, the upgrade of the map is the most important change in the core function. According to the official information, the new version of AutoNavi Map uses AutoNavi's latest version of the full-platform engine, which can realize the complete interconnection and sharing of mobile phones and cars, with a positioning accuracy of 98% and an elevated road recognition rate of 99%. , The line matching accuracy rate is also 15% higher than that of the old version.

From the actual vehicle experience, the most intuitive change of the new AutoNavi map is the redesigned map interface. Compared with the previous version, the color is brighter, and the interface is closer to the mobile phone version, combined with the use of large-size screens. The effect has been significantly improved. At the same time, the new version also adds 3D view and real-time weather display functions. By sliding up and down with two fingers, you can seamlessly switch between 2D and 3D interfaces, which is similar to the method of adjusting the angle of view on the mobile version of the AutoNavi map.

In terms of new features, “Multi-path dynamic planning” can provide up to three route plans with rich information including time, distance, number of traffic lights, etc., allowing users to choose routes more freely. The “Eagle Eye Thumbnail” gives users a more intuitive itinerary judgment, and can also switch between traditional columnar road condition bars according to their preferences.

“Limited traffic planning” is very practical for foreign-brand vehicles entering restricted cities. It can actively avoid traffic restrictions and can also realize the function of avoiding unexpected road conditions in real time. The “3D real scene close-up” function has now covered Shanghai, Beijing and other first-tier cities. Under some complex road conditions, the navigation interface will be the same as the mobile map, showing details of the elevated and intersection similar to the 3D real scene to assist driving The operator correctly judges the driving direction.

“AI commuter mode” can intelligently predict the commuting scene. For office workers who frequently commute to home and work, the new version of AutoNavi Map will analyze the high-frequency route, date and time rules of the user's driving, and then form it through data learning memory. After that, as long as the travel time is close, the user does not need to set up the navigation, and the Zebra Zhixing 3.0 system will actively provide the owner with the best real-time commuting route, which is very user-friendly.

There are also new functions for vehicle-to-vehicle interconnection. After connecting to Zebra Zhixing 3.0 through a mobile phone, the destination on the mobile phone can be directly sent to the vehicle’s navigation. However, considering that the new version of the vehicle’s map has greatly improved the usability I personally feel that it doesn’t seem to make much sense to connect to a mobile phone to send a destination.

The improvement of the “teaming” function is more meaningful. In version 2.0, the system only supports the teaming of models that are also Zebra systems. The application scenarios are not broad. In version 3.0, we can finally group team information through the WeChat applet. Share it with non-Zebra system owners. However, the current WeChat applet can only share real-time location, set a common destination, and send location information remotely, and cannot conduct real-time conversations between zebra owners. But in any case, we see that the Zebra team has taken the first step in cross-platform teaming, and believe that this function will continue to evolve in the future.

2/Music software replacement/Quick short video access

In Zebra System 3.0, the music software has undergone a major change for the first time. Xiami Music, which was widely criticized by users because of the small amount of copyrights, disappeared and replaced by Kuwo Music with richer copyrights. The new music program can seamlessly connect with the account of the Kuwo app on the mobile phone. In other words, if you have a VIP account in the mobile app, all paid songs can also be listened to simultaneously on the car. Considering that there may be a lot of song caches in the previous favorites of Xiami users, after upgrading to Zebra Zhixing 3.0, the new music program will also help car owners retain as many songs as they have previously collected. Why do you say “as much as possible”? I believe you have also thought about it, and there is still a copyright.

It is the first time that Kuaishou short videos have appeared in the Zebra Zhixing system. Nowadays, online short videos are extremely popular, so the addition of short video applets such as Kuaishou and Douyin can be said to be popular. From the actual use point of view, the first addition of Kuaishou short video function is actually not bad, very close to the operating experience of the mobile app, and it can also synchronize accounts with the mobile app. Short videos can also be classified into 7 categories, which is convenient for users with different preferences to screen. However, there are also places that can be optimized. For example, when playing a short video in a horizontal screen system, there are still more black areas on both sides. You can consider making a split screen. Move the main video to the left and leave the right side empty. The area makes a separate video list.

The karaoke function has been reflected in the previous Zebra Zhixing 3.0 experience version system, and this function will eventually appear in the official version of Zebra Zhixing 3.0 system. Users only need to buy a Meibird microphone, and wirelessly interconnect with the car machine, you can achieve the effect of karaoke in the car. For car owners who have not purchased a microphone, the karaoke software also provides a trial singing function based on the microphone in the car, but the effect will be discounted.

3/Improve existing smart ecological services

Zebra Zhixing is the creator of the automotive Internet system and the forerunner of the service ecology. Therefore, the consolidation of existing smart ecological services is also an important task of the Zebra Zhixing 3.0 system. In terms of vehicle functionality, smart parking and smart refueling are functionally no different from the old version of the system, but the upgrade of objective application scenarios is obvious. For example, the number of ETCP parking lots has doubled over many years, and some Shell, PetroChina, and private gas stations have also begun to cooperate with Zebra to promote smart refueling services, and the number is gradually increasing.

From the actual experience, the zebra car machine is quite mature in the recognition of ETCP parking lot. Basically, it can accurately identify and quickly deduct the fee. It eliminates the process of cash or scan code payment, and effectively improves the time when entering and exiting the parking lot. s efficiency. In addition, unlike the ETCP software on mobile phones that everyone uses now, due to the existence of electronic fences, vehicles equipped with zebra systems need to match the hardware and license plates when entering and exiting the ETCP parking lot, so there is no possibility of being stolen by the deck.

The smart gas service also has a dual mechanism of manual search/automatic identification of gas stations in the new version of the system, avoiding the occasional situation where gas stations cannot be identified. The entire refueling process is very smooth. Just tell the gas station staff to use smart payment. After the refueling is completed, enter the nozzle number on the car terminal, you can inquire the refueling amount and price in real time, and complete the payment quickly, which is very convenient.

■ Full access to Ali ecology: order coffee/check express delivery/buy tickets/book a hotel

There are also some new functions. Although they are not core functions and the system does not have a specific entrance, they can really bring convenience to car owners in life. These all rely on the platform advantages of Alibaba AliOS, which enables Zebra Zhixing 3.0 to fully open up and connect to the Ali ecological chain.

For example, we can activate the takeaway Starbucks service through voice commands. The provider of this service is not Starbucks, but “Are you hungry?” By simplifying the category menu and synchronizing password-free payments, car owners can easily book Starbucks through the car and send them to the preset common addresses. The delivery time of the order will also be intelligently optimized. If the system finds that the delivery address is far away from the place where the car owner placed the order, it will delay the order delivery time appropriately to ensure that the car will almost be able to receive coffee when it arrives at the destination.

So by booking Starbucks services, it is not difficult for people to have more associations. Since it is the service provided by “Are you hungry”, today is Starbucks, will there be more takeaway categories suddenly appear tomorrow? This is really not a problem technically. In the same way, Zebra Zhixing version 3.0 also integrates Taopiao ticket movie ticketing platform, rookie wrap and check express delivery function, scenic spot ticket purchase and hotel reservation. With Alibaba's ecological chain and Alipay payment platform, everything seems to be the same. There is a reasonable solution.

Edit summary:

As a leader in the industry, the brand new Zebra Zhixing 3.0 system has been comprehensively upgraded in comparison with the old version, including core functions such as interactive interface, AutoNavi map, and music software, and has added quick-hand short videos, karaoke The new features that young people like OK, such as OK, consolidate the original ecological services such as smart parking, and have a deeper connection with the Alibaba ecological chain. Therefore, we can see the new functions of Starbucks takeaway service, convenient movie ticket, scenic spot ticket purchase and hotel reservation provided by “Ele.”, and truly appreciate the convenience brought by “Internet car” to life.

In particular, it is worth mentioning that although the functionality of the new system is much richer than before, we can still see the possibility of expansion in many details, such as the “Hungry?” platform functions have not been fully released, ” The “Fliggy” travel platform has not been fully activated, and the “Rookie Wrap” has just been able to provide inquiries. All of this provides unlimited reveries for the future version of Zebra Zhixing. As an important part of the Alibaba Group in the field of travel, the emergence of Zebra Zhixing 3.0 makes people shine, and this domestic first Internet car machine has much potential, I believe many people are as incomparable as me. look forward to.