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[YesAuto in-depth investigation] 2016 was a year of blooming Chinese brands. Not only were new brands such as Hanteng and LYNK&CO born, but Chinese brands such as Geely, Chery, and Changan also brought out many new cars, including Boyue and Tiggo. 7. Blockbuster products such as RX5, the high level of attention that these cars are on the market, and the hard-to-find situation of a car at the time of sale also proves the degree of consumer acceptance of them from the side. If you are also considering these cars, then the following content may be of some help to you.

● Geely Boyue

Boyue is undoubtedly one of the hottest Chinese brand models, as can be seen from its ranking of No. 1 in our compact SUV focus. When Bo Yue’s price of 9.88-15.78 million was released, many people shouted that it was cost-effective. However, even with the news that the factory’s production capacity was insufficient, the problem seemed to have been temporarily solved with the Baoji factory being put into use. Certainly relieved. So how is its sales now? We deliberately visited two 4S stores in Beijing to find out.

In this store, there are only a small number of cars available for 2.0L manual smart-linked models, and all other models need to be ordered. The salesman who received us said that half of the people who come to the store to see the car are for Bo Yue. If you place an order now, you will have to wait at least 4 months. Consumers who purchased Boyue before December 31, 2016 can enjoy a purchase tax subsidy of 4,000 yuan for 2.0L models and 6,000 yuan for 1.8T models. However, there are no discounts and gifts at the terminal, but at the same time, The store does not support price increases and car mentions. This approach ensures the fairness of car bookings, and there will be no “order car first, car first” situation. Compared with some joint venture brands, this aspect should be praised.

The situation of the second store was generally similar to the first one, but the store did not even have a 2.0L model. It is expected that the pick-up date will be until the middle of next month, and the rest of the model bookings will have to wait about 2 to 3 months to pick up the car. , The policy is the same as that of the first store, with no concessions, no price increases, and no replacement subsidies.

In addition to Beijing, we also added Shanghai and Guangzhou to the cities in this survey. The general situation is shown in the following table:

A random survey of Geely Boyue's situation in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou
city Existing car Booking cycle Preferential situation

Part of 4S shop

2.0L intelligent connection type small number of existing cars

3-4 months no
Shanghai no 3-4 months no
Guangzhou no 3-4 months no

Boyue concludes:

From the beginning of the market, Boyue has been in a situation where there is no car to buy. Although the new factory was put into production later, the situation has not changed until today, and the waiting time for the car is longer, but fortunately, the 4S store has We do not support the practice of “increasing fares and raising cars”. Everyone queues up to pick up cars. It does not encourage bad trends and the deposit is not high, just 500 yuan. Among the few 4S stores we asked about, only one had some partial configurations with a small number of existing cars, but in terms of Bo Yue’s current popularity, I believe these existing cars will also be quickly digested. According to the current situation, it is speculated that the situation of Bo Yue, which has no existing cars, will probably be maintained for a long time. It seems that Geely has to work harder in terms of production capacity. In addition, there are currently 4 dealers authorized to sell Boyue in the Beijing area. The locations of the 4 stores are quite scattered, and the most recent ones are around the 5th ring. This is for some consumers who want to see their cars, as well as car owners who want to repair and maintain. In general, it may be somewhat inconvenient.

● Tiggo 7

As the highest-level product in the Chery SUV family, Tiggo 7 was launched in September this year. Although Bibo Yue came half a year later, it is still regarded as one of Boyue’s main competitors, so in terms of popularity What? Let's take a look.

The better thing than Bo is that the 4S shop selling Tiggo 7 is finally not so far away, and there are some near the 4th ring. After entering the store, we did not find the Tiggo 7 show car. After inquiring with the sales, we learned that the car is currently in good sales conditions. Even the show cars in the store are sold. Now we are waiting for a new batch of cars to come. Well, if you order a car, you need to wait 2 to 3 months. Like Boyue, there are no discounts and no fare increase. Among them, the 2.0L model subsidizes the purchase tax of 4,000 yuan, and the 1.5T model directly enjoys the policy of halving the purchase tax.

Next, we came to the second 4S store in Beijing. We are gratified that at least the cars on display in the store are still there, and there are cars in some colors of the 2.0L models, but the number is not large. 1.5T is also out of car. Asked about the date of picking up the car, the sales reception did not give a specific time, but it said it was out before the Spring Festival. We speculate that the waiting time for the store will not be much different from that of the first store, and it should be about 2 to 3 months. In addition, the store's sales also mentioned that if the Tiggo 7 is used in an old car, there will be a replacement subsidy. If it is replaced with a Chery brand model, the subsidy will be 5,000 yuan, and if it is not a Chery brand, it will be 4,000 yuan.

The situation in Shanghai is roughly the same as that in Beijing. There are only a few cars available for 2.0L models in some 4S stores, while reservations are required for 1.5T, but the cycle for booking is slightly shorter, about more than one month. In Guangzhou, there is a slight difference. There is a 1.5T e-commerce version currently available in some 4S stores. You can get the car in about 1 week and enjoy 12 free maintenance for 6 years and interest-free installments for 2 years. policy.

Chery Tiggo 7 Random Investigation of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou
city Existing car Booking cycle Preferential situation

Part of 4S shop

A small number of 2.0L models are now available

2-3 months no

Part of 4S shop

A small number of 2.0L models are now available

1-2 months no
Guangzhou None (e-commerce version will pick up the car in about 1 week) 1-2 months no

Tiggo 7 summary:

It can be seen from the situation in the three places that Tiggo 7 is also a car that can be sold. It is slightly better than Bo Yue because its booking cycle is relatively short, and some stores have a small amount of 2.0L existing cars. In addition, replacement subsidies are not provided by Boyue. These points will more or less have some impact on consumers considering these cars. Can't buy a car at 4S? It doesn't matter, Tiggo 7 is also available for sale in our car store, please click here for details.

● Roewe RX5

The main design and interconnection of the RX5 is also a compact SUV. I don’t know if it is a coincidence or an intentional layout. It will be launched this year with Tiggo 7 and Boyue, adding fire to this already competitive market. There are also many people who are interested. At least in Beijing, I have seen many RX5s on the road.

As usual, we visited two 4S stores in Beijing. The current situation of the first store is that some of the high-end 30T models have existing cars, and the manufacturer has a purchase tax subsidy of 7,000 yuan, and the 20T volume needs to be booked. The booking cycle is about In 20 to 30 days, there will be no discount and no price increase.

The situation at the second store is similar, with the top-of-the-line 30T four-wheel drive Internet Zhizun version available now, and the 20T model can be ordered for at least one week. Compared with the previous two cars, Roewe RX5 needs to wait shorter time.

Shanghai can be regarded as Roewe's home court, so what is the situation here? I thought it would be possible to get a month by approaching the water tower, but after actual investigation, we found that the current situation of the 4S store in Shanghai is not even as good as that of Beijing. Even the high-end 30T car is not available. Whether it is 20T or 30T, the car needs to be booked in 1 Pick up the car after a few months. However, in terms of prices, there has finally been a loosening in the Shanghai area. In addition to the manufacturer's policy, the sales indicated that the price can be negotiated at the store, and the whole car film and some additional gifts can be included.

Random survey of Roewe RX5 in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou
city Existing car Booking cycle Preferential situation

Part of 4S shop

30T high equipped with existing cars

20-30 days no
Shanghai no About 1 month Negotiable at the store/free full car film, etc.
Guangzhou no About 1 month no

RX5 summary:

Like the two above, this year's newly launched compact SUV has received quite a few orders. As everyone knows, from January 1 to December 31, 2017, the purchase tax for passenger cars with a displacement of 1.6 liters and below will no longer be halved, but will be levied at a tax rate of 7.5%. Roewe has also come up with a response plan. Users who ordered RX5 20T before December 31, 2016, if they pick up the car from January 1 to April 30, 2017, they can enjoy a half purchase tax discount (national 2.5% subsidy, manufacturers subsidy 2.5%), for 30T models, all users who pick up the car before April 30, 2017 will continue to enjoy the 7,000 yuan purchase tax subsidy given by the manufacturer.

● Changan CS75

Compared with the above-mentioned “small fresh meats” that have been on the market for less than a year, Changan CS75 can be regarded as a predecessor. Although it is not as good as the top three in terms of design and freshness, the average monthly sales volume is about 20,000. Several latecomers could not reach it in a short time, so how is it going now?

Although the competitiveness of the car is still the same, as a veteran who has watched it for several years as a consumer, it is a bit lacking in freshness. At this time, if you want to sell a car, you have to offer some discounts. The policies of the two 4S stores we visited and the current car situation are roughly the same. For the 1.8T and 2.0L models, the manufacturer offers a cash discount of 12,000 yuan; for the later 1.5T models, consumers will not only receive a cash discount of 4,000 yuan. In addition, you can also spend 699 yuan to purchase car tickets worth 4000 yuan through the online Chang'an Mall, which is 4000+4000-699=7201 yuan. However, the current cars of the merchants are not very sufficient. Red and white can be directly picked up. Other colors need to be reserved, but the time will not be too long. In addition, there is a 4,000 yuan subsidy for consumers who replace their old cars.

The Shanghai area is different. In the 4S stores we consulted, the 1.5T model has a discount of 5,000 yuan, and there are a small number of white cars, and the 1.8T and 2.0L models have a discount of 11,000 yuan. The others are basically the same. In addition, the store's subsidy for replacing users is not fixed, and there will be cash subsidies ranging from 4,000 to 10,000 yuan depending on the model. Compared with Shanghai, the preferential rate in Guangzhou is a little bit floating. The 1.5T has a discount of 7,000 to 8,000 yuan, and the discount of 1.8T and 2.0L models is 10,000 yuan. In addition to the above-mentioned cash discounts, there are some gifts. In addition, the shop needs to order a car, and the delivery cycle is about 15 days.

Random survey of Chang'an CS75, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou
city Existing car Booking cycle Preferential situation Replacement subsidy


1.8T/2.0L 12000 yuan

1.5T 4000+4000 yuan coupon

4000 yuan
Shanghai Have

1.8T/2.0L 11000 yuan

1.5T 5000+4000 yuan coupon

4000-10000 yuan
Guangzhou no About 15 days

1.8T/2.0L 12000 yuan

1.5T 7000-8000 yuan

Depends on the specific model

CS75 summary:

It can be seen that there are quite a lot of preferential activities for CS75 from manufacturers at present. Among these 4 cars, the sources of cars are not so nervous, but it should be noted that the above-mentioned activities of 699 yuan for 4,000 yuan are only available for 1.5T models. In addition, the 2014 models , 2016 two-wheel drive MT Comfort and Value models will not participate. The deadline for online activities is at 24:00 on December 31, 2016 , so friends who want to buy should make a decision as soon as possible.

■ Model competitiveness analysis

After understanding their current sales status, let's look at the configuration comparison of their models with similar prices. As mentioned earlier, Boyue ranks first in the current focus on compact SUVs, so is it really more attractive than the other three cars? We can get the answer through a comparison. After looking at the car model attention, we can find that the Tiggo 7’s most attention is the 2.0L CVT Yaozhen version priced at 123,900 yuan, and the 1.8T automatic honorable national V with the most attention of the CS75, there is no large-scale exhaustion at all. Produce, exclude. Therefore, based on the principle of close price, we selected the 1.5T manual superior model with a price of 123,800 yuan among the second most concerned cars. Correspondingly, we chose Boyue's 1.8TD automatic smart model with a price of 123,800 yuan to compare with the two.

By observing the enthusiasm of the RX5 car series, it can be found that the car that consumers are most interested in RX5 is the 20T two-wheel drive Internet Smart Edition (two-wheel drive top configuration) with 148,800 yuan. Compared with Tiggo 7 and CS75, its price is higher. , The comparison is not fair, so we use the Boyue 1.8TD automatic Zhizun model with the same price of 148,800 yuan to compare with it separately.

● Boyue 1.8TD automatic Zhishang type/Tiggo 7 2.0L CVT Yaozhen version/CS75 1.5T manual excellent type

Model configuration comparison table
Project/model Boyue 1.8TD automatic fashion type Tiggo 7 2.0CVT Yaozhen Edition CS75 1.5T manual excellent type
Official guide price 12.38 million yuan 12.39 million 12.38 million yuan
Parking brake type Electronic parking Handbrake Electronic parking
Side safety air curtain Before / After ● Front ●/ Back●
Automatic parking
Steep slope
Panoramic skylight
Steering wheel adjustment Up and down + forward and backward adjustment Adjust up and down Up and down + forward and backward adjustment
Front seat lumbar support
Electric seat adjustment Main ● / Vice- Main ● / Vice-
The second row of backrest angle adjustment
Heated front seats
External audio source interface USB+AUX USB USB+AUX
Low beam lights halogen

Halogen (optional xenon)

High beam halogen Halogen (optional xenon) Halogen + xenon
Turn assist lamp
Rearview mirror electric folding
Induction wiper
Automatic air conditioning
Temperature zone control
In-car air conditioning/pollen filtration
Engine start and stop
Panoramic camera

In fact, it is not difficult to see from the above table that in the comparison around this price point, Boyue is not leading in terms of configuration. Whether in terms of safety configuration or comfortable configuration of seats, the other two opponents are better, especially Tiggo 7. However, Boyue’s advantage is that its 184-horsepower 1.8T engine is more powerful than the CS75’s 170-horsepower 1.5T engine, and it is almost not in the same order of magnitude as the Tiggo 7 122-horsepower 2.0 naturally aspirated engine.

● Boyue 1.8TD Automatic Zhizun (two-wheel drive top configuration)/20T two-wheel drive Internet smart sharing version (two-wheel drive top configuration)

Model configuration comparison table
Project/model Boyue 1.8TD automatic supreme type Roewe RX5 20T Two-wheel drive Internet Smart Enjoy Edition
Official guide price 148,800 yuan 148,800 yuan
Side safety air curtain Front ●/ Back
Panoramic skylight
Electric trunk
Front parking radar
LCD instrument
Seat material Genuine Leather imitation leather
The second row of backrest angle adjustment
External audio source interface USB+AUX USB
Low beam lights led Halogen (optional LED)
High beam led Halogen (optional LED )
Adaptive far and near light
Ambient lights in the car
The inner rearview mirror is automatically anti-glare
Induction wiper
In-car air conditioning/pollen filtration
Lane departure warning
Brake/active safety system
Adaptive cruise
Panoramic camera

The prices are the same at 148,800 yuan, and they are all two-wheel-drive top-equipped models in their respective product series. Naturally, they are indispensable for comparison. In contrast, the configuration of Boyue is much higher than that of RX5, especially in the active safety configuration. The 184 horsepower of Boyue 1.8T engine is also stronger than the 169 horsepower of RX5 1.5T in terms of book data. From this point of view, it seems that Boyue has established a great advantage in the comparison between the two, but the above are only the conclusions we have drawn based on objective analysis. When actually buying a car, subjective factors such as eyesight and brand preferences are sometimes also affected. People's choice.

In addition, the positioning of RX5 “Internet Car” is not the same as Boyue. One of the highlights of this Internet Smart Edition model is that the 10.4-inch central control screen in the car is used in conjunction with the YunOS system it carries. The function is very powerful. Due to space limitations, we will not explain it here. If you are interested, you can click to view the article “Geeks' New Poison Experience Roewe RX5 YunOS System” that we wrote before.

■ Model summary:

● Boyue

● Tiggo 7

● RX5

● CS75

■ Full text summary:

The three new cars Bo Yue, Tiggo 7, and RX5 have attracted a lot of attention. It can be seen from the 4S store that has been scheduled to the delivery date in March 2017. The CS75, which has been on the market for more than two years, is now in the sales volume. The high stage shows that Chinese consumers love SUVs, and what is gratifying is that Chinese brand cars are also being accepted by more consumers. During this visit, except for the 4S shop that had no cars to sell, it was a little deserted. The rest of the shops were full of people who came to see the cars, and some shops even had idle sales. No.

As one of the hottest models among Chinese brands, Boyue was regarded by many as the benchmark of Chinese brands at this level when it debuted, but this does not mean that it can sit back and relax. Tiggo 7, RX5 The successive emergence of the CS75 and the CS75 change have intensified the competition at this level. Through our comparison, we also found that Boyue has no advantage in configuration among the 120,000 or so models. Tiggo 7 and CS75 perform more comprehensively in configuration, and the cycle of ordering cars is also shorter. In the comparison between Boyue and RX5 models at the same price, from the paper, Boyue’s configuration is undoubtedly richer, but the concept of RX5’s main “Internet car” can only be perceived by actual experience to perceive its intelligent convenience. , So we cannot jump to conclusions here. However, one thing is certain. Some of these four cars will be affected by the changes in the purchase tax reduction policy in 2017, and the final landing prices will be increased. Those who are interested but still struggling should hurry up. Up.