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[YesAuto in-depth investigation] In addition to the appearance, passability, configuration and power performance of many consumers buying SUVs, they also value the size of the trunk space. After all, for daily home use and travel abroad, a large space trunk can bring more Multi-carrying convenience. In this article, we will measure the trunk of the SUV, and tell you which SUV has more space in the trunk through the measured data, and will also elaborate on the humanization of the trunk. If you are planning to buy an SUV in the near future, you might as well continue to look at it. It may help you buy a car.

The selection range of SUV in this article:

SUV sales ranking in June 2013
ranking Model Sales (ten thousand)
1 Haver 3.18
2 Tiguan 1.65
3 Honda CR-V 1.62
4 Beijing Hyundai ix35 1.27
5 Qashqai 0.96
6 Audi Q5 0.94
7 Wing tiger 0.92
8 Highlander 0.92
9 Toyota RAV4 0.74
10 Sportage 0.70

SUV sales data for June 2013 showed that the top 10 SUVs sold that month were Haval, Tiguan, Honda CR-V, Beijing Hyundai ix35, Qashqai, Audi Q5, Escape, Highlander, Toyota RAV4 and Smart Run. Among the top 10 SUVs in sales, compact SUVs of joint venture brands account for 7 of them. In this article, we will measure the trunks of these 7 joint venture brand compact SUVs (the 7 joint venture brands) The compact SUVs are Tiguan, Honda CR-V, Beijing Hyundai ix35, Qashqai, Escape, Toyota RAV4 and Smart Run ).

About the division of SUV class

In March of this year, we conducted a detailed classification of SUVs, and finally decided to divide SUVs into five levels: small, compact, medium, medium and large, and full-size.

Car home SUV grading and formulating standards: (